The Word “Freshman” Promotes Rape? (A response to Elon University)

You know, I try and not take things too seriously.  I know that, given my recent involvement in GamerGate and things like that, that it might appear that I take a lot seriously, but I really don’t.  Life is too short to try and take on every windmill one comes across.  I’m already getting older, it’s just not worth it.  My middle finger still works, but I use it sparingly.  But sometimes, you come across something so stupid that you can’t help but be in awe, absolute awe, of the fact that people actually behave like this.

Given the infiltration of radical feminism into the atheist community, which has typically educated people, because it takes critical thinking to realize that religion is bullshit, it is only natural the Puritan Feminism tries to make its way into academia.  For those who don’t buy into this, I present you with what Elon University is doing.

See, they have themselves a belief.  It is silly, makes no sense, and is part of a larger problem with the Puritan Feminist worldview that is not only infecting my hobby, but has also given young women a flawed and depressing view of college.  They don’t like the word “freshman.”  Why?  Well, according to Leigh-Anne Royster, the university’s “Inclusive Community Wellbeing Director” (the most pretentious position that I have ever heard), it is a word that promotes rape.  It’s also sexist.  That’s important for people to know.  This isn’t like a minor thing, either.  Any orientation person who used that term would get fiercely corrected.

The University has actually gotten the word banned from   This brings up the first issue.  Banning words is VERY close to thought-policing.  It’s very 1984.  Puritan Feminism seems unconcerned just how fascist a lot of what they want for the world is.  You can’t use certain words, you can’t be a certain way (unless they approve, which ties right in), you can rat out people for being against them or doing wrong without a single shred of proof (think the Michael Shermer accusations and such).  These people are either totally unaware or don’t even seem to care that they are becoming the people who oppress.  Slowly but surely, these people are trying to erase differing opinions, making their doctrine the only one.

A neat fact to point out – a lot of the women who are among the Puritan Feminists are non-believers.  They trade in one set of dogma for a new ideology that is just as much, if not moreso, dogmatic.  That’s ironic.

The next thing is – is this how these people not only see college, but also men?  Do they think that men in college look at women who are just entering and go, “hey boys, the fresh meat is here!”  Yeah, because they enter like they are in prison, right?  And all us men are so rape-y that we are just foaming at the mouth to get at them.  That’s the worldview that they are espousing.  They caricature men as rapist pigs, with women now saying that they are afraid of going to college because of men.  That is so infuriating and offensive.  It goes more to prove that they view women as weak and pathetic, and men as sexist animals who are waiting to prey on any woman they can find.  I’ve long said that Puritan Feminism is thinly-veiled misandry, and I keep getting more and more proof that I’m right.  These people HATE men, and I just wish they would come out and say it.

So, what word does Elon University want to replace the word “freshman?”  You’re gonna love this.  They want to call them “first years.”  Yes, that’s right – First Years.  Hey, do the students go to college on a train?  Do they ride across the lake and get escorted by Hagrid into orientation?  They’ll then go to the Sorting Ceremony afterwards and have the Sorting Hat tell them what degree program to get into.  I bet most of them are praying not to be stuck in Liberal Arts.  And God help whoever gets into Women’s Studies!  They are going to turn into one of these creatures.  After that, the Dean of Students, Dumbledore, will give a speech to welcome them to the University.

It’s rare that Puritan Feminism can give me a laugh like this, so good on them.  I am thoroughly entertained.  I guess we know what the Inclusive Community Wellbeing Director is into.  But we also know that she is part of the most sexist movement in recent memory.  Not only does it think that all men are pigs, but it thinks that all women are weak and need their protection from the rape-y men.  Yeah, very empowering.

Until next time, a quote,

“Relax!  Just get a drink and settle down.  There’s nothing going on, and you’re missing it!”  -Doug Stanhope

Peace out,



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