Lost Eyes

Trying my hand at poetry again.  Wish me luck.

An accident
In pain
A lot of pain
An ugly start to the holiday break

Thinking back
Back to before
Read some letters the other night
So beautiful, yet tragic

Looking at old pictures now
Wishing we could go back
Our eyes look over them
Lost eyes

The eyes see things
Things that are forever gone
Things that can never be again
Missing her

Said we left it behind
Romantic nature
Wish we could
Would make it easier

We say we’re terrible
A terrible person
It’s a defense mechanism
To keep people at a distance

Tired of being hurt
Our love of her
It never fades
The picture of the two of us, beautiful

Her letters, so sad
She had such a sad view of herself
We do hope she found something
Something that makes her feel better

The days, they seem so distant now
Days when we were together
Days when we were friends
Days when we thought about her and us in love

I wasn’t the greatest boyfriend
Was an annoying fiance
Don’t think I would have made a good husband
We stopped trying

Our eyes are lost
Lost in the past
Lost in the future
Lost in the world that we no longer live in

We will always love her
We can’t escape it
We hope she is happy
Even if she never thinks of us

You have these people too
The people you love, but don’t love you
Does it hurt you too?
Together, we have understanding

Maybe someday, her lost eyes and mine will meet again
Doubtful, but true
As we sit in pain, it’s a nice thought
Her smile is still so beautiful

Our beautiful Ann Valentine Jelineau
A moniker that has long since passed
Passed into forever
Forever in our heart

Peace out,



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