Lucien’s Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son

inFAMOUS Second SonAnother review where people are probably scratching their heads wondering where it has been.  Well, the answer to this one isn’t very exciting either – I just got a PS4.  Next year is going to be and AMAZING year for next-gen consoles, and I had a recent influx of capital that I decided to take a small piece of and spend it on this.  And let me tell you, it has been exciting.  I may be a poor gamer, but I do love new toys.  I treat my stuff with respect and care, so I know that I’ll get good mileage out of it.  Because I don’t have an online connection for my consoles at the moment, the online features don’t mean much, but the visuals are amazing and this is the first game that I got.

I haven’t played a lot of this series before now, so a lot of the elements were very new to me.  I heard a lot of people complaining about how this game was ripping off parts from the previous entry, so I can’t speak for that.  With that in mind, let’s get this review started.

Set seven years after the previous entry, this game picks up with a young Native American named Delsin Rowe.  He is something of a juvenile delinquent who makes trouble for his older brother, Reggie.  His brother just happens to be the sheriff of the reservation that their tribe lives on.  A transport carrying three individuals called “Conduits” to a special prison is destroyed, with the three prisoners escaping.  One of them, a redneck named Hank, finds Delsin and it is found out that Delsin has his own abilities, as he learns Hank’s ability called “Smoke.”  A woman from the D.U.P. comes in and takes Hank, along with interrogating Delsin.  When he is unable to give her the answers she needs, he tortures the entire reservation to get her answers.  Now, Delsin and his brother are headed to Seattle, to find and dispatch this woman and bring justice or the Conduits.

The first thing to talk about in this game is the technicals.  On a visual level, it wows in all the right ways.  The character models are very well done, with the expressions being able to say a lot.  However, that isn’t the thing to focus on, and the makers of this game know it.  The environments look amazing, with the weather being dynamic.  The rain is almost beautiful, with all the elements interacting with it.  How it looks on cars is captivating.  Then there is my favorite element – the setting sun.  For real, the lighting in this game is awesome!  Not just with the sun.  At night, the neon lights come out, big and bold.  It makes sense, given the talent of one of the Conduits that you face.  But this game looks absolutely stunning, with each element coming into play in just the right way.

The next thing to talk about is the open world environment.  While there is a lot of nice things to look at, the reality is that there is little to do in the city.  There are some fun audio log missions, but those are few and far between.  You occasionally have to find spies or the D.U.P. hidden among the populace.  Then there are the missions to free the various districts.  By far, though, the best side-quest are the little graffiti ones, where you can mark up walls and make art.  It would have been better if you had more options for what you would do, but there are a lot of little jokes that are fun with the options you get.  Still, it isn’t a very vibrant place.  Plus, for it to be Seattle, this city sure is small.  That’s kind of odd.  And it looks nothing like the Seattle I remember.  But that’s just nit-picking.

The characters in the game are fun.  Troy Baker takes on that role of Delsin, and as always, his role is amazing.  For real, his jokes are always on point.  He had neat little comments and his snide remarks are just classic.  This is a fun character.  His brother is tedious and boring as the day is long.  The two Conduits who you can choose to pair up with are pretty neat, with each having their own issues and reasons for ending up how they did.  The main villain of the game, however, is boring.  She gets a lot more interesting after you learn her story, but up until that point, this woman has all the texture of egg salad.  They really should have had you learn about her earlier.  That would have made her motivations more interesting.

But the element that everybody and their brother are going to wonder about is the combat.  After all, this is a game that is all about having super powers.  How do they fare to play with?  Well, each one is unique, though to a point.  They all have a basic similarity in many ways, which can make choosing one to specialize in kind of pointless.  Though they each come with a fun way to move around the world fairly quickly.  That can be very exciting, as each one looks very cool.  The enemies in the game get a lot tougher as time goes on.  Towards the end, it is almost insane how difficult it can be.  Another thing to know is that you can’t use more than one talent at a time.  To change up, you have to power up from one of the sources of energy that each talent uses.  If you have a certain style that you want to use for a certain situation, finding the right power-up can be tricky.

So, while a lot of the elements of this game aren’t especially interesting, it is still very fun.  There are only two endings, so the morality choices don’t mean much.  I do like this game and it was a solid intro to the PS4.  That said, it wasn’t an especially strong game.  It’s just fun in a simple way.  But sometimes that’s all it takes.

Final Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,



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