SIONR: The Men of Final Fantasy XV is wrong?! Are you Kidding Me?!

The newest trailer for the long-anticipated Final Fantasy XV came out and the hype train is running again, full-speed.  However, as is typical with anything in video gaming now, this trailer had to spark some rage in the Twitter feminist crowd.  Why?  Well, that’s easy – the party is all guys.

For real, that’s their argument.  Because the party that we saw is all men, they think that there is something wrong.  Obviously, they need a woman in this group.  And naturally, she must be a professionally-garbed and totally powerful character who totally overshadows all the others, right?

I am SO sick of this crap!  I mean, we’ve known that the primary group in this game was a bunch of guys ever since it debuted back in 2006, when it went under the name Final Fantasy versus XIII.  There is the prince, Noctis and his buddies.  Since a lot of the plot of this game is under wraps, we don’t know what has got them out together in the world, but we know that they are.  Each of these characters has a lot of character.  They are believable and the bonds between them feel real.  So what exactly is the criticism here?  That because there aren’t any women in the party, women are somehow demeaned?  We already know that there are women in the game, and one of them is part of a darker plot involving Noctis.

Why is it that the Twitter and Tumblr feminist crowd have to nitpick EVERY fucking thing!  For real, ladies, calm the fuck down!  I am a guy who totally loves equality.  I love seeing women in stuff I like.  Heck, I have no problem with female protagonists.  Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII was a cool character, and they better have her in Kingdom Hearts III because she’s earned it.  But you know what I don’t like – bad characters.  Rather than try and shoe-in a female character who is overly strong and super-capable and all the qualities that your kind wants, how’s about we instead let this game be this game and don’t get hung up on it just because it’s popular.

For real, I did not hear ONE thing about this issue eight years ago.  I didn’t hear about it last year, during the re-reveal when it got a new title.  It was clear as day from that trailer that this party was going to be a bunch of guys.  So, they only care about this issue when it becomes trendy?  That seems to be the case, as the anti-men-in-gaming lingo of the Twitter and Tumblr feminists picked up steam only in the last couple of years.

So, here’s a question – what if these guys don’t hate women?  For real, what if they treat women like anybody else and don’t go all “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, bitch!” about it?  For real, what if they are like the ACTUAL gamer audience who you all want to label and stereotype as neckbeards who live in their parents’ basements.  Wouldn’t that be acceptable?  No, that’s not enough for you.  The reason why is simple – NOTHING pleases you people!  You all just want to get men out of gaming.  You want to get men to leave this leisure activity.  An activity that, among the hardcore gamers, appeals primarily to men!  For real, that study that you all cite about how there are more women who game now than men didn’t take into account that women make up more casual and mobile gaming, which is fine.  But the hardcore gaming audience, the platform people like me, is mostly made up of guys.  Do we want to play a game where a bunch of women are driving around talking about how oppressed women are?  No, we don’t.

You all claim that there are so few great female protagonists.  I can think of ten off the top of my head.  Hell, I can think of twenty off the top of my head.  This game has been in development for eight years, and now you all decide that you are going to throw in some judgmental bullshit, just because you want to make a point about how many guys are in gaming?  If you don’t like all the guys in gaming, here’s a thought – don’t game!  I don’t watch Oprah or read Cosmo, so why can’t you all take the same approach?  Or, go Indie and make a game just like Final Fantasy XV and put it on Steam and show us guys how it’s done!  For real, ladies, don’t just complain.  Actually do something.

Although, that would take up valuable time that could be spent complaining about how sexist everything is on Twitter and Tumblr.  Tough choice.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t see pathology and imminent death.  What I see is a lively, smart, creative subculture, consisting mostly of tech-savvy guys, from all over the world.  But also including a small but distinct group of really cool women!  Now, if you love games, they don’t really care about your age, your race, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual orientation.  They just want to game!  My suggestion to their critics – stand down!”  -Christina Summers

Peace out,



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