Oh man, I have just seen probably the funniest video toward an atheist in a long time.  While this is dedicated to someone else, and I did send her a link, in case she needed a laugh, I thought that I would share this little gem on this sight as well.  See, I did a post a while back about PZ Meyers and his really stupid response to Jaclyn Glenn’s video about Atheism + and how big into drama they are.  There was a new comment on that video that just tickled me pink.  Here’s the comment –

Your precious atheist whore queen will be shut down. This nations passionate Christian youth will be rallying in the coming weeks and months, to bring awareness to the the threat that is…Jaclyn Glenn.

God bless

So, first off, what a bunch of assholes you are.  Yes, because she’s an atheist, she’s a ‘whore queen.’  Because all of us atheists are just running out there to have sex with everybody we meet, right?  That’s how it works.  And of course, we’re all really gay, because we don’t believe in Gawd and think that we should fuck everybody.  Though I bet you two would like the image of Jaclyn like that.  After all, it’s only gay men that conservatards don’t like.  Lesbians are just tops, for them.

Next, you really think that this is how your precious savior would want somebody treated?  You think that Jesus would be like –

Yeah, guys!  You tell that cunt who’s boss!

Is that what you think?  If so, then you’re stupid.  I can find passage and verse that talks about Jesus telling people to love their enemies and turn the other cheek.  But whatever.  Christian dumbassery is nothing new.  In fact, they decided to also post a link to a video in their comment.  I clicked the link, watched the video, and it’s fucking hilarious.  For real, this is just classic.  Now, for everyone who cares, and for your viewing pleasure, here is the video –

Did you all enjoy that?  For starters, overly serious much?  Jeez, Jaclyn, I didn’t know that you had such sway over the youth?  They have this little subtitle saying that you converted to atheism after you smoked pot for the first time.  Is that true?  I’m just dying to know.  It’s also ironic that they say that you dismiss religion using science and facts.  Did they not catch how that sounds like they are admitting that what they believe is bullshit?  Just curious.

Then, “tits and teeth?”  Wow, dude!  What the fuck?!  You are such a dick!  I already knew that these two assholes were dicks, but they are also totally sexist.  That’s just sad, bros.  Following that, they talk about how us atheists are training kids to become an army that will hunt down Christians.  Who the fuck believes that?  I’m serious, who among the people who read this post believes that us atheists are getting ready for Christian genocide?  It reminds me of this great quote by Doug Stanhope –

90% of every war that’s ever been fought is because of some made-up, mind-control, completely-fictional religion.  You never hear in the news, ‘200 killed today when atheist rebels took heavy shelling from the agnostic stronghold in the north.’

When does that happen?  I mean, I could point to the religion-motivated genocide that’s happening now in the Middle East on account of ISIS.  Throughout history, Christianity has unbelievably large amounts of blood on its hands.  According to your holy book, God is probably the best serial killer in history, since he can get people to worship him after he commits genocides.  So how is it that Jaclyn, myself and other atheists are the ones to fear?  Do you all just not read history, or do you simply not care?

They then talk about something called “Project C.R.I.M.S.O.N.”  I had to look this one up.  All I could find what a conservation movement.  According to them, it is the “Third Reich, part 2.”  I can see the movie tagline now –

The Third Reich, Part 2!  This time, it’s biblical!

Apparently, this movement uses everything from video games to Andy Serkis in the Planet of the Apes reboots to get them ready.  However, the biggest weapon that we atheists are selling to the youth – sex!  These guys show that not only are they sexist, they are REALLY sexist.  In fact, I don’t mean to sound like an SJW, but these guys REALLY sound like misogynists.  They say that they Photoshopped Jaclyn onto a picture of a woman who made a casserole, after finishing all her other chores, with the implication that that is what they view as the proper role of a woman.  Yeah, dudes, it isn’t the 1940’s anymore.  I don’t know if anyone told you.  And if that wasn’t enough, the hashtag that they decide to run with when they challenge her to a debate is #brainsvsboobs.  What the fuck is wrong with you two?!  Seriously, that’s just fucking sick!  Like her only value is in her physical beauty.  What fucking century do you two dickmules think it is?  Sorry, went a bit ranty.

Not keeping the analysis going, because these guys just get more sexist in their attack on Jaclyn.  It starts out funny, but then it turns really dickish and into a platform for these guys to throw their sexism out into the public eye for all to see.  How people engage that in a serious way is beyond me.  They even try to show how Jaclyn is separate from what their definition of ‘whore’ is.  These two make me sick, but it is funny that they think that their boycott of Jaclyn means anything.

Christardedness at its best, people.

Until next time, a quote,

“They’re not pro-life.  You know what they are?  They’re anti-woman!  Simple as it gets!  They’re anti-woman.  They don’t like ’em.”  -George Carlin

Peace out,




  1. To whom it may concern,

    The Rapture Right Youth Ministry’s legal team has done a cursory investigation into the above blog post and concluded that it violates the ministry’s constitutional rights. We are demanding that said post be removed immediately or the author will can be sued for defamation of a character, emotional rape by proxy and blockading the religious practices of an federally protected organization or entity.

    The above post falsely claims, among other things, that no public information regarding the atheist’s endgame ‘project C.R.I.M.S.O.N’ can be located via simple internet searches, despite numerous reputable posts easily accessed via search engine inquiries.


    Cease and desist immediately.

    Colin Jacobs
    B.F.D legal
    The Rapture Right Youth Ministry Inc.

    • You know the cool thing about being an educated person, I happen to know things. You want to sue me for defamation of character? First you have to prove it. What has been said that was defamatory? Nothing in this post is untrue. These two guys are sexist in the extreme. They do believe crazy things that have NO basis in fact, and they are unpleasant to listen to.

      Second, emotional rape? Now here’s some SJW lingo for ya. I am just DYING to know how you would prove that I did that. For real, give me an example. You got nothing!

      Finally, I haven’t blockaded shit. You can spout your nonsense all you like, and I responded. This was a totally fair use response, so you have nothing. I have prevented you from doing nothing. This claim is garbage as well.

      I’ll tell you what you’re doing – you’re trying to scare me with the thought of a lawsuit. You’re trying to frighten someone you think doesn’t know the law. But I do! So, if you want to bring these bullshit allegations against me, then bring it on, motherfucker! I’ll see your dumb ass in court, and then I’ll countersue you for wrongful prosecution! Not to mention wasting the court’s time. I would think that an ACTUAL lawyer would realize how dumb this is. I couldn’t find anything about you online, Mr. Jacobs, so clearly you don’t mean that much. Or maybe this whole post is BS. Either way, fuck you! And thanks for the link to Project C.R.I.M.S.O.N. I got my next target.

      • Not to mention – if you people seriously have nothing better to do than take a blogger to court, then you obviously have little going for you.

      • Lucien,

        This is Timothy, one of the founding members of the Rapture Right Youth Ministry.

        This is the first I’ve heard of Mr. Jacobs contacting you. We run a very sophisticated computer algorithm which monitors online activity in regards to criticism of our powerful youth ministry. Once the computer hones in on keywords like ‘sexist’ or ‘youth ministry’ – or hundreds of other preordained word codes – the criticism detector bot or CDB red flags the word and sends an alert via digital communique to our legal team.

        We never even see the alerts, because our lawyers felt it was important to protect our vulnerable emotions from the harsh realities of the online world. This would ensure our work with the youth is always done with positivity and enthusiasm, which negative criticism – as you must know – often prevents. Better that we not hear about online trolls and unemployed bloggers, saying nasty things about our popular Christian youth organization.

        I’ve contacted Mr. Jacobs with a certified letter sent via bicycle courier, ensuring he understands the importance of resolving this issue, post haste. Our corporate office is located in San Francisco whereas our legal teams headquarters is in Sausalito.

        The message to Mr. Jacobs urging him to reevaluate any legal actions against you, was sent first thing this morning, when I received word of this issue. I have yet to hear back from him, but as his office is literally all the way across the bay and I’m not sure if the courier took the ferry or went up HWY 101 – which I can tell doesn’t have a designated bike path, making the trek time consuming as well as quite dangerous – it may take till later this week or as soon as this afternoon, to guarantee that the lawsuit is dropped.

        Until then, please accept this entertaining Rapture Right music video as an apology of sorts, for any stress this may have caused you.



      • Dude, have you people heard of email? Wow. What century does your sort live in? Sorry if that sounds mean, but come on! This should take five minutes to clear up with your attorney who is clearly bad at his job. If that. Or a phone call. Bicycle courier. That’s…wow.

        Next, I have a piece of advice for you, and I’m actually going to try and be nice about this, even though you people and your sexist attitudes don’t deserve it. Here’s the advice – if you can’t handle criticism, then the Internet isn’t the right place for you. I get called mean names and such all the time. I’ve even gotten a few death threats from angry Christians who don’t like what I have to say. You know what I do? I ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls, dudes. Just don’t do it. If you can’t handle some negativity, then you won’t go far in life. Harsh criticism is the only way you learn, if you have a flaw.

        Take that for what you will.

      • By the way, that was a nice little insult you threw in about me being an unemployed blogger. Very clever. Here’s a question – how popular are you if a video meant to be a call to action only gets below 70 views?

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