Elliot Rodger, Tumblr Feminism and the Insanity of America

So, recently there was a very tragic shooting of 6 people, 4 men and 2 women, by a young man named Elliot Rodger.  It happened just a while ago, yet the reaction to it has been one of unbelievable anger, ignorance and insanity that you’d think would be viewed as just as repugnant as some of what Rodger said, but because it came from women, it isn’t viewed that way.  Rodger released a manifesto before the shooting, which showed his evolution from a troubled teen going through typical teenage angst and sexual frustration to a mentally-deranged lunatic who viewed himself as a God and believed all women should be imprisoned and that sex should be destroyed.

Elliot Rodger was a misogynist.  I will say that right at the forefront, because it is something that has to be seen.  However, the Tumblr and Twitter feminist community has seen fit to make this tragedy exclusively about this and ignore every other part of it.  A decision that, in my opinion, is insane.  Not only does it discount any other factors but it puts an unrealistic and bigoted spin on this tragic event that should NOT be something we’re doing!

But the biggest thing that this reaction has done is that it has ignited a culture war.  The first part was the trend #YesAllWomen on Twitter.  This trend has been in solidarity of the idea that women are totally oppressed and that we need to recognize this.  News article after article is coming out about how many women are killed and raped and abused, making this a really big deal to the PC community.  Never mind that women have murdered, raped and abused men.  Or how the statistics show that women in power do not behave much differently than men in power.  Nope, that would just be too hard.

On the other side of the debate is the #NotAllMen trend, which is in solidarity of the idea that not all men are the monsters that these women make them out to be.  Of course, the Tumblr and Twitter feminist community won’t heard of it.  To them, all men are scum and do not deserve the time of day.  This battle has become so outspoken that it is getting national attention.

Another trend that has been trending is #KillAllMen.  A hashtag so deliriously insane that it begs the question – why on Earth is it acceptable for women to publicly muse about killing another gender, when if a man did it he would be publicly lambasted to no end?  This two-faced nature of our culture is deranged, and the more depressing thing is that it shows that these women who think that murdering men are no better than Elliot Rodger.  They believe that they are the superior people and that they should be allowed to kill a group of people they don’t like.

It takes me back to a post that was fairly popular among the women of Tumblr about a year ago, by a woman who called herself the “Femitheist.”  She believed that there should be a “National Castration Day.”  A day in which all men are to be marched out into the street and castrated by the women in their lives.  A twisted, depraved belief that legitimately shocks me that women actually buy into it.  For real, it’s nuts.  But if you follow some of what the radical feminists of Tumblr and Twitter believe, then they believe that it is completely acceptable.

The reality of this debate is that it showed both sides of a debate for what they are.  The radical feminist side is irrational, unwilling to listen to any alternatives and has members who believe that they can talk about murdering the people they don’t agree with and that that gives them the moral high-ground.  Meanwhile, the men’s rights advocates (MRAs) believe that they should be arguing that men are the victims and that men are mistreated by women and that that mistreatment got Rodger where he was.  Both sides are passionate and they also have something else in common – they are both wrong.

Elliot Rodger was mentally deranged.  His manifesto talked of him believing that he was a God who should have power over the people and the world should be in his image.  Yes, his misogyny did play a role in this tragedy, but that was not as key as the fact that he was mentally-unwell.  How the women who are screaming about how culturally indicative this is about “rape culture” and “misogyny culture” just boggles the mind.  Very little of what Elliot Rodger said in his manifesto had anything to do with anything he saw in popular culture.  In fact, most of it was about his sexual frustration and his gradual descent into madness because of his internal struggle with bullying and his inability to find his sexuality.

What has happened is a tragedy, but just like with every other tragedy, there is a side who is running out to say that this tragedy was not their fault.  They want to make this about their issue and their bias.  The same as anti and pro-gun activists after a mass shooting.  The ONLY difference here is that the culture at large seems to have no issue with these women and their narrow-minded viewpoint.  Why is that acceptable?!  That and more issue bother me.

Like all responses I have made to tragic events, I am imploring people to not look at the deed, but instead feel sorry for the victims and their families and to think about the people they know who are mentally unwell.  We can help these people, much as the women who made the posts about how awful men are seem to believe it is unwarranted.

In the end, this whole #YesAllWomen trend has made something abundantly clear – that the modern Twitter and Tumblr feminist movement is one of the most misogynist things there is, because it tells women that if you don’t think like them and agree with them, then you are wrong and need correction.  Funny, is that what you accuse us men of doing?

Until next time, a quote,

“It is bad when one thing becomes two. One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. It is the same for anything that is called a Way. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all ways and be more and more in accord with his own.”  -Ghost Dog, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger, Tumblr Feminism and the Insanity of America

  1. I read a bit about this Elliot Rodger and I know he was totally absorbed in some violent video games throughout his childhood and into his late teen years – any thoughts on whether this virtual reality world of warfare and death contributed to this young man’s warped perception of reality?

    • I am SO tired of people who believe that video game violence leads to real life violence. There are a TON of studies about how there is no correlation between the two. Violent crime has gone down in the years since video games became popular in the mainstream. What has been found in ALL cases of mass shootings is mental illness and depression. The big thing that neither the Tumblr and Twitter feminists and nobody else wants to talk about is the fact that mental illness in this country is treated with nowhere near the respect of physical illness.

    • Even if it was a contributing factor (It’s not.) Then he was already unstable and mentally ill to start with, you’d have to have something already wrong with you to believe that video games, especially violent ones, had any place in reality.

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