Top 15 Characters I’d Like to See in Kingdom Hearts III

If you read my previous post on the Top 15 Worlds I Want to See in Kingdom Hearts III, then you might have seen this coming.  There are a lot of great characters who I absolutely love in both the Disney and Final Fantasy universes.  Some of them I love a hell of a lot more than the world they are associated with.  With so many great characters to choose from, I thought I would mention – any character from the worlds that I mentioned in the last post won’t be here.  If their world is already here, then they will be in it.  As before, I am not including ANY of the characters from the Marvel or Star Wars franchises, since I do NOT want them in the Kingdom Hearts games.  The Pirates of the Caribbean level was bad enough.  Let’s not repeat the past.  With that said, let’s get to it.

Old Crew15. The Old Crew
Destiny Islands
With this being the third game in the franchise, it would be kind of nice if we got to see the old crew.  I didn’t include Destiny Islands in the other list because I kind of figured that, in some capacity, we would go back to it.  But yeah, it would be pretty cool if we got to see the old gang.  An aspect I am hearing that will be addressed is the fact that this series has been going on for a while, and Sora is getting older.  It would be nice if that angle was explored with the others.  Let’s see Tidus older, looking more like his namesake.  Maybe he is pretty good with a sword.  Something about playing with the nostalgia of the old games seems very fitting, as we are reaching the end of the franchise (which isn’t this game, just so you know.  This is the end of the Xehanort saga).

Rikku14. Rikku
Final Fantasy X (Not X-2!)
Something that kind of bummed me out was the portrayal of Rikku in Kingdom Hearts II.  The fact that they had to go with the look from X-2 was bad enough, but they also made her into a fairy.  For real, why?  Rikku could have had a hell of a lot to do with the game as a fighter.  She was, in my opinion, the most useful of the characters in X.  Her steal and Mix talent were awesome!  It was a powerful overdrive that got so much use by me.  She was also my favorite character of the game, but that’s a story for a different blog post.  I would be much happier if she was given the treatment she deserved in this game.  I mean, we have Tidus here, and hopefully Auron too, once-again.  Why not bring her?  And Yuna too, if we must.  Hey, her summoning talents could be pretty sick.  But yeah, Rikku was an awesome character, and she deserves to be here.

Hope Estheim13. Hope Estheim
Final Fantasy XIII
For all the mistakes in XIII, there were two bright spots.  The first was Hope.  The second, well, we’ll see that here soon enough.  Hope was a strong character who kept getting better, even as the games got worse.  I always liked how soft-spoken and driven Hope was.  I can see him as a chum in Radiant Garden, hanging with the rest of the gang.  Now, Hope’s weapon wasn’t the coolest, but the fact that he can use magic is pretty useful. If they can have it that his summon is in the picture, that would be even better.  Still, he would be a fun addition to the roster of Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Edge12. Edward “Edge” Geraldine
Final Fantasy IV
Something I’ve noticed in the series is that there isn’t a single character from the games that don’t have 3D characters.  That baffles me, and it misses out on all the potential of other badass character.  Like, for example, Edge.  A badass ninja who just so happens to be the prince of a foreign land.  There is a TON of potential with such a character.  And, of course, we have to see him fight.  Using his shuriken and katana to dispatch Heartless like its nobody’s business.  I also REALLY want to square off with him in the Arena in The Grid (see post on worlds I want to see in KHIII if you are confused).  The potential for character is all there.  There are a LOT of characters from before they used 3D models that are worth talking about, but Edge is one of the ones I would pick.

Vincent Valentine11. Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
I picked this character for two reasons.  The first is that he is a vampire with some REALLY cool overdrive powers and a cool gun that would be AWESOME to see in battle.  The second is that, in Advent Children, Steve Blum does the voice.  They had Rachel Leigh Cook do the voice of Tifa in KHII, so it stands to reason that they could get Steve Blum to the voice of Vincent.  But yeah, having Vincent in Kingdom Hearts seems like a given.  Considering the fact that he’s a vampire, I would LOVE to see him in Halloween Town.  For real, it’s perfect!  You open a crypt and find him there, then he helps you get the smack-down on some enemies.

Max10. Max
A Goofy Movie
One of the best things that Disney did was something that nobody expected – make Goofy a single dad.  And, as a welcome surprise, it worked!  I loved seeing Goofy try his best to bond with his son in A Goofy Movie.  It made for some very human development of Goofy.  That’s something I’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts.  Something I always noticed was how Goofy and Donald were the least-developed characters.  So many others had a ton of development, but those two were pretty static.  With the angle of the third game being that it has been a long time since the events of the first one, having a moment where Goofy and Max bond over their experiences.  That would be a nice change of pace.

Jose Carioca and Panchito9. Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistol
Three Cabaneros
As with Goofy, Donald never saw a large amount of character development.  One character who I always got a kick out of was Jose Carioca.  He was first introduced in Saludos Amigos.  He had a classy little dance number and it was fun to watch.  Then, in Three Cabaneros, they introduce the crazed gun-wielding bird, Panchito Pistol.  Since him, Donald and Jose got along so well, I always liked the idea of them meeting up at Disney Castle and being chill, like old friends reuniting.  It would be even better if Donald was able to speak Spanish with the two of them.  Nice little touches like that go a long way.  Plus, I hope they would be able to get someone who could have that smooth Spanish accent.  For real, the guy they got to play Jose in the two movies sounded great.

Shere Khan8. Shere Khan
The Jungle Book
Now, because I want to go back and do more tree-surfing in Tarzan’s world, I didn’t put The Jungle Book on the list of worlds I want in KHIII.  That said, I REALLY want Shere Khan, so long as we can find someone who does George Sanders justice.  I wonder if Troy Baker’s available?  In any case, maybe he found his way to Tarzan’s world after his own world was destroyed.  That would actually be kind of a nice twist, all things considered.  Shere Khan is such a boss and what’s more – he knows it.  Tarzan’s world actually sounds perfect.  Like he has a new stomping ground and he is wanting to make the most of it.  Since the entire premise of Kingdom Hearts is that the barriers between worlds is broken, it would be kind of poignant if some villains drifted between worlds.  Speaking of…

Dr Facilier7. Dr. Facilier
The Princess and the Frog
Oh my god, this guy was awesome!  For as convoluted as the plot was of the film, this guy was consistently awesome.  I don’t much care for the world of the film, but I REALLY want this villain!  With Keith David doing the voice, this guy just oozed cool.  But the real value of his character comes in how awesome the boss fight with him would be.  Just think about it!  He has all sorts of crazy voodoo powers.  That has to count for some SERIOUSLY sick battle sequences with him.  Not to mention, since he doesn’t much care for rules, I get the feeling that he would be doing his own things while the other Disney villains are trying to defeat Sora.  I can see him being with pretty tight with another guy is also a loner and a little crazy.  But yeah, Keith David absolutely HAS to do the voice-work.  It would not work with anyone else.  I want to see his friends on the other side.

Elsa6. Elsa
If you want to call foul because I don’t want the world of Frozen in this game, don’t.  The world is boring.  Elsa is awesome!  For real, she can control winter!  I don’t want to have her world, but I want her in this game.  I could take her sister too.  Maybe make it so that their world is destroyed, and now Elsa is looking for payback.  Hell, have it so that the villain of the film did it, or maybe somebody else who is further down on this list.  For the laughs.  But yeah, I want to be able to whip out some pwnage on the Heartless with her ice powers.  That would be awesome!  Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to as well.  Oh my god, a Keyblade of ice!  That would be awesome!  No for her, of course.  But for Sora.

The Horned King5. The Horned King
The Black Cauldron
So, I’m just putting this out there – I didn’t like The Black Cauldron.  Almost everything about it bugs me, with one MAJOR exception – the Horned King.  This guy was awesome!  Not only did he look and sound like a boss, but he had an army of undead that he was going to bring to life!  That is awesome!  I would actually not mind the world of The Black Cauldron if I could have him, but if I can take it without him, that would make me happier.  For real, imagine the 1000 Heartless battle in Hollow Bastion, but instead with an army of the undead!  That would be sick.  It would be cool, if he got the cauldron, and the battle with him consisted of battling the creatures that he conjures from the depths.  The chance for creepy terror is all over that!

TJ and his friends4. TJ Detweiler and friends
Something I think should have been considered more for a game with Disney characters are some of the shows that they made.  I said how I wanted to bring the world of Tarzan back, following the TV series about the show.  I always kind of wanted to chill with TJ and his friends in the world of Kingdom Hearts.  Granted, it wouldn’t be the same without the people who did the voice-work from the series, but something about hanging in Twilight Town with the old gang and TJ’s crew sounds nice.  I’m thinking that Twilight Town should become like Traverse Town was to the first Kingdom Hearts game.  Maybe it’s just me, but this always seemed like a nice thing to do.

Noctis Lucius Caelum3. Noctis Lucis Caelum
Final Fantasy XV
Since we Tetsuya Nomura said that he is putting his resources fully into Kingdom Hearts III once Final Fantasy XV was done, it would be SO fucking cool if we got to see Noctis in play!  For real, I want to see him and his invisible swords in action!  Watch him maybe pair up with the person at the top of this list.  Noctis is about 12 different kinds of cool, and I haven’t even gotten to see him in action.  Can’t wait to hear who is going to do his voice in English.  The stakes for that at this year’s E3 are sky-high.  With all the cool Final Fantasy characters who have graced this series, how on Earth could we justify not having Noctis?!  Just doesn’t seem right.  So much potential for sick fights with him by my side.  What’s more – the Arena!  That would be an awesome boss fight!

Kefka2. Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VI
Kefka is one of the most intimidating and awesome bosses ever.  He’s just like the Joker.  He doesn’t do things for reasons that make sense.  He’s just trying to have a laugh.  This is the guy I see being pretty cool with Dr. Facilier.  It’s also the guy who I would just love to have destroyed Elsa’s world.  Not for a good reason.  He just felt like fucking with them.  He would go through the plot of this game fucking with the Organization and the rest of the villains.  That would be so much fun!  If there is one thing that this franchise needs, it’s a third element in play.  That was something that was great about KHII, when Axel was doing his own thing.  Only with Kefka, it would be 8 different kinds of scary.  This guy is weird, intimidating and kind of out there.  It would be awesome if he totally went Joker in how he fucked with Sora and company.  Maybe even have Elsa scared to death.  Yeah, that would be awesome.

And the character I want to see most in Kingdom Hearts III is…

LightningClaire “Lightning” Farron
Final Fantasy XIII
Let me put this out there – she had better be in this game!  If there is any character who deserves to throw down with the characters in this game, it’s her!  Part of me would love to see her back-to-back with Cloud and Leon against some Heartless, showing that she can throw down with the guys just as well as they can.  Let me team up with her and do some fighting too.  After that, let’s see what she’s got in the Arena in The Grid.  Another thing that would be sick – going against her in a lightcycle duel!  For real, she could steal Snow’s bike and then it could be a duel with her!  That would be awesome!  Lightning is awesome, and if she is in this game, I hope they get the woman who did her voice in the games.  She was the other thing about XIII that wasn’t so bad.

So, what characters would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III?  Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not a question of can or can’t. There are some things in life you just do.”  -Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

Peace out,



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