Death Threats are NOT a Refutation! (A response to

It seems like every time there is a post or a video where people make light of something that the Puritan Feminists have done, the response is almost always the same.  It works like this – so-and-so got death threats!  That’s it.  That’s the entire response.  Anything more?  Anything more concrete than that?  Anything more substantive?  No?  Just “they got death threats”?  That’s all you got?  That’s interesting, because nowhere in that statement do I find a refutation of my point.  To be more specific, in a recent post, I went after two hack journalists at The Verge and their article on Matt Taylor and the shirt he was wearing.  It was a cruel attack on his character, making a caricature of both him and his profession.  And I’m sure the Puritan Feminists got a big laugh out of seeing a man who is socially awkward being brought to tears by their little army of Twitter and Tumblr attack dogs.  Much like that red-haired super-bitch who laughed at the suicide of another person.  Real winners, this lot.

Naturally, a response had to be made, at some point.  Well, it seems that has made one.  What, you may ask?  Well, here is a link to the article.  They bring up the original Tweet of the woman who made light of Taylor’s shirt, which they continually forget was a gift from a woman who is a friend of his.  Cognitive dissonance is nothing to these ideologues.  Then, they show mean Tweets from a bunch of people.  The idea being – this person got Internet troll attention!  So the people who are against her are wrong!

This is getting real fucking old.  Anita Sarkeesian says something stupid?  “She gets death threats!”  Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn, people who nobody gave a legitimate shit about until they were outed as being part of corruption, caricature gamers as misogynists?  “They are victims of harassment and death threats!”  Every time one of the Puritan Feminists is shown to be wrong, they have one of the many publications who they know will go to bat for them, at the risk of being labeled as “conservative” or “casual misogyny,” put out an article dragging up Tweets from trolls, as a convenient way to NEVER have to answer for their mistakes.  Ever!  None of these people have given a substantive refutation.  It is just more of this.

After all, what better way to show that your side is right than to caricature everyone who doesn’t agree with you?  That’s how good journalism works, right?  Well, seems to think so.  After all, they end the article saying, “nice work on continuing to be awful, everybody.”  Yes, because we all want to issue death threats to this woman who decided to make a giant gender battle out of NOTHING.  That’s how people who disagree with her are, right?  That’s what people like me are like, right?  We just threaten people with death!  Because the Puritan Feminists are so right that we have no argument to make against them!  Except, oh, right, we do!  I pointed out how it was wrong to caricature Taylor and his field as being filled with “casual misogyny.”  It was a claim that the writers of The Verge made, without a SINGLE piece of evidence to support their claim, other than a guy with a cool shirt.  That was literally it!

Time after time, this is what I am up against.  These people won’t discuss anything!  They won’t give reasons!  They won’t sit at the table and defend themselves rationally!  They just claim, “I get death threats!” and the conversation ends there., I am just DYING to find some sympathy for these people, but I can’t.  Why?  Well, because the two hack “journalists” I went after were clearly just selling a narrative.  Their reporting was yellow and ideologically-driven editorializing.  Now, you are doing the same thing.  You are selling a narrative, which you can use to caricature the opposition, just like every other group.  Just like even MSNBC.  All of these pro-left news groups don’t bother trying to correct any of these people, or asking hard questions.  No, that would be too much work.  Let’s just label them “misogynists” and go from there.

I do not support online harassment anymore than you do, but here’s the difference – I do expect some professional integrity from a person whose writing I am looking at.  I know for a fact that I won’t get that from The Verge.  Now I know that I won’t get it from you, either.

Good to know.

Until next time, a quote,

“I gotta tell you something man, I never knew how women argued.  But after 20 years of losing every significant battle in a relationship, I’ve finally figured out how they argued.  And I gotta tell you something – I’m starting to turn this franchise around!  I have begun a winning tradition!  This is how they argue, as far as I can tell – if they’re right, they argue the point, and they stay on point, and make sure you stay on point until you get down on your knees, apologizing, begging for forgiveness.  But if they’re wrong, they go rogue.  They go off-road.  They start thinking of shit you’re sensitive about, and in their head, they start concocting this evil statement.  Totally designed, just desperate, Hail Mary attempt, just to make you so fucking mad you just call them a ‘cunt!’  And ‘cunt’ defeats all the bullshit that started the argument!  Now it’s not about that!”  -Bill Burr

Peace out,



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