Musical Insanity: God Made Girls

I haven’t done a post like this in forever!  Guess there hasn’t been a song worthy enough to join this list.  That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a lot of bad music.  I mean, have you seen what’s on the charts these days?  But nothing that is truly insane enough to keep my attention.  Until now.  I have found a song that is so nuts and drives me so nuts.  It’s a country song, and anybody who knows me knows that I HATE country music.  Almost as much as I hate modern rap, but that’s a whole other thing.  Country music is terrible, and the modern breed is just the worst.  Back in the day, when you had singers doing songs about drinkin’ beers, gettin’ in fights and losing their dog and truck, those were pretty good.  But now we have music about ‘Murica and how great God and the flag are.  This song is in the breed of how great God is.  Know why?  Because, sillies – he made girls.  Why did he do this?  Well, listen to the song and see for yourself.

Wow, it’s finally happened – me and the Tumblr feminists have actually found common ground.  You all have NO idea how little that happens.  This song is probably sending the WORST message to girls that I have ever seen!  I mean, is this kid for real?!  I don’t want to come down too hard on her, because she looks young and probably didn’t mean for it to be this demeaning (she has the look of blonde airhead.  Don’t blame me, it’s clear that that was the intention of the fashion style), but this song really is.

For starters, why do all the things that God made girls to do center around pleasing guys?  For real, girls are supposed to flirt, hold guy’s hands, wear pretty little skirts?  Why does that put the image of porn in my head?  Oh, right, because that is pretty much all women in porn do – look pretty, flirt and wear pretty little skirts.  The difference being that in porn, the skirts aren’t on for long.  I guess, for this girl, the skirt’s on until marriage.

Next, this song also makes men look REALLY stupid.  For real, this song is about stupid girls and stupid guys.  Think about it – the girl helps them get dressed up, gives them a reason to wash their truck, drags their butts to church and teaches them to dance.  What are any of these skills worth?  Oh, right, nothing.  Because us guys are too dumb to do anything on our own, so we need our womens to do these things for us.  What’s more, God approves!

I’ve always known that the Bible is a horrifically sexist document.  God is totally cool with slaves being taken from conquered nations and for those slaves to be used, sexually.  God is totally cool with a man using the female slaves of his wife, sexually.  God is totally cool with a rape victim being forced to marry their rapist.  So yeah, this is kind of proving a contention that I’ve always had – God is a sexist pig who designed women to be used by men in just about every way.  How is that something that people are cool with?  Oh, right, Christians have always been REALLY good at cherry-picking the parts of the Bible they want to listen to and which parts they don’t.  Forgot that for a minute.

Like I said, I don’t want to come down on this kid too hard.  Poor little RaeLynn looks and acts like one of these derpy little music starlets who doesn’t know the first thing about anything.  But this song is actively terrible and anybody who says otherwise is a fucking idiot.

Until next time, a quote,

“Somebody’s gotta run up that tree.  Somebody’s gotta transmit rabies.  Somebody’s gotta run around, so God made squirrels!”   -Jaclyn Glenn

Peace out,



One thought on “Musical Insanity: God Made Girls

  1. Seriously wanted to puke the first time I heard this song on the radio. It endorses all of the horribly sexist stereotypes that some people view for girls. Nope, I don’t wear pretty skirts, I don’t drag my husband’s ass to church, but guess what, I’m still a girl!

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