#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Exploits Woman’s Death (Update)

So, a small update on the events that unfolded in respect to the murder of Amber Lynn Schaw.  The primary suspect in the case, her ex-boyfriend David Kalac, who put the pictures of her dead body on 4chan has been arrested tonight.  This is an excellent thing, as it means that there will be some justice for Amber.

This man is a disgusting human being.  He clearly took pleasure in what he did.  After strangling her, he left her naked for her family to find.  This guy is a sick bastard and I hope they throw the fucking book at him.  I just wanted to update everybody because, as I said in my previous post, this isn’t about GamerGate.  It’s about this poor woman and her four children, who now have to grow up without a mother.  It is terrible that this had to happen to them, and I am sending all my good thoughts to them tonight.

If there is any way to help the family, please do.  This is a terrible tragedy and it would be nice if we gamers are able to help, in a way that some people who wanted to use this tragic episode hoped to exploit.  Show that we are not the villains of the story.  We are people who want the best for all humanity.

Until next time, a quote,

“Rest, young mother.  Find your gods.  Find something better.”  -Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Exploits Woman’s Death (Update)

  1. respectful and well written. Excellent article Maverick. you have a new found supporter. Hoping to follow the original Brianna Wu piece with one of our own. Will keep you UD’ed.

    have a great Festive Season. thoughts, sympathies and condolences to this tragic family

    • Well, to be fair, in the previous post, I ripped the cold-hearted bitch a new one for using the death of a woman not remotely connected to GamerGate for her own ends, but thanks for the compliment all the same. 🙂

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