#GamerGate: Anita, I Want to Tell You Something Important

I have watched the interview of Anita Sarkeesian on The Colbert Report.  I called it, the interview was all about how Anita is a victim and we gamers are bad people.  I am not surprised by this in the least.  When you have a battle where it is the people who take in journalism vs. the journalists, this is how it goes.  Journalists side with their own, and because mainstream culture is out of touch with the issues that sparked GamerGate, on the heels of some BRILLIANT marketing by women like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, we are being singled out as the enemy.

However, I don’t want to focus on old territory.  Anita, I actually was hoping to talk to you directly.  The likelihood that you’ll ever read this is nil, but hey, I’m giving it a shot.  I first want to tip my hat.  When I saw you walk on to Colbert’s stage with that big shit-eating grin, I was almost impressed.  To quote the film Contact, “(s)he sure knows that (s)he’s on TV.”  Followed up by another quote that seems fitting, “Back home we called that an overcooked ham.”  You are the single-greatest professional victim I have ever seen.  You have branded your name and gotten fame all on the coattails of you being a victim.  Your audience doesn’t care about why of who.  They only care that you are upset, and they are upset.  You know how easy it is to exploit your audience, so you do.  That is impressive.

That said, I want to level with you.  Anita, where do you see yourself going?  It’s so clear to people like me, who don’t immediately buy your schtick, that you are a con artist.  I don’t believe that you buy your schtick for a minute.  I saw that old video of yours.  The one where you said that you were trying to find a way to make money, at this conference when you were much younger.  And so, a zealot by the name of McIntosh got ahold of you, and thus began your rise to fame.  For McIntosh, I believe that it is genuine.  I’ve read some of his older stuff, and that guy is a Looney Tune.  But you, you are too smart for that.  You’ve come to realize how easy it is to sell your cause.  After all, you got your cause to get you $160,000.

And don’t tell me how far that money went.  Come on.  You made videos that were of the same caliber as your old ones.  Your ‘research’ was using people’s Let’s Play footage.  You never show any context in your videos, because you don’t know any.  You didn’t even do the bare minimum of research.  This was just finding clips and using the right rhetoric to get your audience to get all huffed-up and angry.  It was a calculated decision.  A lot of people who dislike you may disagree, but I have the same opinion of you that I do of Ray Comfort.  You are both charlatans who are VERY good at what you do.

But where do you see this ending?  You act like you’re Salmon Rushdie, when the truth is that you are somebody who gets harassed online.  Just like EVERY other person with fame.  For real, watch some of the “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” videos.  There isn’t a single famous person with an online account who doesn’t get a lot of WEIRD responses.

I’ve got a little piece of information for ya – I’ve gotten death threats.  That’s right, a guy on WordPress with a pretty decent amount of followers (coming on 500, and that’s just on WordPress) has gotten death threats.  I get them from Fundie Christards who get all butthurt about me speaking ill of their fictional deity.  Everybody gets angry statements from people who get all butthurt and upset.  At first, maybe these did hurt your feelings or make you feel uncomfortable, but the reality can’t be denied after having seen your interview with Colbert.  You are now famous because of the threats.  You are famous because of the anger, which you are able to hold up.  That recent threat that you got when you were going to speak at USU, you couldn’t have asked for better timing.  It elevated you to mainstream acceptance.  Now, I bet raising another $160,000 would be child’s play.  Hell, I bet that you are going to get a lot of money from here.

Which I believe is why you have been doing this.  This was all calculated.  But the reality is that there is the same end for your online crusade.  The truth is that women in the Western World are not being oppressed.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  You have all the rights that men do.  While there are some issues to iron out, like the wage gap, you are unable to show real oppression.  It’s all just something that McIntosh believes he is fighting a holy war against.  And you are making money from.  But the sad truth is that this can’t go on forever.  Once your little crusade is worn out and has lost momentum, because the girls who are in support of you grow up and get real lives and real responsibilities that don’t include them living at home and always being on Tumblr, then where will you go?

A lot of people’s professional careers have been utterly destroyed by GamerGate.  The writers of Kotaku, Gawker and the like are losing all credibility, like that fellow who said that “we need to bring bullying back.”  Where do you think he will end up?  Your 15 minutes of fame are probably far from over, but the truth is – you won’t have this forever.  Enjoy it while you can.

Because once McIntosh has nothing left and you are on your own, you’ll have to find a new con.  Hey, maybe you could go to Jack Thompson and get on his old bandwagon of video games causing violence.  It’s still a go-to line these days.

You are a con artist, Anita.  A very, very good con artist.

Until next time, a quote,

“Con artist. Flim flam man, matchstick man, loser. Whatever you want. Take your pick.”  -Roy Waller, Matchstick Men

Peace out,



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