RE: The Gospel (An Engineer’s Approach)

So, following a REALLY bad day where I am at my home feeling all kinds of down, a dear and very far-away friend of mine decided to cheer me up by sharing something with me.  It is a series of hand-written notes that detail and engineer’s perspective on how the Gospel and the acceptance of Jesus Christ affects their lives and why salvation is just the best.  This isn’t going to be a post where I use words.  I have saved the images, and you can see it for yourself.  I shall respond to each picture individually, then wrap up with my final thoughts.  Trust me, this is going to be fun.  I haven’t had something this nuts to take apart in a LONG time.

The Gospel (Engineer 1)Wow, this almost looks kind of smart.  They seem to have taken a mathematical approach for this.  And their logic has points where it makes sense.  Something had to have caused the universe.  However, like all the rest of the Creationists, you decide to take all the logic you have going and fill it in.  You say that the only way that there cannot be an infinite number of possibilities to cause the universe, there had to be an uncaused cause.  Why?  For real, why can’t the universe itself be the uncaused cause?  How is it that you know that the universe hasn’t always existed in some form or another?  What evidence do you have for this contention?  You are using God as your postulate, even though there is NO evidence for his creating the universe.  None.  So, right out of the gate your theory is flawed.

You end this by stating that you have proof that God is a person, with your evidence being biomimicry.  I did Google that, and you have displayed another stunning moment of ignorance.  You got it backwards.  Biomimicry is when we take something that we observe in nature and emulate it, in one form or another.  How is it that an engineer, who seems to be an educated sort, doesn’t get that?  It’s easy to point to examples of this.  Modern computing has been modeled on animal behaviors for some time.  It kills me that someone so intelligent is so blind to facts.

The Gospel (Engineer 2)God, all of this is so flawed!  Since your premise of God being the uncaused cause of the universe is flawed, all of the logic that you garner from this knowledge is flawed as well.  But, for the sake of argument, let’s run with it.

You state that God is the source of morality and ethics.  Here’s the problem – which part of the Bible are you using to back that up?  The Old Testament or the New Testament?  You gotta make a distinction, because each one has different laws.  You wear any polyester?  If so, according to the Old Testament, you’ve just committed a sin.  You have long hair or tattoos?  According to the Old Testament, you have just committed a sin.  You love your family more than you love Jesus?  According to the New Testament, you have just committed a sin.  When you say that God’s morals are perfect, that simply isn’t true.  One can easily justify almost any kind of violent lifestyle based on different parts of the Bible.  The reason for this is because it is written by people, who all have their own prejudices.  Do you believe, as the Baptists and the like believe, that gay people are bound for Hell?  Or do you believe the fun-loving Jesus belief that everyone belongs to God and that being gay is a-okay?  You can’t argue for perfect morality if you have all this discrepancies.

You then introduce another flaw into your reasoning.  You state that the world doesn’t live up to this perfection, without having addressed my points.  The world falls into that, and so you fall into that.  You define and visually express this separation from the world and God’s design as “sin.”  Yet, you only have emotional states in their.  Are you saying that all negative emotions are a result of sin?  Well, biology disagrees with you there, but let’s keep going.

The Gospel (Engineer 3)So, given that we have found flaws within your flawed reasoning, we must continue to find more flaws.  I can run with that.  You state that our failure to live up to God’s expectations is the cause of problems, and that doing good things is not enough to solve this.  So then, you do believe in faith without works, correct?  Just following what you’ve written.  You state that the punishment for sin is death, and because you will die, you deserve God’s judgement.  I find it interesting how a person who is educated never learned about the aging process and why our bodies eventually grow old and die.  But let’s not get hung up on the little plot holes.  We have bigger ones to tackle.

From your next point, you are one of these Christians who says that instead of God opening a giant can of Whoop-Ass (anyone remember that drink?) on us, Jesus died on the Cross for us.  I’ve already talked in detail about why the whole concept of Jesus and his sacrifice is garbage.  After all, he knew that there would only be a few days of suffering, with him then going up to Heaven and getting to rule over the universe for the rest of time with his Baby Daddy (who is also him).  In order for his sacrifice to mean something, he has to actually lose something.  But Jesus knew full-well that when he died, he’d be gaining something.  So how does that sacrifice mean anything?  God lost nothing.  He gave up nothing.  In fact, given that Jesus is also God, the reality is that he actually just did a giant circle-jerk with himself.

You end this page by saying that the Cross is a giant heat-shield that you protect yourself with.  That’s…hilariously absurd.  Haven’t laughed like this in a while.  Good on you.

The Gospel (Engineer 4)You state that the entire reasoning behind God and his circle-jerk is love.  Because God has so much love, he sent his son (who is also him) to be tortured and die.  Would you do that for a child of yours?  Would you really knowingly subject this kid to torture?  What kind of parent (not really, because it’s also him) would do that to their son?  And apparently, we are incapable of this kind of love on our own.  That’s just madness.  We’re capable of seeing through that and realizing that this God that this engineer loves so much is a monster.

He even acknowledges that because Jesus is God, he rose from the dead, proving my point about the death of Jesus being no sacrifice at all.  What idiocy.  And somehow, him rising from the dead makes it so that we can have the kind of relationship that God wants with him.  O-kay.

You end this by saying that by coming to God, you are no longer going to be causing the world’s problems, you will be helping to alleviate them, with the hint that this is what all Christians do.  I guess you don’t read history much, do ya?  This entire proof of yours is flawed from go, though, so in the end, it means absolutely nothing.  This is really really dumb.  That is all.

Until next time, a quote,

“Well, I mean, life is sacred?  Who said so?  God?  Well, if you read history, you realize that God is one of the leading causes of death!  Has been for thousands of years.  Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, all taking turns killing each other because God told them it was a good idea!”  -George Carlin

Peace out,



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