Americans Won’t Marry Atheists? So What?

So, I am an atheist.  In fact, I’m something of an anti-theist.  I hate religion and all of the bullshit that goes with it.  It’s an outdated belief system that is now doing infinitely more harm than good.  The fact that the biggest debate we have is if science is important in our society baffles me, and is another wondrously stupid bi-product of modern religion.  That said, you wanna believe that a dust-man and a rib-woman ate magic fruit that caused humanity to be cursed forever and the only way we can break that curse is to eat the metaphorical flesh and drink the metaphorical blood of a Jewish zombie while telling him telepathically we love him and his baby-daddy all the time, be my guest.  So long as you aren’t trying to get your BS taught in classrooms as science or legislated to the country, whatever you do with your book is up to you.

However, a recent piece of news has gotten my people talking about how almost nothing has really changed for us.  See, it seems that nearly half of America isn’t interested in marrying an atheist.  According to a study by Pew Research, ideological divisiveness is at a higher point now than at any other time since the Civil War.  The amount of animosity toward the opposing parties of each one has risen dramatically in the last 40 years.  Almost 10% of people would be unhappy if a loved one married someone of the opposite political party, and that was on both sides.

There was something rather uniform across the board.  Nearly half, for real – 49%, of people polled would be unhappy if someone they loved married somebody who didn’t believe in God.  On the one hand, I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked by this here in America.  It is, after all, a hopelessly religious country.  Almost 80% of people in this country identify as having a strong belief in a personal deity.  You can’t get elected to office in this country without sucking religion’s cock.  You always have to make religion happy or else Fox News and their army of religion-suckers comes after you.  If you don’t praise God enough, people think that something’s wrong with you.  I got kicked in the nuts once because I told a guy that I thought that religion was bullshit.  America LOVES religion.

As we look at this little tidbit of information, here’s something to ponder – so what?  I mean that – so what?  Why do you care?  Does it really matter if they want to go through all the song-and-dance that people do when they get married?  After all, all it is is a line on a piece of paper.  That’s it.  That’s all it is.  Aside from the tax benefits, what exactly does that line mean to people?  Does it suddenly make your love more real?  If that were true, then the divorce rate wouldn’t be nearly as high as it is today.  Does it make you a better person?  I’ve seen too many domestic violence statistics to believe that.  Does it make a family stronger?  Read the biography of Kurt Cobain and you’ll see how a family that is still together when broken can be emotionally brutalizing.

Maybe this is just me talking, but I genuinely don’t care if someone would rather marry a rapist than my breed.  Good for them.  Let them have the marriage of their dreams.  Maybe they can find something that I don’t have.  But why is everyone so gung-ho for this whole marriage thing?  It’s a lot like seeing a gay guy want to believe in God.  God’s book doesn’t like you.  Why do you like him?  Because of Jesus?  Jesus tells you that you have to love him more than you love your entire family of your husband to get into Heaven (Matthew 10:37).  So yeah, this whole thing about this being a large issue is confusing to me.  But hey, maybe I’m just ignorant.

After all, the rate of marriage has stayed pretty consistent in this country.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t even understand the connection.  “Died for your sins.”  What is, how?  “He died for your sins.”  Well, how does one affect the other?  I fucking hit myself in the foot with a shovel for your mortgage!”  -Doug Stanhope

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “Americans Won’t Marry Atheists? So What?

  1. I think the concern here is that it causes a divide in family, it’s not really a matter of atheists “can’t” get married, it’s more the stigma that will befall their potential partners if they come from religion. Suddenly they find a divide between their birth family and their new one, and that’s not an easy choice. What atheists want here is for people to be more accepting so these disputes can be avoided.

    And you can’t just tell people marriage isn’t a big deal. In addition to taxes, there are insurance, power of attorney, and child rearing issues. To have your partner’s family disapprove of your marriage will be damaging to a relationship- they can’t just tell them “don’t worry about what they think.”

    It’s important as atheists that we keep in mind how we portray ourselves. Obstinately insulting and downplaying religion to anyone who holds faith only causes further antagonism. We don’t want to be as bad as the faithful who disparage us because we have found happiness without religion. Meet intolerance with patience and you’ll find it’s a much stronger blow than aggression.

    • You clearly didn’t read when I said I was an anti-theist. Anyone with strong opinions is hated. I’m fine with that.

  2. Dear Lucien, a bit of news you will like: religion is whack! All of it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only faith that matters. Christians are a minority and always have been, so please don’t get your panties in an uproar.

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