YouTube vs. Their Contributors (YouTube is going to lose)

So, YouTube has apparently decided to spit in the face the people who generate content for their site.  They decided to crush the loyalty of their content-generators under their boot and not care when they lash out.

For those who didn’t know, YouTube has instituted a new system on their site where any video that is being uploaded with automatically be scanned for any content that violates copyright.  And, if any content, no matter how brief or how it is used, such as in a review, is found – the site blocks the video.  One of my favorite video game reviewers, Angry Joe, has already suffered at the hands of this.  His response was a little hard to watch, because it was clear how much the future of this system could hurt him.  This is his lifestyle, and it could be in jeopardy.  He has given his heart and soul into what he does, believing that we, the gamers, need good reviews of all kinds of games.  Now, thanks to this system, it could be in jeopardy.

YouTube and Google (it’s evil corporate overlord) have now decided that they are going to spit in the faces of the people who made their site what it is today and call it good.  What fucking planet do they think they are on?  Do you believe that the people in the Internet just go away?  Ask EA about that.  Or Blizzard.  Or Bioware.  Ask any of those companies if the online ire just vanishes if you don’t pay attention.  I remember the forums on Bioware becoming so ugly that the apologists for them simply stopped talking.  They couldn’t handle the backlash to Mass Effect 3 and the shitty-ass ending to the game (which the Extended Cut didn’t help in the slightest).  EA has been taking heat after heat for their dumb decision, like with Mass Effect 3, SimCity and the list goes on.  The Internet is not someone you want to get angry.  The Internet has more power than you know.  If you push people too far, wanna know what will happen?

They’ll leave.  For real, they’ll go somewhere else.  They’ll go to BlipTV, MegaUpload or a dozen other sites that have videos.  Or, there will be someone else who will come along.  Someone who makes a new site and reaches out to these people – come on in!  Sorry for what those assholes at YouTube have done.  Here is a site where we will let you upload content openly.  Where you can make the money you have earned from all your hard work.  Then this cycle will repeat itself all over again, and YouTube will go the way of Myspace.  Yeah, remember that?  Is that what you want, YouTube?  Do you want to lose revenue because you decided to give the finger to your own content-contributors?  Is that how you want to be?  If it is, then enjoy losing business.  Since Google bought you, I wonder how much this will hurt them?  Probably not much.  You’re now just a cog in the machine.  But still, it will hurt someone.

This kind of corporate-controlled bullshit is the same damn thing happening to the rest of the gaming industry.  We are having companies do stupid practices by people who don’t know what they are doing!  And it is hurting the people on the bottom most of all.  The people who are just trying to make a living online.

YouTube has been making a LOT of really fucking bad decisions lately.  Ever since Google+ got itself involved, that site has been changed for the worse.  Over and over and over again, it’s just gotten worse?  Sound familiar?  Like the video game world after they get too big?  Yeah, the similarities just leap off the page, don’t they?  Now, their content-ID system is out of control and blanket-banning everything the site is making.  This problem is out of control, and it needs to be stopped.  Pronto.

To you, Angry Joe, I’m sorry, man.  You showed so much heart in how much this is hurting you.  You could lose your job, your livelihood.  The bread coming in.  Having to wade back in to the much of the American job market, you have a leg-up.  But I hope it doesn’t come to that, because I love your work.  If it does, you have my most sincere apologies.

Until next time, a quote,

“And while a professional developer will instinctively know — and I’m just pulling stuff out of my ass here — that it’s awful to require an online connection to play a single-player game or it’s asinine to have pre-order DLC before the game’s console is even out, the execs will think those are great for the bottom line, and they make the rules.”  -J.F. Sargent,

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “YouTube vs. Their Contributors (YouTube is going to lose)

    • The system automatically scans any new uploads for anything that is content from something else, regardless of how of how it is used. So, when a reviewer is reviewing movies or something like that, using clips of video and audio from it (under Fair Use), it still blocks the video anyway. This was done as a way to stop them from having to play Internet whack-a-mole with people who break copyright. I get the reasoning, but it’s still bullshit.

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