Lucien’s Review: Gone Girl

Gone GirlI’m not sure.  I’m just not sure.  I’m not sure how to do a proper review of this movie.  I’m not sure how I can adequately explain this movie, without spoiling the living shit out of it.  So much of what I want to and could talk about for days on end revolve around parts of the film that if I did talk about them, I would spoil this movie.  It has been a LONG time since I saw a film that made me question the nature of good and evil the way that this film does.  Even now, hours after having seen it, I am still trying to process it.  A lot of people think that they have seen great film, and they might be right.  However, I know for a fact that I have seen one of the greatest films ever made, and only David Fincher could make it happen.  I’ll try and make this review as good as I can, but the reality is that I can’t talk about it too long without spoiling it, and that is a crime that I refuse to commit.  You have to see this movie for yourselves.

The plot of the film is that a man named Nick Dunne is having another ordinary day in his life, with his anniversary with his wife being on that day.  It seems that they are having some marriage troubles, but it seems like a normal life, until he comes home and finds out that his wife is missing.  Thus begins probably the smartest game of who-dun-it that I have ever seen.  Ever.  The plot of this film continues to twist and turn right up until the bitter end, leaving the audience wondering just what to think of it.  This is a film that I guarantee is going to stay with you.  You are going to be thinking about it long after it is over.  And that’s all I can say about the plot, because where the case about Dunne’s wife goes is the core of this amazing movie.

On the technical side, this movie is perfect.  For real, there is not a single wasted shot in the entire movie.  Like most movies that Fincher has directed, the pacing is deliberate and slow.  This is a long movie, and the film takes advantage of every second of it.  Not a single frame is wasted.  The scenes with building tension are handled so flawlessly that I was chewing on my thumb every time.  With combination of music and mood, they build and build until you have no idea what to think.  When it all breaks, man does it come crashing down!  This is the kind of filmmaking that most directors wish they could do.  The only other person who I can see doing this is Stanley Kubrick.

Given that this is a film where you never know what to think, it takes some great actors to really pull this off.  There was not a single miscast.  When I saw that Tyler Perry was in this movie, I was sure that this movie was going to suck.  But his scenes were even pretty good.  Ben Affleck brought his A-game to this movie, and that’s good, given that his character is the center around which the entire plot goes.  The woman playing his wife is also brilliantly enigmatic.  The thing about this movie is that you never have a firm grasp on what to think of characters.  Even at the end, you are still trying to decide how you see them.  It is NOT easy.

This is also the best mystery film that I have ever seen.  Like any good mystery, you naturally try to solve it.  Just when I think that I had a handle on it, the film sucker-punches you right in the gut.  And I mean every single time.  It is so gripping.  Right until the credits roll, you are still trying to figure it all out.  I haven’t had a movie stay with me in this way where I am feeling weird how much I like certain elements.  This is a new experience, and thank goodness.

The person I went to see this movie described it as “your brain being fisted up its asshole.”  I honestly can’t think of a better way to put into words what this film has done to me.  I honestly wish I could, but I can’t.  There are no other words.  This is a film that is among the very best.  It is a flawless movie.  I can’t say anything more than to go see it.  So that’s what I’ll leave you on.

Final Verdict
10 out of 10

Peace out,



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