#DrinkAndDriveForBieber = Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!

There are so many days when I hate how stupid this country is.  So many days.  Like today, for example.  Of all the stupid shit that trends on Twitter, none is so stupid as something that started as a joke and has become a hell of more than that, thanks to the endless stupidity that is teenage girls in the US of A.  After all, if it’s stupidity and it’s dangerous, it has to be America and it’s stupid-ass youth, right?

As I said, this originally started as a joke.  Someone decided to troll around and see what they could accomplish with a hashtag so insane that nobody would think it’s real.  Right?  Actually, wrong.  Here are a few examples of the tweets that have been floating around from dumb-shit girls and their inability to use their unused brains for more than five seconds.

#DrinkAndDriveForBieber becuz we will always luv him!!! every1 makes mistakes!!! stay strong Justin #iBelieb

Can I buy a vowel?


Uh, actually, they can!  And if you hit somebody with your vehicle, as dumb-shit Bieber could very well done, then you could be charged with manslaughter!  That’s a felony, by the way.  Tell me, ladies, you like the idea of spending time in jail?  Just sayin’.

A YouTube vlogger I enjoy came across a bunch of other tweets from Justin’s brainless fangirls.

Roses are red ❤
Violets are blue
Insult justin, and u will kill you
@justinbieber #projectmakejustinsmile #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin

Like you have the balls to spill blood, you pathetic little worm.  What an empty threat.  It’s telling when you can’t even use the right vowel in your tweet to how dangerous you really are.

@BiebsGasm Have you seen this?  it’s an outrage!!! #starvingbelieber

This was in response to his tweet about how he wasn’t given food during his interrogation (oh, the poor baby, having to not be catered to by others after he commits a felony.  Poor thing).  She’s apparently starving herself in solidarity.  And we wonder where eating disorders come from.

Real fans will suffer with you ❤

Yeah, he was REALLY suffering.  It was just like Gandhi for Justin!  Can’t you feel his pain!  The poor thing!  Oh, the tragedy of Justin being denied food during his interrogation.  So awful.

I AM A TRUE FAN. #starvingbelieber

And your anorexia thanks you.

Help out Justin!!

Yes, because starving yourselves will make you closer to him.  It’s unreal.  The picture that accompanied this post had these two tweeny girls who are smiling, which is just sick, in my book, since it implies that starving yourself is a good thing.  Again, your anorexia thanks you.

Listen up beliebers. we can’t let what happened go unpunished

Wow, sounds like this bitch is going to be starting a revolution!  Because him getting drunk and drag racing, potentially killing or maiming people is just so innocent, right?  If stupidity was a sport, America would have such a leg-up.

I’m a Belieber && I don’t give a f*%k what you have to say about it!! #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin

Well, at least she has pride in how dumb she is.  She’s not the only one.

@justinbieber You are a blessing to US, stay strong, brave, and positive. WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin This if Forever love you always.

And I’m sure that he will SO return your affection.  I swear, it’s like these bitches think he’s going to be in a prison where he will get gang-raped.  Didn’t you watch the coverage about Ethan Couch, a little rich boy who killed four people while driving drunk?  Rich people don’t go to jail, they go to “rehab.”

But the creme-de-la-creme of these posts was this –

#DrinkAndDriveForBieber ! i will be doing this in honor of my boo! he deserves everything and NOT jail he is a child of god

Un-fucking-real.  The username of this post is @briitilton, and she has got to be one of the dumbest people on the face of the planet.  This is fucking insane!  For real, this statement is absolutely insane.  She is drinking and driving for a man who is in jail, who she regards as her “boo,” and believes that risking her life for is a good idea.  It’s statements like this, and the tie-in of religion that make me think that religion is a mental disorder.  Look at the loyalty that it implies!

And almost every religion has been afflicted from that loyalty.  Christians have done all sorts of insane shit for God.  Just recently, there was a story about people in South Africa eating grass for Jesus.  That’s pretty fucking nuts.  Islam has a laundry-list of psycho shit that it has done.  Mormonism is a bigoted religion that hates women and gays.  Jehovah’s Witnesses are no better.  Scientology made my side hurt from laughing too hard.  They all are that way.  Justin Bieber, the worthless and washed-up singer is just another symbol of the insane shit that people with this kind of fervent belief was willing to do.  This is what they are like.  This is the stuff they are willing to do for their beliefs.  Mind-boggling levels of insanity and stupidity.

If it weren’t for the fact that them doing this risks other people’s lives, I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad if these girls got into accidents and brutalized themselves.  But it is risking the public’s lives, and that is just wrong.  We’ve had YOLO, we’ve had parkour showing-off, now we have this.  And the worst part is that when these girls grow the fuck up and have real relationships and real responsibilities, if they are maimed in some horrific way, I wonder what they will think of themselves and how much they loved Justin Bieber.  After all, he would totally come visit you in a wheelchair when you’re a quadriplegic, right?

But at the end of the day, all of this proves something I have believed since I first saw Twitter – if you only have 140 characters to say something, it probably wasn’t worth saying anyway.  No smart thought is that simple, aside from – leave Twitter, nobody ever looks smarter on here.

Until next time, a quote,

“So, they interrupt this Congresswoman, talking about the NSA, to talk about Justin fucking Bieber’s arraignment, and the whole time I’m thinking – he looks just like Vanilla Ice!”  -Lucien Maverick

Peace out,



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