You Really Think Denial and Trash-Talk is the Answer?! (Another Response to Gaming Journalism)

So, it’s been two weeks since the whole thing about Zoe Quinn and her using sex and underhanded tactics to get ahead broke.  It was a story that took the gaming world by storm.  Two weeks later, it’s still being talked about.  That is a LONG time in Internetland.  For real, two whole weeks might as well be an eternity.  But people are still talking about it.  Why?  Well, the reason boils down to this – the gaming journalism sites decided to fuck with us, and we aren’t rolling over.

I originally shared Internet Aristocrat’s video on the topic, so I’ll share his two follow-up videos (first one here, second one here) that show the response from sites like Kotaku about this issue.  At first, the tactic was to simply ignore it.  Kind of like Bioware after the whole incident with the ending to Mass Effect 3.  Like Bioware, the gaming media learned that that doesn’t work.  So, their next tactic was to try and censor the conversation about this, closing comments sections, deleting forum posts and just labeling everybody who continue as unpleasant misogynists who nobody should even talk to, unless they wanted to be a misogynist as well.  Of course, that didn’t work either.  The Streisand Effect was proven through this.  Now, the gaming media has decided to take on a different tactic – mockery and attack.  I mean to get into this strategy later, but we have ground to cover.

The lack of gaming journalism to address their corruption is baffling, to me.  I mean,, do they think we don’t notice?  More evidence has come to light of other people who were fucking gaming reporters and got good press from it.  The Internet blogosphere has been uncovering so much information that the rest of the gaming press has ADMITTED that they don’t want to do, as in a recent article on Forbes.  Gaming media has admitted that they don’t want to do the work?  Really?  You all are calling yourselves journalists but you don’t want to do the work that goes into, you know, journalism?  That is about as stupid as it gets.  Not only stupid, it’s arrogant.  For real, the level of hand-waving and casual attack of their demographic who reads their shit is astounding, to me.  It’s like these people think that their shit doesn’t stink.  They got a Master’s in journalism, so they know what’s-what.  Don’t agree?  Well, you must be one of those misogynists we’ve been hearing so much about.

Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise me.  After all, in my first post talking about this, I linked a video by one of my favorite video game reviewers, Angry Joe, which talked about the corruption of the gaming media.  He discussed having an interview with Jeoff Keighley and how Keighley took Joe’s inexperience and threw it in his face, and when Joe asked him a question in a Q&A panel that was being hosted, he got mocked by not just Keighley, but others in the room as well.  Like they weren’t supposed to be answering hard questions.  That was too difficult.  A theme that we see a lot, in all of this – too difficult for them.

In a recent Forbes article, Eric Cain decided to talk about the issue, while not talking about the issue at all.  He said that he didn’t want to discuss the issue in detail, that it was problematic for him.  After giving scant details, he talks about how journalists have a tough job and that it’s hard to keep relationships separated from one’s work.  Really?  That’s your defense?  My mind harkens back to a skit on SNL during the election season between Bush and Kerry.  They had an awesome Bush impersonator who, when pressed by journalists as to why no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, responded –

Because it’s hard!  We worked really hard!  We had people come in nights and weekends!  We worked really hard…

That’s what this feels like.  It feels like the “we work hard, so shut up, you lazy gamers” defense.  Like gamers have never held down a job.  All gamers are neckbeards that live in their parents’ basement, right?  Actually, given a recent slew of articles that have been vilifying pretty much every gamer there is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the belief.  See, the most recent thing to happen on this whole affair is a TON of articles being dropped that basically say that being a gamer is wrong, how gamers are misogynists and how gaming is dead.  These publications have decided to go for the gold and totally insult the people who read them.  I’m just dying to know what the rationale behind that is.  I mean, did they decide – well, we’ve lost our gaming fanbase, so we might as well just go out with a bang.  Maybe we can start writing feminist articles now.  I mean, it’s not like we are trying very hard to write anything worth reading.  We can’t be bothered to do actual research.  Maybe we can get on the Tumblr feminist wagon and ride that gravy train for all its worth.

The reality here is that this entire PR meltdown is the gaming journalist company’s fault.  For real, they have no one to blame but themselves.  Instead of actually showing some ethical integrity, they threw the valid criticisms of people in their face.  Instead of actually trying to feign concern for their audience, they decide to label gamers are misogynists and saying that gamers are bad people.  Instead of actually showing some accountability and putting their foot down on these practices, they decide that we should all just shut the fuck up.

The Internet Aristocrat makes a good point at the end of his latest video – this is really making the whole Dorito thing with Jeoff Keighley look really good.  IGN may be a bunch of corporate shills, but at least they are honest about it.  They shill, but at least they are not getting hip-deep into this mess.  I am a student of journalism and public communication.  I studied PR and could actually have done a PR campaign for these companies that would be a thousand times less insulting than what we have been given.  And these companies clearly don’t care, because they just gave their fanbase the finger and then waved off.

How’s that working for ya?

Until next time, a quote,

“The more you learn, the less you know.”  -Omar Little, The Wire

Peace out,



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