#GamerGate: The Factual Feminist Strikes Again!

I love this woman.  For real, I do.  I have loved her ever since my cousin sent me her video asking whether or not video games are sexist.  Her level-headed and journalistic approach to asking that question was SO refreshing.  She did something that the “journalists” at the online news sites and women like Anita Sarkeesian refused to do – talked to gamers.  She got to know here audience and learn what we are all about.  That is the kind of journalism that we see so little of, these days.  Following what unfolded after her initial video on this, and the reaction of sites like Kotaku, she made a follow-up on GamerGate, and wouldn’t you know it, once-again, she brings a level-headed approach that has journalistic integrity.  Man, with all the loud screaming of Twitter and Tumblr feminists, you keep forgetting that women like this exist.

Here is her video, so you can see for yourself what she has to say –

Thank you!  I am so glad that this woman is someone who is part of the feminist community and is on our side.  Well, the side of us who aren’t just trolling.  The side who actually cares what gamers are represented as to the culture at large.  The side who wants to ruin our hobby by making it some insane progressive-battleground, when it should only be about one thing – wanting to play games.

And she brings up a good point.  See, this goes out to women like Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh, along with all the sites like Gawker, Polygon and Kotaku.  We are gamers.  If you think that we are about to up and die, then you’ve got another thing coming.  Your dealing with this fiasco has been a disaster from the word go.

You tried to hush it up.  The Streisand Effect ruined that.  You tried to make the conversation tilt your way.  That didn’t work.  You then decided to go after us.  Over the past two months, these attacks have gotten worse and worse and worse.  Your sites are starting to look bad, and it isn’t just me saying that.  It’s your advertisers.  Following a Gawker writer Tweeting, “we need to bring back bullying,” Intel pulled their advertisements, after several pro-GamerGate people sent screen caps of the Tweet to them.  They aren’t the only one.  Several other big-name advertisers are jumping ship, because they don’t want to be affiliated with sites that are attacking people that they want to see as consumers.  They don’t want to be associated with sites that are now becoming all about attacking their own base.

What’s more, you’d think that these sites would learn something from their advertisers jumping ship.  Instead of doing the smart thing, and issuing an apology and leveling off your attacks, you do the stupidest thing possible – you attack them.  Several articles have been written about these advertisers leaving that paint them as cowards who are too weak to stand against misogyny.  What university did you idiots go to that teaches you that that is how you handle losing income?  You lose a source of revenue, so you insult it?  Does that seem smart to you?!  Whoever thinks it is should have been fired on the spot.  Also, you need to stop women like Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian taking this fight to the mainstream media.  Why?  Because they are stirring the pot and getting us riled up all over again.  When we see bits on MSNBC where the host does nothing but totally agree that video games cause misogyny, do you not think that that is going to make us want to press on?  If you all would stop making this a fight, it would go away.  But now you can’t.  You’re in too deep.  It’s gone too far, and you’re tethered to it.  This should worry you, but you don’t seem to care.  How much ad revenue have you lost already, Gawker?

And it isn’t looking good for your narrative, either.  When you have women taking pictures with the #NotYourShield hashtag, they are showing that you do not speak for all women.  You do not have the final say on what women are all about.  You don’t get to call the shots.  This is not how it works.  Your fight looks worse and worse each day!

But the biggest thing that is part of that is the fact that careers are going to be ruined over this.  The guy who sent that Tweet, his career is going to suffer immeasurably for that.  The Internet does not forgive, or forget.  It’s a double-edged sword, the fact that the Internet never forgets the stupid shit you do.  So many of the writers on these sites, whose crooked dealings have been made public, are never going to be trusted when they are looking for greener pastures.  Is that what you really want?  Of course, since Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist, her stake in this is easy – money, and lots of it.  Her 15 minutes of fame isn’t going to last forever, either.  Her audience will grow up and have to get lives outside of Tumblr, much in the same way the viewers of Twilight eventually had to grow up.  She’ll move on to a new con, once she’s done here.  How many of your writers can say the same?

The thing to take away from all of this madness is this.  We are gamers.  And guess what – we play to win.  So bring it!

Until next time, a quote,

“Now, when GamerGaters protest the politicization of gaming journalism, they’re not fighting progress or thwarting feminism.  Most of them are probably supporters of mainstream equality feminism.  They are pushing back on a hardline, puritanical gender politics that, for some reason, many of their critics are imposing on them.”  -Christina Sommers

Peace out,



5 thoughts on “#GamerGate: The Factual Feminist Strikes Again!

    • I can’t even read Sam Biddle anymore. Not since that little worm came out in support of bullying gamers. He can go suck a monkey, for all I care.

      • I read it yesterday not knowing anything about it, he addressed how the comment originated & then I got your post in my e-mail that coincided with it. So it’s good to have unwittingly read all this for insight. He does not, in fact , support bullying, but I suspect he is in fact a bully struggling with his denial of it. It’s a good article.
        Signed the petition, & gave to the lady’s cause to assist her ( couldn’t afford much either, am F/T student albeit middle-aged having returned ). Thank you for alerting me about that.
        Am enjoying your blog.

      • The Tweet he wrote where he said that gamers should be bullied has been screen-capped. Sam Biddle is a horrible person. The perk of his online stupidity is that future employers are not going to be so nice to him. Revenge is best served cold. 😀

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