The Six Roomates You’ll Have- For Girls

For the girls in my audience who have lived on their own.


The Six Types of Roommates You Will Have- For Girls

Alright, your first apartment! Finally you can move out of your parent’s place and do whatever the hell you want! Get your nose pierced, sleep til noon, eat all the marsh mellows out of the Lucky Charms! It all sounds awesome, til you realize you can’t afford an apartment by yourself. Enter stage left- it’s your new roommate! A new friend…Well, maybe not….


6. The Slut/Party Girl

                In walks your new roommate, and as you see her start to unpack her stuff, you can’t help but notice most of her skirts barely reach her thigh, you’ve seen the color of her eye shadow on Law and Order corpses. With all the glitter and shiny things on the floor of her closet, you can’t help but wonder if there is a dragon in there guarding it. But, you try…

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