Lucien’s First Take: Final Fantasy XV (TGS 2014 Trailer)

This is a game that we have been waiting for for over eight years.  It debuted in 2008 and the hype train has gotten so massive that nobody cares about practically anything else that Square Enix is doing, other than this.  This game was set to be Tetsuya Nomura’s baby, his magnum opus.  It was advertised as a fantasy game that is based on reality.  And something that has consistently eluded this game is the feeling that it is based on reality.

At E3 of last year, the game came back in a BIG way with a new trailer and a new name – Final Fantasy XV.  This got people pumped in all the right ways and we assumed that it was going to be released either that year or this one.  However, when Square Enix kept everybody in the dark, we got more and more annoyed.  It looked like the annoyance was going to hit critical mass, but then, at the Tokyo Game Show of this year, we get this trailer –

About fucking time!  For real, it’s about time that Square Enix gave us something to sink our teeth into with this game.  In addition to this trailer, they have scheduled a playable demo of this game for March of next year.  The timing of that leads me to suspect one thing – a holiday season release date for Final Fantasy XV within 2015.  The timing of that would be perfect.  For real, you couldn’t plan that better.  But enough about this stuff, let’s focus on the trailer.

Something that has always eluded me is the claim that this is a fantasy game that is based on reality.  I remember seeing a realistic city and realistic clothing, but how is it based on reality?  Well, now I know.  This trailer is pretty much Noctis and his buddies going on a road trip.  For real, that’s it.  No big narrative, no sudden revelations.  Just Noctis and his pals going out on the road, eager to have an adventure.  You have them shooting the shit, listening to important news on the radio and then parking and resting at a lake, enjoying a beautiful view.  This feels like something that real people would do.  For real, all of these guys felt like people who I would know and hang out with.  That is a MAJOR step in the right direction for this game.  Since I get the feeling that the plot centers on these four guys, letting me take time to like them is important.  Though there are still little tidbits in the trailer that hint at the plot, but they don’t lose focus on the our guys.

And of course, we see the battle system.  It looks awesome.  For real, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that as well.  Getting to fight huge monsters in what feels like a very dynamic battle setting, where every decision effects how it plays out and what lines of dialogue happen, feels just right for this game.

The visuals were fucking amazing!  It opens on a wow shot, which was smart in the extreme.  If you are going to hook an audience, it’s best to do so right off the bat.  There are a couple other little wow moments, like the city at night, the quiet lake that has giant animals chilling in it with the sun setting in the background, and the “astral shard” that has fallen from the sky.  This trailer definitely wanted to wow with the visual elements and it got me right off the bat.

However, there is one major problem that I have with this trailer.  It ends on the line from Noctis, “It’s been a long time coming.  Almost there.”  Yeah, no fucking shit!  How’s about we actually get there!  Don’t play this like a joke.  That’s not cool.  You’ve got the hype train going again with this trailer.  It’s time to get on it.  Next up, when you have that demo, should be your dub.  For real, another trailer of your dub work should be next.  That would be smart.  It’s time to get this thing ready to launch.  I have a feeling that the holiday season is when you want to do this, so let’s get it done!

This is an amazing trailer, and I am stoked to see where it goes next.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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