Top 10 Villains I Hope to See in Batman: Arkham Knight

So, the last game in the Arkham franchise is coming.  Rocksteady has said that this is going to be their last game and that they are hoping to close it out with a bang.  I appreciate that they know to do that.  SO many game franchises just don’t know when to quit.  I’m looking at you, Uncharted! (I love the Uncharted games, but after how many great emotional strides they made with The Last of Us, this feels like a step backwards) In any case, I’m not going to put up villains who we already know are in the game, such as Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn or Scarecrow.  I am also putting out there that my theory as to who the Arkham Knight is is Damian Wayne.  I know I’m not alone in this.  That said, I hope to see some more of the Bat’s rogues gallery before the end of the franchise, so here we go.

Baby Doll10. Babydoll
One of the most under-appreciated villains of the franchise, Babydoll was an actress who was born with a peculiar disability.  She had a disease that prevented her body from looking older, though she did age.  She was permanently a child.  She was on a TV show where she was known was Babydoll.  After the show ended, she tried to make it as a serious actress, but nobody took her seriously, due to how young she looked.  Inevitably, it made her snap.  The Arkham series of games has always been very raw and gritty.  That’s one of the things I like about it.  Both Arkham City and Origins ended on a bittersweet note, which was kind of nice.  It would be cool if the final adventure of the Bat had him confronting some of the more emotionally harsh villains he’s come across.  But that’s just me.

Great White Shark9. The Great White Shark
This is one of those villains who hasn’t been in a lot of stuff outside of the comics.  He wasn’t in the Animated Series, and I can’t think of anything where he’s been in.  I really want to see this former loan shark (get it?  He was a loan shark?) in action.  It would be cool if he was in this game.  Now, on the one hand, we already have a villain who has giant teeth and a freaky look – Killer Croc.  But with Great White Shark, we could have a much more interesting villain.  I always saw it as he is a kind of informant to the Bat, though he has to be given a little incentive first.  I realize that a boss fight with him wouldn’t be especially long, but still, if nothing else, I’d just love to see this freaky bastard fucking with the Bat.  That would be awesome.

Man-Bat8. Man-Bat
Now, with this villain, I want him in the game for one specific reason – the boss fight!  The potential of a fight with this animal is just so high.  The Man-Bat is just that – a man and a bat.  Can you just imagine the fun that could be had with this?  Especially if he took to the wing and you had to follow him.  A fight of aerial proportions.  People are talking about new things being in this franchise, well this is just what the doctor ordered.  The Arkham franchise has been rather consistent on having awesome boss fights, and I can see a lot of potential in this.  Or maybe having a few of them.  Harassing the bat, with the man himself being the leader.  Maybe I’m alone on this, but that sounds kinda sick.

Killer Moth7. Killer Moth
You can never have enough deranged mercenaries, can you?  This villain’s look was kind of ridiculous until the Prime Earth comics, which made him kind of awesome.  A villain who has something of a love for noxious chemicals and guns, that would make a fun combination.  This isn’t a very complicated villain, but I can still see the potential of it.  There is this image in my head of the Bat fighting him, having to avoid clouds of poisonous gas and silently hunt him.  It would be better if the Moth could see through the clouds and be a crack-shot, that way Batman has to stalk him.  It would be one of those unbelievably-frustrating boss fights where people would just wish you could attack him.  Big on giving people rage.

Maxie Zeus6. Maxie Zeus
In Arkham City, one of the landmarks you can scan is Maxie Zeus’ club.  They talk about how Zeus was suspected of being brain-dead after WAY too many shock therapies.  However, since his club is still running, many people suspected that he didn’t go very far.  After how boring the Electrocutioner fight was in Arkham Origins, we need a really good fight with someone who has electricity.  Zeus was one of those villains who was so ridiculous that you couldn’t help but find him interesting.  He’s a strange guy.  Still, we need some lightning-bolt villains.

Circus of Strange5. Circus of Strange
It’s something that we got more and more of as the Batman franchise went on – villains who scare the fuck out of you.  The early days of Batman were campy and whatnot, but the later villains are fucking creepy!  Case and point – these five loony-tunes.  Headed by a man who calls himself Professor Pyg, the Circus of Strange was a crew who was part of a circus and then got closed down.  Unable to blend into normal society, they kind of lost it, with Professor Pyg being the craziest of the bunch.  He wants to make people perfect, with knives and saws.  I kind of like the idea of these villains being part of an unbelievably gruesome side-quest where you have to go into the abandoned circus and stop them.  Maybe as DLC or something.  You could have lots of scanable stuff that tells the gruesome tale of this bunch of psychos, along with some cool boss fights with the lot of them.

Ventriloquist4. Ventriloquist
One of the most wonderfully-unappreciated villains of the Batman franchise was this guy.  A mobster who had a thing for a puppet, the puppet eventually takes over his personality and the puppet becomes his darker side.  I have been wanting to see him in the Arkham franchise for some time, and now would be the best time for it.  It would be kind of awesome of this boss fight was one of being misled.  Like, because the guy can throw his voice, he would throw his voice around an area and you would be trying to figure out where he is.  The punishment for being wrong is getting shot at.  Like most of the boss fights I have on my list, it is an indirect rage-fest.

Anarky3. Anarky
One of my favorite villains from the Arkham franchise was Anarky. A young man who wanted to take matters into his own hands, I kind of liked the various tags of his and getting to hear his opinion about stuff.  It would be kind of nice if Anarky got one last shot at trying to clean up the city, his way.  It would be kind of neat if he were working with the Arkham Knight.  Both of them do seem to have similar views.  It would be nice to see what age has brought to this warrior for the people.

Hush2. Hush
A villain who I have been noticing hasn’t been talked about is Hush.  In Arkham City, you find out that he was killing people and cutting off chunks of their faces in order to make a face that looks exactly like Bruce Wayne’s, albeit kind of messed up.  His plan was to ruin Bruce Wayne by taking over his identity.  It was one of the darker aspects of Arkham City that really got us wondering what happened next.  It would be fun if there wasn’t some big boss fight, but a mission to clear your name.  Maybe tie that in to the Arkham Knight who, if my suspicion is correction, would know who Batman really was.  Getting rid of his enemy by using his alter-ego against him.  It sounds kinda cool.

And the villain I hope to see most is…

Clock King1. The Clock King
One of the most woefully under-appreciated villains, the Clock King was REALLY cool.  My favorite version of him is in The Animated Series, where his vast knowledge of when everything in the city happens to fuck with the Bat.  He had studied Batman and all of his gadgets and had used his ability to measure time to get precise measures of how and when to strike at the caped crusader.  It made for an impressive villain who could use his lack of stature to his advantage with careful planning and strategy.  It would be kind of nice to have a chase boss fight.  Where you are having to think carefully and move quickly in order to catch him, in addition to him being able to use Batman’s own technique of reading people’s moves against him.  Plus, we need a smarmy and egotistical voice to go with it.  Again, think The Animated Series.

So, who are you hoping to see in the final iteration of the Arkham franchise?  I get the feeling that this game is going to be quite something.  Here’s hoping it delivers.

Until next time, a quote,

“A pity, I don’t know what to tell you, Batman.  Except, perhaps that the 9:15 is always six minutes early.”  -Clock King, Batman: The Animated Series

Peace out,



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