The Wolf (Part Two)

Azrael turned to face him, collapsing the helmet of his Armor.
“Well-well, if it isn’t the treacherous Wolf’s little lackey!  How does it feel to help a monster take complete control of the most powerful nation on the planet?”
Collapsing his own helmet, Two-Face laughed hard.  “That’s fucking rich, man.  So pithy!  Exactly how many people did Adam kill with his little weapon of mass destruction?  Thousands?  Millions?  You can judge the Wolf all you want for what she’s done, but don’t you go thinking for a SECOND that you have the high-ground here.  Not one fucking second!  You bet on the wrong horse, and now you are trying to weasel your way out of this.  Well it isn’t going to work!”  His helmet came back up as he drew the electrified batons from his back.  “Let’s see which of us has the more honorable cause, in battle!”
The man looked back at him, a cold and angry look coming to his face.  His helmet came back as well, with him turning on his energy blade.
“You know, Two-Face, I always did hate your guts.”
“Likewise, you pious piece of shit!”  They charged at each other, with the electrified baton able to hold back the energy blade.  The battle had begun.

Grave leapt over the lot of the, landing right behind Scarecrow.  Almost a dozen of Anarky’s blades came at him, but it was almost inhuman just how fast and flexible the man was.  He let out a cold laugh as he dodged the blades, loving every minute of it.  Just then, over a dozen blades came flying out of his Armor.  Puppeteer pulled the corpses she was using in close, with them not even flinching when they took the knives coming at her.  Scarecrow put the blades on his arms to work slicing the ones coming at him apart.  Anarky blocked them all expertly.
“Well, I guess all of you know what you’re doing,” Grave giggled.  “But how do you handle this?!”  He leapt right at Puppeteer, ripping through the corpses as they fired at him.  It was beyond disgusting as they were dismembered.  Blood flew everywhere as he got to where she was standing.  She tried to reach out with her talent, but it didn’t work.  More of Anarky’s blades had to move in before he got her.  She was scared.
“What the fuck?!” she nearly screamed.
The man laughed more.  “That won’t work with me!  Your friend Riddler made a counter-measure for us!  We had planned on making it for everyone, but you know how it is.  Best laid plans of mice and all that.”
Puppeteer was terrified.  Without her talent, what did she have?  That’s when she remembered, my combat training!  An extra set of arms don’t hurt either!  He went running at her again, but she was ready.  The two went hand-to-hand.  It was brutal.  She used her talent to control the arms of her machine, making them work like they appeared – four additional arms.  Grave didn’t seem fazed by this.  He dodged the other limbs and went at her in close quarters.  The man whipped out a couple of knives and it got worse.  Then, some blades came out of his feet.  Now he had four bladed weapons that were easy to use.  Puppeteer’s extra arms were ripped to pieces as she desperately tried to block him.  Against this, she knew that she was in trouble.
“Do you feel it, Emily?!  Do you feel the muscles in your body and the terror in your brain telling you?”  One of the blades in his foot impacted right into her side.  She screamed, falling to her knees.
“Now DIE!”
At that moment, Anarky jumped in the way.  The other soldiers they had with them were taking up positions, firing at him as well.
Grave turned to them, looking pissed.  “Don’t interfere, you pathetic human scum!”  He left the battle with the three of them, running right at the soldiers.  It was a massacre.  In a split-second, he was turning the lot of them into a never-ending fountain of gore.  Blood was flying everywhere as his blades went to work.  The man was laughing uncontrollably as he ripped through them.
“This is the greatest day of my life!  You all, so strong and sure of your victory!  Instead, you get to die!”  He grabbed one soldier, bringing his blade down to his face.  “When you are like this, with my blade piercing your face, what do you think of?!  Do you think of your mother?  Or maybe your lover?  Do memories of your childhood flash before your eyes!  TELL ME!”
All the soldier could do was scream as the blade went into his eye.  He tried to contort his way out of the Knight’s grasp, but was no use.  The blade went through his eye, right into the socket.  The man jerked a couple times, then went limp.  The cold laughter began again.
“Can any of you possibly understand how amazing this is?!”  Right as he said it, a giant spike ripped through his chest.  It was made from the blood that was all around him.
Scarecrow ran over.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
The man kept on laughing.  “I just love the killing!  That’s all it is!  Do you really think that this will stop me?!”  He grabbed the end of the spike, ripping it off.  The man pulled his body off the spike, turning to face Scarecrow.  “Now, let’s see what your blood looks like!”  From all directions, a dozen more spikes impaled all over Grave’s body.  With the same smile on his face, his eyes started to zone.  “That’s not funny.”  Then, his body went limp.
The lot of them gathered around the body.
Anarky put Puppeteer’s arm around his shoulder, helping her up.  She limped over to where he stood, the smile on his face.  “Make sure to burn this fucker!  Can’t be too careful.”
Scarecrow looked at the few remaining soldiers.  “Get on the horn and call in medivac!  We have to get Puppeteer to safety!”
“Yes sir!”
Everyone stared at the dark face with the twisted smile.  It was still terrifying, even now.

The skies above the battle were clear.  Two of Adam’s fleet surrendered, while the rest went down fighting.  Now his forces were turning their attention to the battles on the ground.  The fighter squadrons regrouped and were going on bombing and attack runs to wherever they were called.  What was once a one-sided battle was now a one-sided massacre.
No one understood this better than Black Mask.  His forces were trying to hold off the Red Guard.  They had been holding their own before the air support came in.  Now it was a race to get into the inner parts of buildings and drag this out.  It was a losing battle, but he had to try.  Several squads went and surrendered.  He was tempted to do the same.  Sebastian had taken those who surrendered and given them quarter.  He was a man of honor.  As he watched his soldiers die, Black Mask looked up to the Odysseus.  This was the first time that he had actually been able to appreciate just how massive that ship was.  Transports were coming down with additional reinforcements and medical supplies, along with hauling the most wounded and dead out of the battle zone.
He turned on the radio.  “Attention all soldiers!  We can gain nothing more from fighting this battle!  Drop your weapons and surrender!  The commander of the enemy has shown his integrity.  We will not be killed.  I don’t want there to be more unnecessary bloodshed.  Cease and desist all aggression.  It’s over.”  There were those who wanted to fight, but the truth was that most of them had had the fight kicked out.  When that broadcast went around the city, the battles started to stop.

Far away, heading toward the palace, the Wolf smiled.  I knew he would take this path.  He is a true soldier, who looks after those under his command. The Sun was starting to set.

Inferno let loose with his fire, which seemed to totally engulf the young Knight.  The moment it settled, they were all in awe.  There was a shield covering him!  It went all over his body, making a beautiful blue glow.
Firefly had a cold and thoughtful look on her face.  So that’s his talent!  He can make a shield!  This could be a problem.  She used her boosters to glide over, jumping into the air.  Her weaponized-arm extended as she came down, only to be blocked by the shield.  It powered up, just for something else to happen.  The shield changed shape!  It became like a bunch of cubes, pulling back and then blasting forward.  Firefly was thrown high up into the air, making a landing and looking up.
“I am the perfect shield!” the boy said proudly.  “You all will get no further!”
Shockwave and Inferno got on either side, each one letting-fly with their talents.  The shield became like a sphere again, showing no signs of being bogged down by their talents.
“You think that will stop me?!” he snarled.
Firefly stood up, cuing up the comm.  “We need air-support on my location!  Bring in some bombers and bomb the hell out of the kid with the blue light!”
“Roger that!” a pilot responded.  As if on cue, several of them came down.  It wasn’t hard to see what the target was.  They brought their weapons to bear and opened fire.  Bullets, energy blasts and a few missiles.  They slammed into the shield and it didn’t do a thing!  As they passed over, the shield changed back to the cubes.  They went flying at the passing fighters, impacting with the burst-shields.
The boy smiled.  “Impressive!  That’s pretty good.”  The face became a sneer.  “But it’s not good enough!”  Right as he said that, over a dozen bombs came down.  Wolf’s Knights got back, coming together.  The bombs kept falling and falling, until the bombers were out of range.
“It had to work!  His shield wasn’t up!”
The smoke started clear.  It was a few seconds before they saw what they feared worst.  The shield was back, only this time was a giant cube around him.
“No fucking way!” Shockwave gasped.
“How the fuck do you beat something like this?!”
Firefly had the cold look again.  The shield was changing again.  It came blasting at the lot of them.  They jumped out of the way.
“Inferno, Shockwave!  I think I’ve a plan!  Hit this bastard with everything you’ve got!  Move continuously!  Don’t stop for a second!”
The other two nodded, moving to both sides.  It was a beautiful thing to watch them attack the boy.  He was trying to attack them and block them at the same time.  The blue cubes constantly shifting, attacking, defending, with the orange flames and blue bolts of electricity hitting it.  Amazing.
“Fighter squadron, hit him again!”
“You got it!”  They came in hard, raining down him again.
The boy looked up angrily.  “Do NOT interfere!”  The cubes of his shield condensed down, becoming the size of a fist.  In an instant, one of them blasted right at a fighter, sending it slamming into the others.  They went careening into buildings in the distance.
“Inferno, Shockwave, now!”
The two released everything they could, moving in perfectly coordinated circles around the kid.  He snarled, making the shield into a wall.
“That’s ENOUGH!”  He sent the wall blasting out in all directions, obliterating everything around it in a wave.  Right as he did it, Firefly jumped over it, using her boosters to get in close.  The Knight barely had time to come to terms with her being there before her weaponized hand wrapped around his head.
“Believe me when I say that this is nothing personal, kid.”  The red glow came from it, making bubbles form in the Armor of the young Knight.  He let out a scream before it burst, sending smoke, fire, particles and blood everywhere.  She sat down on the ground, breathing hard.  Inferno and Shockwave caught the worst of the wave, being very damaged in the front.
“Well, that’s the end of this Armor,” Inferno chuckled, finally breaking the ice.  The other two laughed.  “I think we should signal that we want to get the fuck out of here.”
“Agreed.”  Firefly stood up, calling in an evac.

Sinestro linked up with Radio.  The rest of the soldiers in their sector had surrendered, so they were moving to the area with the palace.  That was the last place that was still holding the line.
Sinestro collapsed her helmet, smiling.  “Man, this has been a fun day!  I wish all the parts of the war had been this nice!”
Radio’s collapsed as well.  She seemed tired.  “Once this is all over, I say that we take a vacation!  Somewhere warm with clear blue water and a cold drink.”
“Hell to the fucking yes on that!  Hopefully there’s a nice bar that serves a good shot, and lots of them.  I want to be totally shit-faced after all this.  I think I’ve earned it!”
The other Knight’s face went red.  “I’ll leave that to you.  I’m kind of a light-weight.”  The two’s helmets came back up as they kept moving.  They came into the center of what had once been a hub for the subway system here.  There was a young woman in very odd Armor sitting there.  It was very much like something in nature.  There was something very pixie-like about her.  However, it wasn’t her that was the most noticeable thing in the room.  Sitting around her were some enormous animals!  Creatures that seemed to be wearing Armor of their own.  The first was some kind of big cat.  The Armor it wore had glowing eyes.  Then there was an utterly massive snake, which had something that looked like a chain-gun on the end of its tail.  Sitting behind her was a bull that had missile launchers all over it.  The last animal looked like a giant preying mantis.  It’s eyes glowed red, which, with the way a bug’s eyes are, was a little terrifying.
The girl looked up at them, collapsing her helmet.  Radio and Sinestro did the same.
“Allie?  Is that you?!” Radio asked.
She seemed sad to see them.  “Jenny.  Why did it have to be you?”  She also looked to Sinestro.  “And you too, Vicky?  Why?!”
That got a cold reaction from Sinestro.  “For what they did to us.  To Emily and all the rest.  This Empire is a disgusting and filthy monster.  Why do you fight for them?”
“Because Adam has made friends for me!  Animals that I always wanted.  Now I have all the friends I can want!  You want to take that away.  For that, you must die.”

The League of Assassins was headed to meet up with Bane and Full-Crank.  Their mechanical bodies were so lithe, moving through the carnage.  So much destruction, and it wasn’t over yet.  They communed without saying a word, each one connected to the other through a link that normal people could never imagine.  They shared one mind, moving as a perfect weapon.
Bane and Full-Crank saw them coming, heading toward them.  Just then, everyone stopped cold.  From the roof of a towering skyscraper, there came down a massive creature.  It was like a sphere as it unfurled.  Standing on four enormous legs, it was a mechanical beast.
“Ah, my machine brethren.  You have come at last!”  It’s voice was a cold and mechanical groan.
“What the fuck is that?!” Bane shouted.
Alpha looked over at him.  “That is one of us.  A consciousness merged with a machine.”
Full-Crank was now only equipped with a gun he took from a particle weapon on an airship.  “This thing going to be a problem?”
“Indubitably,” Gamma whispered.
“I will show you,” the creature whispered.  “Show you what a true merging of man and machine is capable of!”

Wolf was almost at the palace when she saw something.  In the distance, there was a face that she remembered.  It was looking at her.

Amelia had found her.  The Wolf!  She’ll know where Doppelganger is!  I’ll get her to tell me!  She ran faster, pleased that her quarry was now within striking distance.

Mary was running through the palace, headed toward the hangar.  Now that she was sure that Wolf’s people were going to win, she was determined to head out.  She would hold strong in Europe.  They would follow her.  Adam was being stubborn and not leaving.  His loss.  They would form a resistance group of their own, like the Wolf had done.  She was sure that she could lead them to victory.  The Wolf had won the battle, but they still had a war.
Right as she reached the door, it blasted off its hinges in front of her.  She was sent down a flight of steps, landing in front of a panoramic view of the world outside.  It was so sad.  Night had fallen.  The moon was out, bathing the world in its glow.  It was in here as well.  The former princess righter herself fast, drawing her sword.  Standing there, at the top of the steps, was Deathstroke.
“Marianne Felicia Beckett.  I have been waiting for almost 15 years for this day!  The day when I would finally get to put you in your place!”
She was confused.  “And just who the hell are you?!”
“You don’t remember me?  Well, it is a little hard with the mask.”  The helmet collapsed, showing his face, which had aged quite a big since the days when he had met her before.
The woman’s eyes went wide.  “You!  I see.  Why are you here?!  Why have you been fighting us?!”
His eyes narrowed.  “I have a question for you – why?  Why did you do it?”
“Why did I do what?”
Tears started to form.  “Why did you kill my daughter?!”

Until next time, a quote,

“Is there anyone you could hate so much that you’d actually want to kill them?  I used to think that sort of thinking was unacceptable.  That unless you followed the rules, killing someone was just murder.  But now, it’s hatred that’s guiding me.  I’m fighting to kill someone.”  -Suzaku Kururugi, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Peace out,



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