The Lonely Prince

Once upon a time, there was a lonely prince in a very lonely kingdom.

He was a nice enough sort, trying to meet his subjects and get to know them.  He treated them like he would want to be treated.  And the subjects seemed to like the Prince.  He gained many who he called friends.  There were several to whom he was incredibly close.  The Prince loved each of them, wishing that they could spend every day together.  For a time, it was wonderful.  Those years were the best that the Prince had ever had.

However, as is want to happen, time passed.  Those among his friends grew up.  He grew up as well.  The more they grew, the further apart they became.  What was once avid visits and great conversations was now an occasional thing, His friends seemed less and less interested to be around the Prince.  Try as he might, they didn’t seem to fit into each other’s worlds anymore.  The Prince was very sad.

After a time, almost all of his friends drifted apart, and the Prince was left by himself.  There were four in-particular that this hurt him most.  The first was a girl who he had known since he was barely out of diapers.  Despite being so different, they were able to find kinship, and for many years, it felt like they would never be apart.  However, the Prince had a tragic accident.  He was kept in the castle for months, broken and damaged.  He was hoping that she would see him, but she never did.  The Prince would later learn that the girl’s father had been behind this.  He made a vow to one day make that man pay for what he had done.  Though it seems that life may do the heavy lifting or him there.  The father is a miserable drunk, who is sure to die much younger than most, as his drinking habit is so bad that it would likely kill him to stop.

The second was the person that the Prince held as his brother, for he was, in every way that mattered, except by blood.  The two had a kinship that nobody else could understand.  They grew up together, played together.  When they were VERY young, they even napped together.  The pictures of that are quite adorable.  They spoke of wanting to make their own kingdom.  For many hours, they mulled over the laws that they would have.  The Prince would be kind to his people.  His Brother would be stern, when the situation called for it.  The two would have the greatest kingdom that the world had ever seen.  However, the two were involved in an accident, when their vehicle hit a tree, after slipping on an icy road.  The Prince’s Brother was hurt.  It worried the Prince to no end.  However, he recovered, and for a time, all seemed well.  A couple years later, his Brother, however, demanded reparations from the Prince for his pain, and took vast sums of money from him.  What’s more, he took from the family as well.  The Prince was enraged and hurt.  He had been used, and thrown away.  The Prince has made a pact that, should he ever see his Brother again, he will vent his anger upon him with cold reality.

The third is the first girl that the Prince truly loved.  They met early in his life, but it wasn’t until a little later in his childhood that she would become a regular part of it.  She moved to the Prince’s kingdom, and became very close with him and his Brother.  The three of them seemed to be the very closest of friends.  However, following the Prince’s accident, something changed in how he saw her.  He was starting to notice girls, and he noticed her.  The Prince was confused, and a little scared.  For you see, there is a secret.  One which only the Prince knows.  It has to do with who she is in respect to him.  As the years went by, the Prince’s feelings became stronger and stronger.  Indeed, he found a passionate love for her, which he could never tell her of.  It was tearing him apart, with how much he wanted her.  However, she had moved on, going in her own way.  The Prince will never be able to have the relationship he desires with her, and the sad truth is that they see less and less of each other.  Eventually, they will only see one-another on holidays.  A fact that has broken the Prince’s heart more than once.

Lastly, there is the newest of the bunch.  This one is unique.  For you see, she is a strong type.  Unlike any the Prince had met, she refused to let her station in life define her.  A gifted skater, she grew up as a farmer’s daughter.  She also had a gift that is above all others – her artwork.  Beautiful and poetic, it touched the Prince in a profound way.  At the point in his life that the Prince met her, he was dealing with a lot of pain.  The two found something in one-another that was beyond description.  However, she continually would go back and forth in her commitment to their friendship.  The Prince was confused and annoyed.  Finally, their friendship fell to ruin, after the girl and her lover had issues with her friendship with the Prince.  After some time, the Prince tried to reconnect with her, only to have that not go anywhere.  Indeed, it has been a reminder of how little people seem to desire his company.

Now, the older Prince sits in his chamber, wishing that he could just leave his kingdom.  He wants to take his vehicle and depart from it, never to return.  If only he could leave behind all the unrequited love that has been hurting him so much.  It never seems to improve, and his future doesn’t look that great, either.

He makes new friends in stories.  His creative mind creates vast worlds.  Yet, he has a bad habit.  For you see, the Prince has started so many stories, yet he has finished almost none of them.  Perhaps he doesn’t want to know the end.  Perhaps he can’t tell it in a way that makes him satisfied.  Perhaps he wants to keep his friends with him, so they never truly leave.  If the story doesn’t end, then they can be together forever.

If only there was a part of the kingdom where he could settle down.  Some nice place by the sea.  Where he could stare off at the ocean during the sunrise and sunset.  He could listen to the waves, feel the ocean breeze and not want for anything.  Indeed, that sounded wonderful.

But that is a fantasy.  Once which the Prince feels can never be.  He sits alone, now realizing that the only time when he will find that place is when his spirit departs his body, and he goes on to that great Everafter, where the former Queen, his grandmother, will be waiting.  Some of his best childhood memories were when he would talk with her.  If only one could go back to those days, if only for a day.  To when his friends would be waiting, and they could live, like real people.

The Great Everafter, that is when it must be.  Whenever shall it come?

Until next time, a quote,

I saw myself as a knight-errant…but the damsel in distress stabbed me in the back, my sword shattered on the dragon’s hide, and my grail turned out to be the bottom of a whiskey bottle.” -John Taylor

Peace out,



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