Well, the first story that I have been working on is finally done.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  Let me know what you think.  I have decided, for those of you who missed a section of it, that I am going to put the pieces in order, dividing them into Acts, so that you know where one major part of the plot ends and another begins.  To see each post, merely click on the title.  I am planning on doing another series, so let me know if that is something you are into.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed and here is the entirety of the saga of Quinzel Wolfe.  Also known as, Quinn.

Act I
The Church
The Dorm
The Friend
The Ghost
The Swordsman
The Sniper
The Beach
The Fireplace
The Butler
The Engineer
The Aristocracy
The Runner
The Viceroy
The Specials
The Iron
The Reporter
The Ex
The Spy
The Princess
The Rendezvous
The Knights
The Infiltration
The Public
The Royalty
The Band
The Bar
The Machinist
The Viceroy (Part Two)
The Beginning

Act II
The Absence
The Reunion
The Exposé
The Gig
The Vendetta
The Return
The Exchange
The Prison
The Wasp
The Diplomat (Part One)
The Diplomat (Part Two)
The Reporter (Part Two)
The Betrayers
The Lab
The Integration
The Report
The Siege (Part One)
The Siege (Part Two)
The Reveal
The Emperor

The Empress
The Purge
The Expansion
The Calm
The Formation
The Sun (Part One)
The Sun (Part Two)
The Wolf (Part One)
The Wolf (Part Two)
The Wolf (Part Three)
The Wolf (Part Four)
The Departure

Let me know what you thought of my work.  I hope you liked it, and will enjoy it’s daughter series that is coming.  Name pending. 🙂

Until next time, a quote,

“We both know that if there is a God, he would never forgive my sins.  But he is an artifice, like this place.”  -Quinzel Wolfe, The Church

Peace out,



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