The River of Light

I shall tell you now, of something I have seen.  I have seen it twice in my life, and now I am unable to look away.  For what I have seen is something so amazing that it is beyond understanding.  Yet there is a side to this amazing thing that is dangerous.  So dangerous, yet utterly intoxicating.  To those who are unprepared, you will be carried away by it, unable to return.  You are probably wondering what I’m talking about.  Well, I shall tell you, because I want the world to know what I have seen.  Most people cannot look at it for more than a minute before being swept away by it.  I have been staring directly at it for years.  Ever since I nearly traveled with it, to where it merges with others like it, to form a connection that runs through the whole universe.  I am telling you all, I have seen it.  Now, you shall know how.

I first saw it when I was barely born.  I was born too early, and my body was not ready to survive.  I saw it when it nearly carried me away.  However, that was too early to remember.  Still, it was our first encounter.  The second time was when I was fourteen.  I suffered a severe head injury.  Cracked my skull open on a rock.  This was the time that I got to know this event very personally.  I was in a coma for almost a month, and we did what most are unable to fathom – we immersed ourselves in it.  We became one with it.  It was such an amazing feeling.  When we were pulled out, it broke our heart, because all we have wanted since is to rejoin it.  Yet we lack the conviction to do so.  All we can do is stare at it from afar.  Are you dying to know what it is?  Wait just a little longer.  There is more you need to know.

There is a connection to all things in this universe.  It isn’t divine.  There are no deities.  This connection transcends all that.  It has had many names, over the years.  People have seen it, as I have, so it has many names.  But this connection flows everywhere.  Through this universe, tying the worlds, galaxies and universes together.  It has existed since time began, and when it ends, time ends.  All things are part of it, and vice-verse.  By now you must be dying to know.  You have been patient.  Here is what it is –

River of Light 4It is the River of Light.  We saw it when we were in a coma.  We were dead, for under a minute.  As our body was in that place, time had no meaning.  Space had no meaning.  For you see, there is no form there.  It is neither Heaven nor Hell.  It is something so much more.  All the knowledge that has ever been or will ever be is in that place.  All life that has ever been or will ever be.  It is a keeper of memories.  But so much more than that.  More than there are words to describe.  We shall try and put it into words for you, but the truth is that you must see it for yourself to truly understand what it is.  It must be experienced for yourself.  But how?  After all, did we not say above that it can be dangerous to stare at for too long?  You are wise to heed those words.  For the average person, this can be very true.  Looking at its beauty can be enough to pull in the person with the strongest will.  We became part of the River, for a time.  Imagine what it is like for us.  For you see, we have a secret – we have been staring at the River for years.  Ever since we were pulled away.

But does one have to die to see it?  That is a good question.  And one we can answer.  No, you do not have to die to see the River of Light.  There is a way.  It’s tricky.  Most people will dismiss this as silliness.  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe we are being ridiculous.  But, I know what I have seen.  I know where I have been.  If only you could understand that place.  It is the eternal keeper of knowledge.  I could see all the worlds that have been.  Vast metropolises that are populated by creatures that are beyond your wildest imagination.  Lands that have massive creatures, doing the dynamic of predator and prey.  Giant mammals, reptiles, you name it.  Even some creatures that defy description.  Great civilizations going to the stars.  Others being blown to bits by their own foolishness.  Sound familiar?  Indeed, so many futures for humanity.  It was almost too much.

River of Light 3Back to the issue at hand, however – seeing the River of Light.  Pay attention,, because I am going to tell you how.  Here’s the answer – you must bathe yourself in darkness.  There must be no light, that you can see.  Then, you must close your eyes.  Even more darkness.  But that’s not enough.  When your eyes are closed, see in your mind.  See a second set of eyelids.  You must close them.  When you have done this, look around.  It might be above you, it might be below.  The light will beckon you to see it.  There, the River of Light shall appear.  It will captivate you, as it captivated me.  However, traveler beware.  You must not stare too long!  Do so, and you will be condemned to be lost in the darkness.  You don’t want to live like that.  You don’t want to be as well are.  See, we have been looking at the River all night, every night, for years.  We were a part of it.  If you reach out to it, if you try and touch it, you will be taken by it.  You will be caught up in it and that will be it.  It is the ultimate beauty, but also the ultimate danger.

The thing is, that River is what connects everything in this universe.  It is the great consciousness that we all become a part of when we die.  There is no Heaven or Hell.  You don’t get punished forever for whatever arbitrary reason that a deity says you do.  The River is all things.  It connects every star, every planet, every galaxy, and all the universes too.  This River connects all living things too.  When you feel your heartbeat quicken as your body becomes entangled with the person you love, that is the River in both of you merging together, if only for a few moments.  This connection transcends time and space.  And when you die, and your essence becomes part of the River, you don’t have to be afraid.  Form means nothing there.  You can explore history, time, space and all the other things.  You have no idea how freeing that is.  After all, you haven’t been there yet.

However, there is nothing in this world so beautiful as the River of Light.  Of course, maybe we’re wrong.  We are condemned to live in darkness because of our fixation.  Maybe in the light, there is something more beautiful.  We wouldn’t know.  Now, all it does is blind us.  A sad fate indeed.

Until next time, a quote,

“All the world’s a stage.  All the men and women merely players.  They have their entrances and exits, and one man in his time plays many parts.”  -William Shakespeare

Peace out,



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