Sweden, Feminism and Video Games, #GamerGate

While the battle to get the politicization out of gaming journalism continues in America, across the pond, there is another side that has decided to show its support.  Not of people like us, who realize that video games are detrimental to women in NO way.  No, these people have decided to support the radical Twitter and Tumblr feminists, along with women like Anita Sarkeesian, and back them all the way.  In fact, it’s a nationalized effort.  What’s more, it won’t just stay there.  Already, American companies are joining in.  Who is it, you ask?  Allow me to explain.

According to a Swedish publication, with a really long name that I am sure to misspell, the Swedish government has awarded a group the equivalent of over $36,000 for the purpose of exploring how to make video games have more “diverse gender choices.”  They even want this to go into the covers by saying that the video game in question promotes gender equality.  Because, you know, women on covers of games is such a national crisis, right?  Or maybe they’re just too sexy for the Puritan Feminists.  Yeah, I like that.  Twitter and Tumblr feminists are the new Puritans, after all, so I mean to call a spade a shovel.  They are the Puritan Feminists.

The publication also mentions that video games can be more than just fantasy.  They can be “cultural expression – reflecting society or the society we hope for.”  Oh, thank god.  Because, you know, I was hoping that video games would be about having fun.  But thank god, the Puritan Feminists have set me straight.  They have to be about expressing society’s values!  That sounds entertaining!  I’m sure the Puritan Feminists have already concluded that they do express society’s sexual values.  But not the values that THEY want – where women don’t openly express their sexuality or take pride in who they are.  No, that’s just icky.  We need women who show little skin, care about nothing but their own gender and make a bit to-do about how oppressed women are.  That sounds like fun!

Naturally, women like Anita Sarkeesian and her “army” of followers have jumped on-board this as a call that they are winning.  Yes, they are indeed making a mark on this industry.  And you know what that mark is – they want to ruin my hobby!  How?  By making every video game about their little political statements.  Remember that game that Sarkeesian pitched in one of her videos?  You had this female character who becomes like a guy, overthrows the government and then dissolves the monarchy?  Remember that?  Is that the kind of game that we’re looking for?  Games with blatant politicization?

Apparently so.  Several companies, like Avalanche Studios, DICE and Ubisoft have thrown in this support of this initiative.  However, what these people don’t realize is that this is most-definitely going to do more harm than good.  How?  Because now we are going to have every gaming company worrying constantly about if they are being sexist or not.  And who are they going to ask for advice on that?  Why, the Puritan Feminists, of course!  Because they are the ones with all the knowledge about what is appropriate or not.  Right?

Let’s actually explore this.  These are the people who believe that a bunch of women cheering on a woman who chopped her husband’s penis off and put it in a garbage disposal is okay.  That a woman who tied up a would-be robber of her store and kept him as a sex slave is okay.  How many of these women would be willing to sign up for the draft, like men have to?  How many of these women would be cool with serving as much time as men do for committing an equivalent crime?  These people are STILL using the treatment of women in days long-gone by as signs that men are pigs.  They used EXTREMELY racist videos, like the Hollaback one with the catcalling, as a sign that men are bad, and their behavior should be legislated again.

I want to make something clear – I am for gender equality.  On both sides.  But these people?  That’s not what they want!  They want their side to be elevated above everyone else!  They want their side to have preferential treatment.  They want their side to be believed, no matter what, while men are constantly doubted.  You’re either with them, or you are against them.  There is no gray area in-between.  These people will not sit down and talk it out.  Modern Puritan Feminism doesn’t want equality.  They want authority.  And this move by the Swedish government is giving it to them.

Another question – how far will progressives go to be viewed as progressive?  I no longer call myself one, because my eyes were opened to these people being spineless cowards who will do anything that they are told, without question, to be progressive.  But that’s not me.  That’s not how I roll.  I am a douche liberal, but I will NEVER be one of these Puritan Feminists, who genuinely believe that how women are portrayed in video games reflects society.  These people are blind, ignorant extremists, who don’t care what the truth is.  So long as it comes from Anita Sarkeesian’s mouth, it’s the truth.

My sense of integrity goes farther than that.  And these people want to ruin my hobby, all so that they can spread their ideals.  Fuck that noise!  Video games are not sexist.  The Puritan Feminists are.  The big irony is this – they are also sexist against their own gender.  After all, any woman who disagrees with them has been targeted.  Like Christina Sommers, or the #NotYourShield women.

I doubt they would know REAL gender equality if it reached up and bit them in the ass.

Until next time, a quote,

“The cost of freedom is high.  Always has been.”  -Captain Steve Rodgers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Peace out,



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