The Moon Over the Field

As I do not have a camera that can capture the view I have seen the way I see it, I will describe for you tonight’s watching of the stars, so you can see in your mind how beautiful tonight’s view of the night sky was.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Stars shimmer in their respective places, eager to be back in the visible spectrum, having been covered by monsoon clouds for several days.  A gentle breeze blows the leaves about.  Fall is nipping at the heels of what remains of the green here.  Leaves are starting to fall.  For some, this is a tragic scenario.  For me, it is beautiful.  Fall has such brevity here.  There is the three-month summer, the two-week spring and fall, then the LONG winter that never seems to end.  Though a few more years of climate change and we’ll see about that, right?  But for us, fall is a magical time.  The cold kills the bugs, and for those brief months, the beauty is everywhere.  Amber leaves, chilly winds, crisp morns.  Fall is my favorite time of year.

But back to the here and now, we also see a bright light source.  It’s the moon, out and almost completely full.  It shines over the field that I live on.  The grass is laden with heavy dew.  The moon is low over the field, just over the treetops.  The dew on the grass does as the water on the lake I used to live on does – carries the light.  It makes the entire field into a sea of pale glow that is so beautiful to look at and puts such peace in our heart.  It was beauty such as this that we missed in the city.

I always imagine that I could get lost in those stars.  There were times during the winter where the moon would be out as I am driving home down the road we live on.  My car is old enough that I can turn the headlights off.  I would do so and drive down the road with just the pale moon light guiding me.  Most people are either afraid of the dark or don’t like too much of it.  For me, there is nothing so beautiful in this world as a starry night with the pale moon light.  Granted, in the winter, it is also so fucking cold that it makes your skin fall off.  Still, there are worse ways to go.

That’s my introspective thoughts for the night.  Hopefully you all got to enjoy the stars yourselves.  Sleep well, my friends.

Until next time, a quote,

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Peace out,



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