#GamerGate: Anita Sarkeesian on The Colbert Report. Damn…

I make no secret of my love for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are probably the most insightful people speaking about news that we have nowadays.  They take all the bullshit in the news and lay it straight.  However, they know their limits.  They know that there are lines that they cannot cross.  There have been moments where I have seen them tow the line, when they know it has to be done.  And a recent piece of news about an event that is coming on Colbert’s show has me really feeling bummed, because I know what is going to happen.

For those unaware, an announcement has been made that Anita Sarkeesian is going to be on The Colbert Report in the very immediate future, to discuss GamerGate and, as always, the harassment she has received.  Naturally, I am sure that she is loving this.  Getting media attention for her professional victimhood has been something that Anita has been enjoying since all of this started.  She has gotten into the spotlight like never before, thanks to the left-leaning media, that has show that it will tow the line of the far-left causes, so as not to alienate a very vocal group.

So, how does this relate to GamerGate?  Well, we’ve already seen it, haven’t we?  When you have a movement that is, quite literally, the people who take in the news vs. the news, what do you think is going to happen?  It’s obvious.  The news will make us out to be the bad guys, who are being mean and awful to the poor media.  We saw it in the response of the Gamejournopros little cabal.  They united and went after gamers in a big way.  They went after gamers so hard that they overextended.  Now, websites like Gawker and the like are losing advertisers, who no longer want to be associated with websites that are going out of their way to fling shit in the faces of their consumers.  GamerGate is winning a lot of victories against the corrupt journalism that got all this rolling.  A lot of careers are going to be ruined because of this, probably forever.  The extreme-left has gone too far, and now they are choosing to try and stay the course, believing that they can ride this out.

This whole deal with Sarkeesian is part of that.  Make no mistake, she is a player.  She has played this latest hand of hers to the fullest of her ability.  While she is only a mouthpiece of McIntosh, she isn’t stupid.  The girl has become quite skilled at being a professional-victim/con artist.

Now, where does Colbert fit into this?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Does anyone remember the shitstorm that followed after Suey Park accused him of racism because of a Tweet that she took out of context?  When Colbert finally did respond to that, he did so with humor and grace, while not going after her in a big way.  He just shrugged it off.  To be fair, that was a good response.  It was a stupid issue, and it shouldn’t have become a big battle.  But that response is telling.  It tells us that he is going to probably go with the line.  He’ll keep in character of a right-wing pundit, but he will still tow the line.  He knows what his limits are.  If he goes after the establishment, then he is risking his career.  After all, he lost to Suey Park, and is being relegated to replacing David Letterman.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe he will be the first person in the media to actual ask hard-hitting questions, instead of the softball bullshit that we have seen on MSNBC and every other major outlet that has talked about GamerGate and Anita herself.  Maybe he will be the first person who will actually take her to task for her lies and misconceptions, along with her professional-victim routine.  Maybe that will happen, but I doubt it.  And that really does bum me.  But we shall see, won’t we?

Here’s hoping that Colbert has the guts to do the right thing and call out this woman on her bullshit.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  – Mark Twain

Peace out,



One thought on “#GamerGate: Anita Sarkeesian on The Colbert Report. Damn…

  1. I’ve seen your river of light thing too but I never called it that. I had a head injury a couple of times. Once I was in a coma for a coupe of weeks and I lost about a year but another time I was told later I had a concussion but to me it was dizziness and being tired. I saw the tunnel of light and since I had a friend who had lost his younger brother he interpreted that as being the after life. I never talked much about it and let him use his interpretation since it game him comfort.

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