PC Culture is Out of Control! (A Response to Suey Park)

It’s kind of become old news now, but there was this lovely bit on “The Colbert Report” where Stephen Colbert, the hilarious satirist, made a jab at the head of the Redskins team and their attempt to appease the people who think that the team name and slogan is racist by making the a foundation that ironically drew more attention to it than took away from it.  Colbert joked that he would found the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.  Classic.  The joke made its way to Twitter, without context, and it seems that the Tumblr, ultra-PC, social justice advocates were completely enraged.  I guess that context doesn’t mean jack-diddle to them.  The hashtag, #CancelColbert was trending for some time, with the rest of the clueless, brain-dead Tumblr and Twitter zealots jumping on the bandwagon, even when one of the women who was offended by this was the same woman who wrote a book about how the internment of the Japanese in World War II was justified.

I have been watching from the back row the changing tides of culture, and this issue has finally crystallized a perspective that I have been pondering for a while – PC culture is getting WAY out of control, and the people who pander it are some of the most easily butthurt people there is.  They are, for lack of a better word, professional victims.

I remember hearing about Rebecca Watson, who got her 15 minutes of shame from a video she made about a guy who was hitting on her in an elevator.  From there, she became a central figure in the atheist/Tumblr feminist community, co-opting a movement whose members are only connected by their lack of a belief in God.  From there, it’s been everywhere.  I’ve done a post about the pop culture feminist, Anita Sarkeesian and her bullshit, seeing misogyny everywhere and using the ire of the Internet to make herself over $150,000.  I’ve talked about the endless stream of women who are a very tight-knit gang who goes out of their way to smear anyone who doesn’t agree with them with being “rape-apologists” or “rape-supporters” and a thousand other buzzword insults.  These are the people with the loudest voice, and it’s growing.  It shouldn’t be.

We live in an interesting age when those who were once oppressed are now becoming the oppressors, all the while claiming that they, who live in the Western World, are still oppressed.  It’s like they see themselves as the suffragettes in Britain.  Never mind the miners here in the States who, at that time period, were also trying to get better rights.  The suffragettes got better rights.  The miners were met by Pinkertons with machine guns.  Suey Park even claims that she is a member of an oppressed class.  Who?  The Asian community?  Last I checked, the Asian community is in very high standing among the regular culture.  There is a very positive stereotype associated with them – that they are very smart and good with technology and mathematics.  However true or untrue that is, that’s a far better stereotype to have attached to one’s ethnicity than black men who have children.  Are you claiming that women are oppressed?  Here in America?  Really?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Try living in Iran or Syria for a while and maybe you can see what real misogyny and oppression looks like.  Maybe then you won’t be so cavalier to make yourself out to be the victim of “rape culture.”

There is a neat dichotomy I’m seeing with the women associated with this social justice movement and the women who claim that they are a minority of extremists within the feminist community.  If so, then this majority is a very silent one, most likely writing academic books that no one reads, because we don’t have the time or the interest.  Academic books will always be niche.  For real, there are almost NO strictly-academic books that appeal to broad audiences.  Almost none.

In all of her ranting about Colbert and how angry this Tweet that was from the person who operates the show’s Twitter account, not him personally, Suey Park continually labels and stereotypes her opponents, making them into neat little images that she can vilify, knowing that no one will ever contradict her.  She plays the victim card, talking about getting all sorts of rape and death threats from the “white men” who are fans of Colbert’s show.  Like no women of any character enjoy it.  Right.  Just like the Free Thought Blogs community and their ilk make anyone who disagrees with them a “rape-supporter.”  Or, as Rebecca Watson said, “worse than rape threats,” when she described people who didn’t support her views.  Park went on a long tangent on Huffpost Live about how she was such a victim of “white men.”  A woman who seems to have a very nice place, dresses well and appears to be middle to upper-middle class (a rare thing, these days), is bitching about how oppressed her views are by “white men.”  It’s mind-boggling.

The social justice and PC crowd is getting way out of control, silencing dissent by making anyone who disagrees with them into some kind of horrible misogynist that is getting very rape-happy with the womens of their area.  Joe McCarthy would be proud.  What’s more, they want to institutionalize this kind of behavior, like in an article in The Guardian where Hadley Freeman wanted to make feminism a part of all schools curriculum.  Yet they want us to believe that they are Rosa Parks, taking a stand and sitting in the front of the bus.  When they can’t shame people into being quiet with their PC bullshit, they make like martyrs for some great cause.

This is getting nuts!  For real, Suey Park, you are a professional victim.  Nothing more.  You are not some great leader who has had a bunch of suffering in your life.  You are living in a nice house and seem to have it all going on.  Unless you grew up in the trailer park with your old man kicking the shit out of you, like so many white children that I knew growing up in the poor part of my home state, then you have not had some great tragedy visited upon you and you need to go the fuck away.

And to the rest of the people who got on this bandwagon, fuck you.  Take your ultra-PC, social justice, pro-censorship bullshit and shove it up your ass.  You are making this species dumber every time you open your mouth and pretend that you are the victim of some kind of crime.

I’m glad to say that Colbert weathered this little problem with grace, coming back on his show and making it part of a gag and pointing out something that not ONE of the fucktarded PC whiners seems to realize – context matters.  I wouldn’t call a mentally handicapped person “retarded,” but will say that the idiot who tried to skateboard on a rail and smashed his nuts open is a fucking retard.  That kind of context is something you can’t understand, and if you continue to take this very fascist approach to any and all dissent, I hope you don’t mind that you will eventually be the only ones in the room, yelling and screaming about injustice to yourselves.

Until next time, a quote,

“The Interwebs tried to swallow me whole.  But I’m proud to say that I got lodged in its throat and it hacked me back up like a hastily chewed chicken wing.”  -Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

Peace out,



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