The Internet vs. Internet Providers, and Congress

So, Net Neutrality is back in the public discourse again.  It’s come back with a vengeance, as new regulations are being presented in favor of making it a thing again.  And of course, when you have Net Neutrality come up, you have battle lines getting drawn, once again.  This time, however, the battle lines are getting a little bit blurred.  Why?  Because Congress is involved.  The government is involved.  Better late than never.  And some of the people who are speaking up are just odd.

The first is President Obama . In a public statement, the President is pushing the FCC for strong regulations to keep net neutrality a thing.  I find that interesting, because, after all, it was Obama who put the current head of the FCC in office, knowing that he was once a lobbyist for the cable companies.  That’s some neat irony for ya.  In a lot of ways, the current situation is kind of Obama’s fault, but I suppose I’m just pulling hairs.

Next up, you have Senator Ted Cruz.  That’s right, the Tea Party fucktard who decided that it was a good idea to shut down the government because he didn’t get his way.  That guy.  He has this little nugget of wisdom to impart –

“Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.

Isn’t that just fucking genius?  I’m sure that that opinion is in no way affected by the millions that telecom lobbyists paid him last year.  Nope, hand to God.  He also seems to be willfully ignorant of just how draconian and fascist the destruction of it will make the Internet, but again, lobbying money hard at work.  You should hear some of the shit that gets said by Republicans who are lobbied to believe that climate change is a myth.  These people are practically begging to be sold!  Makes sense.  After all, there isn’t a politician in office that didn’t get there by taking bribe -I mean lobbying!- money.

So, we’re back into the ring of Net Neutrality.  There was this great video that John Oliver put out on his new show on HBO.

The thing that I take away most from that is this – 1. the American public is fucking stupid, and 2. this fight is another one with a fascinating dichotomy.  See, like GamerGate, this fight is about two sides who you wouldn’t see as enemies.  With GamerGate, it’s the people who consume the news vs the news.  With Net Neutrality, the Internet sites vs. Internet providers.  How weird is that?!

After all, we’ve already seen this in action.  Comcast told Netflix – pay us more money or we’ll fuck with your content.  And they did.  It was not an empty threat.  Rather than standing tall and choosing not to take it, Netflix capitulated, setting the stage for more precedent to follow.  It’s interesting the the telecom lobbyists don’t want to call it the “fast lane” and the “slow lane.”  They even acknowledge that that is how it is, but that’s not how they want people to talk about it.  What the fuck?!

Battle lines are getting drawn again, and this time, the other companies are finally stepping up.  Google has thrown in in favor of Net Neutrality.  Facebook and others already were.  With Google in our corner, all we need now is Amazon and we’ve got some real contenders!  For real, we could actually fuck up providers with this, because we all know that Google and Amazon are eventually going to take over the world.  It’s ironic that this battle over who can lobby the most is with people who can all pony up a fuckton of money.  Given that this is corporate interests vs corporate interests, how it all turns out is going to be interesting.

See, the telecom companies do swing a big hammer.  The problem is – it’s not as big as they think.  The Internet is everything.  It’s our entire world, in this day and age.  The people have already shown that they are willing to step up for this cause.

In the end, this fight is going to get ugly.  Billion-dollar companies are about to be fighting it out, using the government as their weapons.  Part of me should be upset that this kind of thing is happening, but another part is just so damn impressed with how nuts this is.

What do you all think?  Let me know in the comment’s section.

Until next time, a quote,

“It would be like Lex Luthor knocking on Superman’s door and being like ‘Hey Supe, I know we’ve had our differences, but let’s work together to get rid of the asshole in apartment 3B!'”  -John Oliver

Peace out,



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