The Adventures of Azure and Creamsicle: The Glittering Dream

It was a late night.  The moon hung in the sky.  Midnight and I had met up and had some more of our bounty from earlier, and now I was content to go back and get some rest.  Perhaps tonight I would rest on the big bed in the sleeping room.  That usually got me some affection in the morning from my human and the Michael human.  I could get behind that.  In any case, I arrive and find that the underwear drawer is open.  This is good, because that is the most comfortable place in the house.  I slide in and lay down, shifting a little to settle the contents of the drawer and make the bed more soft.  It works, and I feel myself quickly falling in to slumber.

My eyes open and I am in a large room.  It is so very large.  The walls of the room seem like a world away, as does the ceiling.  How such a massive room could exist is beyond me.  There is light pouring through the windows.  I look over and see that the windows are all colors.  It is a strange menagerie of beautiful dazzling lights.  My paws move without my will and I am almost dancing in the dappled colors all over the floor.  It’s amazing!  How could so much beauty be in one place?!  The feelings of joy inside me swell up as I am rolling in the various lights that paint the entire room.  That is when I notice that there is a shimmer coming from above.  In fact, there is a lot of shimmer.  It’s moving too!  Almost like the notorious red dot that I have been at war with.  I once caught the dot for a full minute under my paws.  However, the moment I move them, it vanishes.  That dot will yield to me, but this was more interesting.  The dot was but one light.  This was many.  Infinite, in fact.  It seemed like the lights went on forever.  I looked up at their source and saw dozens upon dozens of tiny crystals hanging from the ceiling.  It is almost too beautiful for words.  What is this glorious and magical place?
It is then that I perceive a door far away.  It is hanging open, with more light coming from a passage outside.  It is tempting, but leaving this room of color seems like too much of a problem.  It is then that I see a kitten.  It is very small, with orange fur that has white stripes in it.  The kitten looks up at me with a big smile on its face.
“Hey, wanna play?!” it asks.
I’m confused.  “What do you mean?  Play what?”
It just runs around.  “I don’t know, just play!  Wanna?!”
The little kitten is annoying.  I am not a fan of it, but it clearly knows more about this place than I do.
“Say, do you know what is outside of this room?”
It nods vigorously.  “Oh yeah, I know everything about this place!  Wanna see?”
That gets my attention.  “Yes, I would very much like to see.”
The kitten takes off and I chase after it.  It goes out the door and I am almost blinded as I exit.  The door leads to a large bridge.  The bridge runs above what appears to be a forest.  The forest is filled with trees of all kinds, and I can hear water running and birds chirping.  It’s a very exciting feeling, which leaves me wanting to see more.  This bridge was not the only one, either.  There were other bridges on either side of me that each led to a different room.  How big was this place, anyway?  It was a strange sensation as I followed my young companion.
The door ends at another room.  I got inside and this room is stranger than the last!  There are giant fuzzy creatures that neither move or speak.  They are like the toys I have at the house, but larger.  Much, much larger.  The are other cats playing with them!  What are these creatures!  They seem to be most happy, so I simply write it off that they enjoy our company.  What a pleasant thing.  It seems that humans are not the only ones who have a great deal of affinity for my people.  That was worth knowing.  The kitten motions for me to follow, and I do.  I am getting more and more excited about what I’ll see next.

We cross another bridge and get to a room that has so many smells!  For real, it’s like my nose is bombarded with scent.  The one that sticks out the most to me is…catnip!  Oh my god, that smell is just awesome!  There are cats in a corner at a hookah, breathing out smoking catnip.  I walk over and sit on my paws.
“Take a seat, brother!  All are welcome at the table of the cat!”|
I sat down and took one of the pipes.  I put it in my mouth and smoked.  It was such a strange feeling, the smoke leaving my mouth.  I felt so good.  The catnip was amazing!  The finest I had ever seen.  There was a woman-human not far from my human who would grow it in her garden.  We did so love that woman.  Stealing some of her prize was a common activity among Midnight and myself.
After I get done, the kitten is waiting for me at the door.  The world is spinning now, and I am so excited to see what is next!  We run across another bridge (this was seriously making me wonder if this place wasn’t a labyrinth, as I was noticing bridges that go between buildings, and there was a steady amount of forest below.  Speaking of, I finally saw the creek I was hearing.  It ran between the forested sections of the building.  There were some cats that were catching fish there.  I had no fear of water, but to just go out there like that!  Madness!  Though the fish did look nice.
The next room opened up and we went inside.  This room was nuts!  It was like a giant arena!  Inside the arena, there was a battle going on between a couple of cats and a beagle.  I recognized that beagle!  It was the one that the neighbors owned!  This caught my attention and had to be studied.  What was it doing here?!  Was it getting fame and glory?  Some kind of treats?  The reality of the contest eluded me, but it was very fierce.  The kitten did not seem to want to stay here.  I was with it.  We left as quickly as we had come.  I couldn’t help but notice that at the top of the arena sat a cat and an entourage who looked like the some kind of royalty.  Best to stay clear of that one.  Me and authority from other cats don’t get along.

The last room was a massive one!  It went up so far that I couldn’t see the top!  The kitten looked excited to be here.  I had a distinct impression that this room was in the middle of the elaborate positioning of the rooms.  The door closed behind us and the place immediately had sunlight streaming in.  These windows were not colorful like the first room.  They had designs.  There were also some kinds of elaborate representations of powerful-looking cats, like the one I had seen in the arena.
“Come one!  Hurry-hurry-hurry!  It’s just up ahead!”
I looked at the bounding kitten and was confused.  “What is?”
It winked at me.  “You’ll see!”  We ran down several hallways and came to a giant staircase.  It looked to go up for eternity.  I looked at the kitten and said, “You really want us to climb up that?”
It smiled and shook its head.  “Nope!  Just wait on this step!”  The kitten went and hit a button beside the wall.  Suddenly, all but a few of the stairs melted away and we started heading for the top of the room!  It was scary, kind of terrifying, but exhilarating at the same time.  We finally get to the top and I feel like I’ve been on some kind of crazy car ride!  It was fun.  We step off and see that there is a window near us.  I can already tell it’s very high up.  We walk to the edge and look out.  I was right!  The place we were in was massive!  A labyrinth of huge rooms that went as far as the eye could see!  So did the forest too.  It was almost unreal.
“What is this place?!” I asked the kitten.
“Where all of us go, in time.”
“What do you mean?”
It shook its head.  “Not now.  But later.  Now, you get to go back to that other place.  I’ll see you soon!”
There was so much confusion.  “What do you mean?!”  Just then, a massive eagle appeared!  It was coming towards the window.  I took off as fast as my legs would carry me.  It crashed through and charged toward us.  I felt so scared.  Faster and faster, yet my legs felt they couldn’t go any faster.  It was so terrifying!  I felt a claw on my back, then it all went black.

“Awww, what do you suppose he was dreaming about?”
“Probably chasing something in his sleep.”
I feel a hand scratching behind my ears.  I see my human and purr.  If only she knew.

Until next time, a quote,

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”  -Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (For those who know the history of the first one)

Peace out,



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