You Do NOT Have PTSD! (A Response to Melody Hensley)

It isn’t often that I am utterly offended by something.  I can be annoyed, I can be perplexed, I can be many things.  Totally and completely offended is a rare one.  But I have come across something that has completely offended me, to the point where I am interrupting what I was doing in order to rail on it, because it deserves to be railed on.  I wrote in a previous post about how PC culture is out of control, referencing the incident with the professional victim Suey Park and her campaign against The Colbert Report.  Now, I have a new target who needs my ridicule – Melody Hensley.

For those of you who don’t know, Melody Hensley is the executive director at the Center For Inquiry, along with a big-time Skepchick and very tight with the increasingly-forgotten Free-Thought Blogs.  She is in solidarity with Rebecca Watson and her ilk as a professional victim of the Tumblr feminist variety.  Another thing Ms. Hensley is is a harasser.  For real, this woman has made a career out of going after people she doesn’t like, docx-ing and making sure that she gets the last word about them.  What’s more, she is notorious for going after other women pretty hard.  Any woman who doesn’t share her viewpoint is an easy target for her brand of “feminism,” wherein you either fall in line or you are one of the awful misogynist folk.  Yeah, it’s one of THOSE types of people.

However, now she has said something so stupid, so pig-headedly wrong and so ignorant that it kind of pisses me off.  See, because she has made a career of going after people she doesn’t like, she is just shocked that she has been the victim of the Internet.  More specifically, trolls.  See, everybody has to deal with trolls.  Trolls are a part of Internet life.  I guess nobody told Hensley that.  Either that or she watched the film “Cyberbully” and decided to believe that that is how the Internet is.  Given what she has said recently, I think that her and the main character from that film have a lot in common.

Hensley has come out in a big way and said that the trolling that she got on Twitter, from reportedly “400 people,” has caused her to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Here’s a link to an article in The Daily Mail talking about it in detail.  Hensley not only says that a “good psychiatrist” (who she doesn’t name) diagnosed her and that she is so damaged from the experience that she is too unwell to respond to calls.  Wow.  Just, just wow.  But it gets worse.

See, Ms. Hensley couldn’t just settle for claiming to have PTSD.  No, she had to go and compare herself to veterans who came home with it.  Un-fucking-real!  Naturally, a lot of soldiers found that more than a little offensive, because it is so patently false.  But she doubled-down on her comments, even going so far as to say the soldiers don’t know what they’re talking about.  For real, one of her posts said that the soldiers who claimed she didn’t know what she was talking about were ignorant of what PTSD is.  Much like the main character of “Cyberbully,” she has shown herself to be a complete pushover and doesn’t learn from her mistakes.  Also like her, she clearly isn’t smart enough for the Internet.  What’s more, when the soldiers get even more offended by this, becoming more vocal in their opposition to her ignorance, she then tells them that she will be contacting their commanding officers and telling the about what a naughty person they are.

Unreal!  What the fuck is wrong with this woman?!  What is her malfunction?!  It clearly isn’t PTSD.  After all, the soldiers who get diagnosed with that are sent home, to try and make something of their lives (often failing, because they have a real condition to deal with, unlike Hensley).  They don’t stay in the employment that got them where they are.  But Hensley, who says that she has a case of it that is equal to those who serve in the military, is still on Twitter, still going after the people she doesn’t like and still harassing people.  Did this whole sorry episode teach you nothing?!

I have a cousin who recently married a man who came home from the Middle East.  He has PTSD, and it affects him in a very serious way.  He was telling me about it, how he would have panic attacks and mood swings that were sometimes very severe.  Loud noises could set it off.  He works at home, being a beta tester for video games (lucky bastard), so he can maintain a normal life and bring home the bacon.  I know an older man who served in Vietnam, who told me about how he would sometimes wake up from night terrors, remembering an instance where he was in a hole, with shells coming down on all sides and no sign of where they were coming from.  His comrades were blown apart and he was one of three who made it out of that hole alive.  My grandad spoke often about his experiences in Korea, and it always seemed that he might have brought the war home with him.  These people have real problems that never really go away.  They have to constantly battle against it and it takes real effort to keep them sane.

Melody Hensley, you are full of shit.  You do NOT have PTSD, and your saying that you do, because of Twitter trolls, is offensive.  You are offending everyone of the men and women who are coming home from the Middle East and are terrified by fireworks and large crowds.  You are offending all of the veterans of Korea and Vietnam who wake up from their dreams in terror, imagining that jungle nightmare.  You are offending all of the shell-shocked soldiers who came back from WWI and II.  You are offending all of the people who have risked their lives in a way that you, on your Internet platform, have and will NEVER do!

Oh, and the people who are attacking you about this don’t care that you are a “feminist and atheist.”  We care that you are a charlatan and a professional victim who is trying to pull a Rebecca Watson and ride a victim gravy-train for as long as you possibly can.  And for once, I am telling people not to talk to you.  For real, everybody, leave this lying bitch alone.  Don’t give her the pulpit from which to spout on.  We all forgot about Rebecca Watson.  Let’s forget about her too.

Until next time, a quote,

“The Internet’s a scary place, and the moral of this story is – we should legislate it.  There are too many stupid people who are easy troll-bait.  We gotta protect them, right?”  -Your Movie Sucks, Cyberbully

Peace out,



23 thoughts on “You Do NOT Have PTSD! (A Response to Melody Hensley)

  1. These so called “feminists” must have just fell off the turnip truck. I cant stand SJW that cant deal with the criticism, if they are truly strong women like they claim to be (SPOILER they arent) then they should stand on their beliefs and not back down. But instead they cower behind a cause they obviously dont understand and hijack illnesses for their own cause. Thanks Emma Watson and Melody Hensley for being the weak willed self righteous vapid fools you are, you just drug the name of truly strong women through the mud with your own In a feee attempt to credit yourselfs as some kind of heroes, bravo.

  2. I tweeted this story once when i 1st came across this womans stupidity (shortly before TFs video on it) & it got me talking about stuff i haven’t spoken of in years. Only 2 yrs ago i was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder likely linked to experiences i had in the early 80’s when as a member of the British Army i took part in a nightime attack on an Argentine Army position on the Falkland Islands. Back then night vision wasn’t widely available & we could barely see anything at all. During this attack we actually fixed bayonets & used them (oddly enough, my memory of killing a young Argentine conscript is in daylight???) It was something we had trained for but never expected we would ever actually use. Hensley’s claim of having PTSD enraged me because it was an example of just how weak some people are now, which wouldn’t even be that bad if these same people didn’t keep telling me to “Check my privilege”. Something is broken in that girl & but it’s not PTSD, she is as much of a victim of radical feminism as many men serving time for attacks & rapes they never did. In the long run i hope this somehow serves as a cautionary tale although i wouldn’t at all be surprised if it doesn’t turn into a money-making scheme for her &/or her Friends. maybe we should expect a book?

  3. Well, I’m glad you’re putting your MD and many hours of consultation with Hensley to use. Otherwise, you’d just look like kind of an ass.

      • Hey Oolie – I noticed that there weren’t a lot of differing opinions in the comments of that posts. Everyone seemed to agree. How’s that free thought bit working out for ya?

      • Here’s one for you, Lucien – “If everyone is thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.” – General Patton (yes, I’m aware that he didn’t believe/care about “shellshock”, or PTSD as we now know it). Back to the point of it, though, is your crucial and fundamental misunderstanding of what PTSD is, what it can be caused by, etc. You’re speaking as an expert on a subject about which you clearly have no expertise. What you do appear to have is a loud mouth and an ability to pull anecdotal claims out of your rear ad lib. In my personal and professional career, I’ve seen plenty of people with PTSD from a non-combat situation; the obvious corollary to that is that I’ve also seen plenty of soldiers, et al, coming from combat who do not have lasting and pervasive mental health issues. The bottom line is that everyone is different and, thus, reacts differently to given stimuli. As Hitchens would have said, the more educated we become, the more we realise that we know more and more about less and less. Do try and keep that in mind.

        (Apologies, Oolon – I was not able to directly reply to Lucien on this “thread”.)

      • By the way, next time you talk to Oolon, do ask him why I never see any differing opinion on his article. Could it be that they moderate comments and censor people? Gee, and I thought it was all about “Free Thought.”

      • I’m sorry to say that, until yesterday, I had no idea who either yourself, “Lucien”, or Oolon are; really, I still don’t. In any case, I see you haven’t bothered to counter my statement. Will you let your silence speak its volumes, then? Or might you come up with an actual argument? Also, have you considered that, even amongst so-called “free-thinkers”, there is this notion of veterans being untouchable? Before you take that as an ad populum against veterans, notice that I did no such thing. However, amongst free-thinkers and anyone seeking logical discourse, any and all positions/stances must be considered available and/or open. Similarly, for every argument which is tendered, by right there ought to at least be an advocatus diaboli. When there is not, such a lack should be a bad sign.

        (For the record and to save time, I’ll let Orwell speak for me on the matter of the military, et al: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”)

      • As for this moderation thing, I meant to say, I have no idea – I happened to stumble across this unlettered blog apparently run by and for Cretins arguing (unjustifiably and incredibly) from a position of authority.

      • Tell me, what proof for your position did you posit, other than just your personal “experience?” Do show me the evidence of how a person gets PTSD from Twitter trolls. I’m all ears. Show me how those mean ol’ Internet trolls can torment a woman to the point of having a severe psychological disorder. This should be funny. Also, “by and for Cretins.” Classy. 😉

      • Proof? I offered exactly what you would hear in any class on Abnormal Psychology, a 200 level class in an University; further, you could consult the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual).

        You were acting without class, so why should I? This whole argument has been a whole lot of nothing, really; you trying to browbeat people unwilling to say anything, and a lot of people in a giant circle jerk. Continue patting each other on the back reassuring yourselves that you’re right. Something tells me that you won’t be conducting any empirical studies or contributing to the next edition of the DSM, anyway.

      • Oh, touche, Mr. Expert. You got me. Why, with what I am sure are your high academic credentials, you are probably going to be getting great recognition in psychological journals the world over, helping to contribute to how Twitter trolls give people PTSD. That you would deign to speak to us mere simpletons is an honor. Forgive us for not accepting that weak-minded individuals that live their lives in an echo chamber of their own ideals can be so brutally destroyed by Twitter. It’s so clear that you have a far greater understanding than us.

      • Aye, un caso perdido. Well, have fun kicking others when they’re down, then. Clearly you’re the Übermensch.

      • When they’re down? Le jour que le culte de PZ Meyers est en baisse, ce est quand les gens ne achètent pas plus dans leur conneries

  4. Yeah, what nedlum said. You’re simply not qualified to comment on Hensley’s mental health. And heaven forbid anyone ever question the purity of those fucking rubes what murder all them brown folk for us. Heroes.

  5. If PTSD is such a manly disease that only manly people like soldiers get then why are women diagnosed with PTSD much, much more often?

  6. So ms. Hensley do you wake up in the middle of the night reaching for a gun because the enemy is coming in and find yourself aiming a gun at your wife and spend the next 2 nights not sleeping because of fear of what’s in your subconcious? Do you feel guilt for going left and not right thinking that is the reason some people died when in reality it’s not. Do you drink yourself to sleep so that you can wake up and not remember what got in head. Do you do all of this because of a bs twitter account?dont compare yourself to even the smallest greenest soldier. Your not even in there ballpark.

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