The City

She looked out from the balcony of her apartment.  The sprawling metropolis was in front of her.  The rail-cars were moving as people were heading home for the night.  Well, night by clock.  Time had a different meaning here.  In Luna, time was all relative.

She grabbed her coat, sitting on the chair.  There was somewhere that she needed to be.  The night life was starting to appear on Luna.  Carnival was coming.  The biggest event in the Colonies, which drew millions, from space and Earth.  It was one of the few events that both sides were peaceful about it.  Some things just rise above the growing social tensions.  After securing her eye-patch, she slide on her shoes and headed out the door.  The city was amazing from street-level.  So much light.  Since it was coming upon Carnival, the neon textures of the city got even more profound.  It made looking through the mesh above at the sea of stars that much more beautiful.  One could also see Earth, so small and distant.  As if it didn’t really exist.  If only that were the case, to some of the colonials.
There was a young woman who caught sight of her, waving.
“Harley!  Hey!”  She bounded over, grabbing her by the arm.  “Come on!  If we hurry, we can get to the club before midnight.”  The two ran to where her car was sitting.  “Man, I have been aching for a chance to cut loose.  With all the work I’m doing at L5, I haven’t had a chance to do anything fun in ages!”
Harley rolled her eye.  “Oh, you poor thing.  Making a fuck-ton of money while doing two weeks of work, then getting two weeks off.  You poor baby.”
“You’re mean!”
“Damn right I am!”  The two giggled as they got in the car.  The roads were absolutely packed.  D-Block was the place to be right now.  There were these large blimps that had lights coming out of them above.  It was beautiful to look at.  Harley felt herself wanting to sleep with that light around her.  It was so peaceful.  Her friend noticed her expression.
“Weird to see you looking so happy.  I swear, you always look so bored.”
She shrugged.  “What can I say.  It’s been a nice day.”

The room was dark.  He sat at a desk, with only the light of his computer screen on his face.  He had always liked it dark.  It was a place where he was able to think.  His black hair was short and unruly.  The light of the screen reflected in his blood-red eyes.  It was quiet.  Just how he liked it.  So many thoughts.  So many plans.  So little time.  With the Red Guard officially taking over as the security force for Luna, removing local law enforcement, Luna was most likely going to be the site of the first strike of the Revolution.  A conflict that was ten years in the making.  As the Earth-based military machine, the Red Guard was powerful.  It was a foregone conclusion that a war with the Earth would be one that they couldn’t win.  Their military was bigger, had better weapons and vastly more people.  What could they hope to do against that?
He had an answer for that.  His answer was a mask that was sitting not far away from him.  It was red and black, with the design of a fox on it.  This was to be the symbol of the revolution.  The symbol of their war of independence.

The Revolution was seen as inevitable by some.  It had been roughly 30 years since Earth decided to take the Colonies and make them into a satellite nation of the Confederation of Nations.  This choice was not initially without backlash.  Several people declared this to be a conquest, since the Colonies had no say.  Not a bad metaphor.  The corporations and problems associated with Earth came along with this new legislation.  The people of the Colonies were being damn-near made into slaves.  Those who could wrangle jobs on the natural resource satellites were living it up.  Those who weren’t were either farmers, or people who worked on the colony, making barely enough to get by.  The people wanted to nationalize their riches, but had no power.
The first acts of rebellion were put down brutally and the people who performed them were labelled terrorists.  These insurgencies became more and more common.  Eventually, martial law was declared on almost all colonies.  Travel between them was almost non-existent.  Now that the Orbital Elevators had been completed, and the rings were close to being up-and-running, the reality was that if the Colonies were ever to have a voice in their own future, the time for action was now.  Once the solar power generation system was in place, Earth would forget that the Colonies existed.  They would be nothing but wage-slaves with no future that was outside of mining.
Luna was the only place where people seemed happy.  Wealth and opulence abound, this place was the pinnacle of the dream that the Colonies once had.  Now, giant tubes that were encasing the people inside in an economic turmoil which the Red Guard would make sure they could never escape.  Most colonists were eager to head back to Earth.  This place was becoming a wasteland of humanity’s potential.  It almost looked like a joke that the colony on Mars was looking to begin efforts to terraform the planet.  So Earth could expand and they could become even more forgotten.  To the people who were living here, they could almost feel the Earth not caring.

The car pulled up to a club that was amazing to look at, from the outside.  There were lights dancing on it.  A dragon, made of light, flowed down the wall.  They got in line, heading in.  It was going to be packed in here tonight.  While most girls were doing whatever they could to flaunt their stuff, Harley knew that she didn’t have to.  She wasn’t one of these women who need to impress guys by having their boobs hang out of their shirt.  It seemed so undignified, to her.  Plus, it left nothing to the imagination.  She liked to have to guess about the women she was into.  That got her to smile.  It seems that mom and I have something in common after all.
They got the door and the bouncer looked at the two of them.
“Hey Harley.  Ain’t seen you in a while.”
She gave him a cold look.  “I wonder why.”
“Now, that’s no way to treat the man who can keep you out, is it?”
The cold look didn’t vanish.
“Fine, fine.  Go on in.”
The door opened and they could feel the heat from inside.  The energy of this club seemed to be escaping out, trying to find them.  Her friend took her hand, and the two immediately went to the dance floor.  Harley grabbed her friend by the waist, holding her close.  They flowed with the rhythm, trying to do something other than foreplay to the music.  Actual dancing had seen a resurgence in the last few years.  Combining famously-erotic dance styles with intense music was something that was well-received.  It was foreplay, but very, very good foreplay.  As the two danced, she felt her friend’s body getting closer.  This was what she had been hoping for.

He leaned back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling.  So many things.  If this didn’t work out, they wouldn’t get another chance.  The amount of variables in this problem were too numerous to count.  He had to be careful.  The Red Guard was an efficient monster.  What he expected, from the former President, Thomas Beckett.  A brilliant man whose idealism died with the end of his administration.  It was a shame, but he couldn’t fault him that.  Nothing good ever lasts.  Such was the nature of the beast.
Just then, there was a knock at the door.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me, boss.”
He recognized the voice, putting on his mask.  “Come in!”
The door opened and a young woman, looking no older than 16, came in.  She had a very timid look on her face.
“Hey, uh, I’ve got a Mr. Descartes waiting downstairs.”
That got his attention.  He’s here?!  On Luna?!  Is the man insane?!  “I’ll be right down!  Thank you!”

As her and her friend left the dance floor, they walked to the bar, grabbing a drink.  The two felt so good.  Getting to go out on the town, it was just awesome.  That was when a couple of guys walked over.  The first was a man with black hair the hung down in his face.  The second was a guy who looked like a frat-boy.
“You girls here alone?” the first asked.
Her friend snuggled up to her.  Confrontation was not something she did well.
“Not sure how that’s any of your business, fucking terrestrial!”
That caught both the guys off-guard.  “You one of them Coordinators?!  You fucking mutants should learn to shut the fuck up!  All you know how to do is bitch about how hard you’ve got it.”
The look in Harley’s eye never wavered.  “Because you boys have done SO much hard work, right?  Or is that what your daddy tells you when you put on a suit and go to the office.”
“You looking to start something, bitch?!”  They both looked drunk enough for a fight.
That was when the eye-patch she had opened, unbeknownst to her friend.  The covered eye was glowing blue.
“I think it’s time that you losers went home, don’t you?”
They both looked angry, then confused.  Then, both of them backed off, shrugging.
“Yeah, fuck these cunts.  They’re dykes, anyway.”
“For real, fuck ’em!”  They walked away.
Her friend let out a breath, holding Harley close.  “God, that was scary!  I thought that they were going to do something to us.”
“Fucking humans.  They are evolution’s dumpster, if you ask me.”  She turned to face her companion.  “Are you okay.”
The girl nodded.  “Yeah.  Can we go now?  I suddenly stopped wanting to be here.”
“Sure.  Let’s head by to my place.  We can have some drinks to calm our nerves.”
They started to walk out, with the girl taking Harley’s hand.

He got to the bottom step as a man who looked to be in his early early 30’s held out his hand.
“Ah, Fox, I’m glad that you came to speak to me.”
“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” he almost yelled.  “Do you have ANY idea just how much shit you would be in if you were found here?!”
The man was taken aback.  “I was told that you were hardcore.  I didn’t realize it was this much.”
“I’m trying to plan a revolution, Michael.  I can’t afford for it to get fucked up by people like you making bad decisions.”
“Ah, but it’s that very reason that brings me here.  We finally got the support of the September Coalition.  I got word from the head of the organization, Selena Grace.”
Underneath the mask, he smiled.  A piece I have been wanting has finally fallen into my hands!  Finally.
“Excellent!  I’ve been hoping for this for a LONG time!  This is just the kind of boon I needed.  I can understand why you wouldn’t trust sending this via the Net.  This information is too valuable.  My people will see you out of town.  Be safe out there, Descartes.  With Carnival on the horizon, being here is too dicey for someone as important as you.”
“Understood.  Glory to the Revolution!”
Fox nodded, taking his leave.  A young man was leaning on the wall outside of his door.  He had short brown hair, with a slick-looking suit.  Something about him was just cool, but professional at the same time.
“Hey boss, does this mean that we actually get to fight now?”
“Yes, Firo.  Yes it does.”  He got into his room, taking off the mask.  “It means that not only do we get to fight, but we get to win, too.”

Until next time, a quote,

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” -Bob Marley

Peace out,



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