“Affluenza” = Morally Bankrupt

In case you all are out of the loop, there is a story that is making the rounds.  See, this rich-as-fuck kid named Ethan Couch killed someone.  See, he got plastered and drove his big-ass truck.  It crashed and killed four people in the process.  This is a horrific incident, but what happened next made this mind-boggling.  What happened next?  Did he get sent to jail, there to spend the bulk of his natural life, as it would be under the law (for killing four people while intoxicated behind the wheel)?  Nope.  See, what happened is that this kid gets to go to rich-people rehab.  That’s right, no jail time.  Not only that, but this “rehab” place is pretty much a vacation.  Yeah, this little shit kills four people, injures two more, and the ONLY punishment he gets in “rehab” and 10 years of probation.  That’s it.

What got us to this point?  Well, I’ll tell you.  A psychiatrist named Dick Miller testified that he has a condition.  The name of this condition is Affluenza.  To this man, it is a mental “illness” that spawns from the fact that this kid was raised in such opulence and wealth that he eventually came to the conclusion that he was above consequences.  Now, when he has killed four people and injured two more, his “punishment” is so slap-on-the-wrist that we have validated this belief in every single way possible.

Man, I wonder if there is something like this for poor people.  Oh, right – it’s called jail.  If a poor man killed four people while drunk, injuring two more, we would send him to jail for the rest of his natural life.  Meanwhile, this rich little shit has done something atrocious, and we are supposed to feel sorry for the little bastard because of his “condition.”  Boo-fucking-hoo, Ethan.  How awful for you.  You get to go to a place where you can live it up, before returning to your booze and getting away with whatever you want.  Good thing the justice system in this country has chosen to validate your belief in your being above the law, huh?

Let’s put this out there – this “condition” exists for one purpose, and one purpose only – to get out of going to jail.  It’s bullshit.  However, I do think that this is a real condition.  I’ll explain.  See, what this is is a point in a rich person’s upbringing where they become so wealthy and detached from people that they no longer care what happens to the typical person.  They become so lacking in any form of empathy that they choose to simply not care.  They know that they are above the law, so nothing matters anymore.  This condition is the point in which the life of a rich kid comes to a point where they literally don’t care about anyone anymore.  That’s just amazing.

So, there are a lot of fuck you’s to go around here.  First there is a fuck you to Ethan Couch.  You’re a sick little fuck who shouldn’t die.  No, death is the end of suffering.  What should happen to you is that your body should get so mangled that you are no longer able to live without someone doing everything for you, from feeding you to wiping your entitled ass.  Then there is a fuck you that goes out to the wealthy in this country.  It’s not just Ethan Couch.  It’s ALL of them!  After the fat-cats on Wall Street nearly bankrupted this country, what did we do?  How many of them went to jail?  None!  Not one!  Not one of those fucking pieces of shit is going to feel even a minute of grief for it.  This is an issue of a segment of society getting to live exactly how they want, without consequences.  Then there is a fuck you to the judge in this case.  You clearly only cared about the fact that this kid had money.  If it had been ANYBODY but a rich person, their ass would have had that book thrown at them.  Clearly, somebody got paid off, and it pisses me off that that is what justice has become in this once-great nation.  America is becoming so worthless now that it’s almost a bad joke.

Lastly, there is a fuck you to this government.  You helped make it this way.  You only listen to lobbyists.  You don’t give a shit about the people.  We made this nation what it is today.  The rich and the corrupt-corporations have more rights than the average joe on the fucking street, which should piss somebody off, but of course, it doesn’t.  No, so long as you are getting paid, it’s all good.

Affluenza – the condition that the rich get when they are completely and utterly morally bankrupt.  ‘Murica!

Until next time, a quote,

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”  -lyrics to Money by Pink Floyd

Peace out,



2 thoughts on ““Affluenza” = Morally Bankrupt

  1. I believe in “Poetic Justice”! This low life punk with money will not walk through this life without paying the price for this senseless crime. Fate will hand him a lesson that he won’t be able to avoid. You can’t buy Fate off! If Affluenza is a “mental condition”, Then as a “mentally ill person” they should be sent to a lock down mental facility and given treatment. They discribe him as being detached and void of empathy for others. Sounds like the description of that young man that shot and killed his mother, then took her guns and went to the local elementary school and opened fire on little children and their teachers. He killed 20 children and 6 staff members and then killed himself. He was described as void of emotions. That young man was born with something wrond mentally. This other young man was raised to be this way. A product of his environment? The poor have claimed this for years and they still do time. So now he could also blame his rich parents. Okay put them behind bars. Yeah, we know that’s going to happen. Actually I’m shocked! First of all, Texas? This happened in Texas? This state I thought was tough on crime. I alway’s had the impression that Texans prided themselves as “More American, than most American’s”. They alway’s seemed hand down quick Texas Justice to those who had done wrong. Well Texas, I’m sorry you have given your true nature up. Your Facade is torn down and you are showing how truly un-American you are. All for some kid that has some mental defect that his parents nourished as he got older, oh yeah, it’s called “Extreme Wealth”. I have a feeling that Fate has a lesson for his parents also.

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