#GamerGate: Dorito Man is Anti-GG?

I remember a while back, I did a post talking about all the stuff that came up after the stuff with Zoe Quinn first got the ball rolling.  It was a lot.  A lot of corruption came bubbling to the surface, and it was worth talking about.  Internet Aristocrat made a joke that, with all the people who were going on about Quinnspiracy (back when that was still a thing), IGN was being very quiet and keeping their nose out of it.  Both he and I respected that.  Better to stay out of the shitstorm than to get any on you, right?  So, IA joked that at least Geoff Keighley was honest about being a money-grubber.  I think much the same.

At least, I did.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised by this turn of events.  With this issue getting so big that it’s got the attention of MSNBC, it only seems natural that Keighley would have to get involved.  Still, I never saw him taking the side he did.  Geoff Keighley, the Dorito Man, is anti-GamerGate.

So, at BlizzCon, Geoff Keighley was talking to some live bloggers.  And, in his opinion, all harassment in gaming is related to GamerGate.  Really, Geoff?  That’s the line you’re giving us?  I thought you were smarter than this.  I really did.  I mean, I know that you’re a money-grubbing asshole.  When you were sitting on that screen, in front of a Halo 4 cutout, a bunch of Dorito bags and Mountain Dew: Code Red bottles, it was pretty clear that you were in this for a paycheck.  That stone-faced look was all about the money.  You always seem to be pandering something, whenever you cover something.  So how is it that a man who seems to stay on top of things didn’t think to pick his battles better?

In a lot of ways, you’re no better than Anita Sarkeesian.  Both of you are in it for the money.  The difference is that you are actually somewhat respected.  Well, were, anyway.  The whole Dorito thing made you look REALLY bad.  I’m sure that you still catch shit about it, to this day.  Though, you know, I suppose I should have seen this coming.  After all, this entire battle has been about gaming journalism vs. their consumers.  You are one of them.  You are one of the gaming press.  And since your hand is clearly being fed by the people you can cozy up to, I guess it’s only natural that you pick the friendly side.

Here’s the thing – your side is losing.  Advertisers on Gawker are jumping ship.  A lot of gaming journalism sites are becoming so divisive and on-the-attack that people don’t go around them anymore.  You have people like Brianna Wu, exploiting the death of a woman to pander her line.  These people are not looking good, Geoff.  This is the side that you have chosen to fall in with, and it’s a bad  idea.  Plus, there’s the obvious point – do you REALLY want to be one of these people who attack your audience?  Ask Gawker how that’s working out for them.

The reality is – we’re winning.  We’ve got actual journalists coming to our side.  Following the videos by Christina Sommers, aka The Factual Feminist, which are honest and level-headed, it’s getting easier for people to publicly voice their support.  It makes the supporters of this movement look like actual people, not this caricature that the gaming journalism sites want people to believe.  You have articles like this one by Brian Whittemore, a journalist who came to understand what those who have actually talked to the members of GamerGate already know – that this isn’t a bunch of neckbeards, living in their mom’s basement.  It’s regular people who are tired of having our hobby hijacked by Social Justice Warriors and their yes-men/women.

So think long and hard, Geoff, about going after the supporters of GamerGate.  Slowly but surely, we are winning this battle.  I think I’ll end this with a quote from a supporter of the cause.

Until next time, a quote,

“And those gamers, they’re not going away anytime soon.  I mean, once they enter a battle, they play to win.  And they know a thing or two about how to slay a dragon.”  -Christina Sommers

Peace out,



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