The Tiny Light

So long it seems
So long ago
We met and forgot
Forgot one-another

We found each other
Once again, years later
So tiny, so unique
I knew at once, and I cared

A new friendship
So different from all the others
Unlike nothing I’ve ever felt before
I felt so alive, with her

Time passed
The friendship grew
The bond became stronger
Yet also strange

We’re so different
So unlikely
Those few things in common
They helped nurture a bond like no other

It grew on, getting stronger all the time
Something more developed inside
Unsure at first
Didn’t want to admit it

More time passed
Feelings got stronger still
Feelings of light
Feelings of love

I had fallen in love
I didn’t know how to say it
Wasn’t the time
You were involved

Another chance came
We tried
Didn’t hit
Love lost, love missed

You found another
A new way of life
A new way of being
One we couldn’t follow

Then chance arrived
A chance we had prayed for
You were open to us
You wanted to try

We got a place together
We got a life to live
At first, it was amazing
But there were old ghosts

Ghosts of a love before
A love that was not us
A love that didn’t go away
We didn’t know what to do

We were still new
It had been so long since
Since the time we were in love
Could we do this again

Finally, the day comes
We are ready and eager
We change our Facebook status
The dawn was filled with hope again

And just like that, it fades
You want out
You are unsure

You don’t live here anymore
I cry, as I haven’t done in a very long time
You never know what you’ve lost
Until it’s gone

I want to say these words
Want to say them to you
I love you
I miss you

I wish you loved me too

Peace out,


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