2013, In Review

This won’t be personal, just a little bit of time,
You all read this junk, so I’ll try and make it rhyme

The year just ended, wasn’t it fun?
The police state, NSA and Duck Dynasty fans jumping the gun
They all got so riled, it was funny to see
Too bad that it’s so pathetic all it did was depress the fuck out of me.

This year had the Republicans in Congress shut this country down
It makes one pause to wonder why people keep electing these clowns
They don’t know when to back off, but that’s okay
Their base is a bunch of fucking idiots, who will vote for them anyway

The NSA decided to start spying on everyone
But the people won’t fight for anything, so they’ll never be done
Progress happens, over here and over there
But in the end, we fuck ourselves on the stuff that matters, so why should we care?

Legalization of marijuana, that’s pretty cool
I could use some grass to get through another semester of school
So close to the end, it feels like a waste
Thank god the news of everywhere is validating my tastes

Reports came out about how broken the Earth is,
But opponents came out blew out their refutation jizz
“The jury is out, we just can’t be sure!”
“God gave us this world, so who cares it if goes to manure?”

Ah yes, how could we forget, a new pope is in town!
People think he’s so great, when he’s just another guy wearing the Catholic crown
If he really was good, he’d tell the priests to stop raping young boys
But that would stop him from pandering to his loyal toys (I mean followers)

The world hasn’t changed, it’s all going to shit
But hey, with all this controversy, Duck Dynasty’s a big hit!
So long as they give you a new toy or device
You don’t care about the corruption and vice

So 2013 is done, I say good riddance
Maybe you fucktards will actually start letting the truth have some credence!
Though maybe that’s asking too much from all of you
I don’t see anyone who is caring about all this too

Peace out,



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