#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Exploits Woman’s Death

So, for those who didn’t know, a woman named Amber Lynn Schaw, mother of four, was brutally murdered in her home.  She was found by her son stripped naked and strangled.  The man who killed her has been identified, and efforts are being made to get him into custody, at the time of this post.  This woman has absolutely NOTHING to do with GamerGate.  The man who killed her is an evil fuck with a rap sheet longer than the guy who I fucked last night’s dick.  He took pictures of the murder and put them online.  This is sick, it’s terrible, I feel awful for this woman’s son for having to find this.  So, what does it have to do with GamerGate?

Well, the professional-victim turned mainstream news subject Brianna Wu decided to put a Tweet out with this story, telling GamerGate people to tell her again how she is not in danger.

Ms Wu, fuck you!  What the fuck is wrong with you?!  You are exploiting the death of a woman and the suffering of her family, all because you want to pander your party line?!  What the fuck is wrong with you?!  I shouldn’t write this while angry, but it needs to get out there.  Somebody needs to take this horrific “human being” to task for being a complete bitch who has no sense of decorum or shame.  She doesn’t care that this has fuck-all to do with GamerGate.  Wu only cares that it can make her look better.  And you can bet that she’ll be calling up MSNBC to get it out there that she is in danger.  Given how not a SINGLE major news outlet has taken her and her BS line to task for her lies, I bet that they’ll take this at face value too.

I’m calling you out, Wu!  I want a fucking explanation, from you!  Explain to me how this tragic event has ANYTHING to do with GamerGate!  How does this make you into the victim?!  I think that the Internet deserves some recognition when you make a claim this disgusting, for the express purpose of making yourself look good.  This is sick.  You are a sick person.  Even Anita Sarkeesian hasn’t stooped this low.  That’s pretty sad, when a con artist looks good in respect to you.  Although, Anita did put out that Tweet saying that school shootings are because of the patriarchy.  So hey, you aren’t too far below her.

None of the evidence points to that.  The guy who killed her was her ex-boyfriend, who had assault as one of the crimes on his rap sheet.  He took pleasure in murdering her, photographing it and posting the pictures on 4chan.  There was no evidence that this woman or he were involved in GamerGate.  So, what is it?  Where is the connection that you are making between this and the “danger” you feel on your life?

In fact, fuck it.  I’m calling it.  This was a calculated move.  You are walking the line between outright statement and speculation so well that you clearly know how to tip-toe around that.  So you did this as a deliberate way to make your victimhood status more believable.  That’s what this is.  This was you finding a recent tragedy and making it about you.  This is you using this family’s grief to your own ends, which actually does make you a sick, despicable human being.  I’m not going to threaten you, or anything.  I’m just calling a spade a shovel.

You make me sick, Brianna Wu.  This is why people like me are going after the other side on GamerGate.  You people have no shame!  You’ll attack everybody!  You pander your line, don’t care what anyone thinks and you don’t give a flying fuck about honest reporting!  To the people who use the #StopGamerGate2014 hashtag, this is who you support!  This is who you are trying to help.  Really?!  You’re really comfortable with that?!

The more I think about this, the madder I get, so I’ll just end it here.  You are disgusting, Ms. Wu.  You are a disgusting human being.  To the family of this tragedy, you have my sincerest condolences.  I’m so sorry for these children.  This is so awful.

Until next time, a quote,

“Malicious deeds carried out by the strong on the weak.  The same abhorrent interplay of tragedy and comedy.  The world has not changed.”  -Zero, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Exploits Woman’s Death

    • It’s like that bit on The Daily Show a couple years back when they were talking about Fox News. Either she’s evil, or stupid.

  1. Not to “tone police” but could you tweak this sentence a little bit:

    “She was found stripped naked and strangled by her son.”

    Maybe “She was found by her son, stripped naked and strangled” instead? I know the next sentence says who it was, but… bleah. 🙂 Good writeup though.

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