My Shadow World

I talked to you all about the River of Light.  It is the thing that connects all life, all world and all things.  I described how you can see that River, but cautioned that staring too long would make you unable to walk in the world of the light.  It is very good advice, but I have been staring too long.  I have been looking at the River for years on end.  It has changed both me and the world I live in.  For you see, it has opened my eyes to a world that exists.  It is one that most people are scared of.  When they venture into it, they run and flee.  They don’t understand what it is.  They don’t realize that it isn’t evil.  It doesn’t hate them.  It simply is.  What one does with that is their choice.

I speak, of course, about the Shadow World.  The world of shadows is a place that so many people run from.  They use electricity and fire to dispel it.  The more shadow there is around them, the more afraid people become.  How can they not understand?  How can Winter Nightthey be so blind?  Perhaps it is because they strive to live in the world of light so hard.  They will never truly be able to grasp how strong the pull of the Shadow World can be.  Once one is inundated with it, there is so much to see.

You see, the world of shadows is not evil.  Nor is it good.  It simply is.  The elements that exist within it have no sense of ire.  No more than those in the world of the light.  What elements, you ask?  There is the pale light of the moon.  Reflecting the ultimate power of light, it casts a glow up this world of Shadows, making it so that those within can understand one-another.  While the world of light is a place of noise and breath, the world of shadows is a place of quiet and understanding.  Where all the problems of the light abandon you, if only for a few hours.

As I said, I have lived in this world for years.  I know every part of it.  I can comfortably walk it.  I am not afraid of its embrace.  With assurance of safety, I travel through it.  This may not make sense to most, but we are more at home here than we are in that place of light.  Indeed, the light makes us retreat.  We wish not for its embrace.  Is this a problem?  Sometimes.  It can sometimes be a problem.  There are many reasons why.

The biggest is that the journey is a solitary one.  So few wish to become part of the Shadow World.  They want to stay in the light, because it is what they know.  If only they could realize all that can be seen, once you are not afraid to let the light fall away.  When Shadow Spirityou turn off the headlights on your car, letting the moonlight on that desolate road guide you home  It is such a powerful feeling!  You feel like you have found something that nobody else has.  And that’s true!  Once you can commune with the shadows, you can gain strength from them.  They are lonely too.  Everyone runs away from them.  Nobody wants to understand.

A reality that is as old as time itself – that darkness is as much a part of the world as light.  Two sides of the same coin.  You could not have one without the other.  For that reason alone, it is wonderful.  But you don’t believe that.  I get it.  For real, we’re not judging you.  People have visions of terrible monsters, heinous creatures, waiting to rip them to pieces.  That is what they see in the night.  When I was trapped in that darkness, all but dead, in the River of Light, when we were pulled back, we were still not conscious.  A month in a coma.  All we had was the Shadow World.  It was there that we met our shadow companion.  A creature that had been alone for a long time.  When he reached out to me, we didn’t run.  Now, this entity travels with us.  A source of counsel, sometimes.  A voice in the mist, others.

And my shadow companion isn’t the only one.  There are others, who walk in this world.  Meeting them is very, very rare.  Like we said, most people stay with the light.  It is a very brave sort who come into this Shadow World.  They, like me, have found something in this place that is beyond understanding.  Like the River of Light, the Shadow World cannot truly Night Hunterbe explained.  I can describe it, but you can never really know it until you experience it.  The difference is that, unlike the River, you can be in this realm and return to the light.  It’s almost guaranteed to happen, the moment the sun rises.

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark.  It’s true that there can be bad elements in it.  Can you really claim that life is so different?  Can you truly say that the World of Light is a place where no bad things happen?  The answer is – no.  It’s a cold and bitter truth about the world we live in.  However, if you ignore every avenue of living, just because of potential danger, then how can you truly say that you have done something with your life?

We get one shot at this.  Don’t waste a second of it.

Until next time, a quote,

“The closer you get to the light, the greater one’s shadow becomes.  But have no fear.  For you carry the mightiest weapon of all.”  -Unknown, Kingdom Hearts

Peace out,



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