You Are Weak (A Respone to Pope Francis)

Rarely do I read an article from someone in power that angers me the way that this one has.  It doesn’t happen much.  More often than not, I read a statement from somebody that I dislike and I move on with a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth.  That’s almost always about as far as it goes.  However, I recently came across an article in an Italian newspaper that had Pope Francis (the newest overpaid asshole in the palace that would offend Jesus Christ to no end) finally make a response to the sex abuse scandal and how it was dealt with within the church.  And let me tell you, it pissed me off.  It pissed me the fuck off.  It pissed me off in a way that few things do, not because it was incompetent or deliberately vague.  No, that’s what I’ve come to expect, after listening to press engagements with politicians.  No, this response was in solidarity of the Catholic Church and their efforts against known sex offenders within.  That fucking son of a bitch.

When I watch episodes like this most recent one from FRONTLINE, which was an in-depth analysis about the quitter-Pope Ratzinger (who I call Pope Rat, because he looks just like a rat) and just how spectacularly he mismanaged his efforts to clean up the church after wave after wave after wave of sex abuse victims came forward demanding justice, along with other things, like the Vatican Bank and it’s laundering of billions of euros and other financial crimes.  It was such a failure that part of me gets why he quit.  He didn’t want to be there when the bubble burst.

Now, we have Pope Jorge, who chooses to go by Pope Francis I, to make himself sound better.  You’re Jorge to me, pal.  Especially after this shit.  See, when asked about the Church’s response to the sex abuse victims, he had some lovely little tidbits to say.  Things like –

The Catholic Church is maybe the only institution to have moved with transparency and responsibility. No one else has done more. Yet the church is the only one to be attacked.

Let’s take this bullshit apart, piece by piece.  First, transparency and responsibility?!  Are you kidding me?!  Yeah, like how you all keep incredibly secret records and viciously go after anyone who tells the truth, like how you tried to pin the scarlet letter on the quitter-pope’s butler (of all people) after the release of a vast amount of documents pertaining to the corruption in the church.  Who you then sprung out of jail and told him to keep his mouth shut.  You all sure are like the mafia, aren’t you?

Next, “no one else has done more?”  Gee, I wonder why this is.  Oh, right, because some dumb-fuck in Italy decided to make you an independent state which excludes you from having to pay the piper when your clergy are found with their hands down little boy’s and girl’s pants.  When SNAP made a move to take your arrogant and massive organization to the International Crimes Court, finally getting the Vatican to pay the price for their corruption, that case still has yet to go a large amount of anywhere.  Never mind that you bully and bribe the parents of victims to keep their mouths shut after one of the aforementioned clergy is busted with their hands or dick in the pants of a kid.  You sent over $50 million to a diocese in the US in order to pay off the victims who were coming forward, some of them many years later, and demanding justice.  Though I didn’t see a lot of your clergymen getting dragged off to jail to pay the piper in a more permanent way.

We would all like to do more, but your organization is virtually untouchable.  You’re almost as untouchable as the criminals on Wall Street who rob this country!  You lobby and make sure that you have yes-men in Congress to keep the law in this country from hauling some of the pedophiles in your churches to jail, so they can find out what happens to a typical pedophile in an American prison.

Finally, you say, “yet the church is the only one to be attacked.”  Who else is to blame?  For real, was it the parents who made the little children touch Father Pedophile’s dick?  Was it the school?  Was it the government?  The government admittedly does have some blame, since they won’t have us go after you in a serious way either.  But at the end of the day, it was not any of their fault in a broad way.  No, it was your fault.  You and your church, who, for countless generations, has bribed, bullied and sheltered known pedophiles (that you kept meticulous records on) by transferring them to a new diocese or having them leave the church.  Your organization is as corrupt as an organization can be and you are holding the party line of ZERO accountability.

The point of all this is – you’re weak, Jorge.  You’re a weak little man who won’t tell the truth and take REAL responsibility for the actions of your organization.  As a genuine monarch who has absolute power in your little “independent state,” you are 100% to blame if you won’t clean up your organization’s act.  If you want to know how you would do this, I’ve got some tips for you.

  1. Send the pedophile priests to prison.
    For real, have them turn themselves in to the law and disclose all documents about their crimes.  If they end up dying in prison because of it, that’s too bad.  They made a mistake, and it’s time they pay for it.
  2. Get rid of the celibacy doctrine.
    This is one of the stupidest things that the church has instituted and it is, without a doubt, doing harm.  When you tell someone to ignore the most powerful biological urge there is, there isn’t a non-existent God in the world who can give them enough will-power to avoid it.  Let them marry and have families.  I guarantee you, it would make things so much easier for the rest of the world.
  3. Take some responsibility for the church’s actions!
    You are the head of an organization that has so much dirt under its boots that some genuine humility would be nice.  For real, just a sign that you are willing to admit that you have done wrong and are going to change it.  If nothing else, I’m sure the victims would like it if you could get off your throne and say, “I’m so sorry for what this priest has done to you.  I’m more sorry that the church helped cover it up and make it seem like it wasn’t so bad.  I’m so sorry that you had to get involve in something like this.”  Humility.  Jesus preached it.  People seem certain that you are for it.  Time to show it.

Do these things, and there might come a day where I can respect you enough to to call you Francis I.  But, for right now, you’re just Jorge to me, man.

Until next time, a quote,

“When Jesus said, ‘suffer the little children come unto me,’ that’s not what he had in mind!”  -George Carlin

Peace out,



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