First-World Beliefs

Here’s something that gets on my nerves a bit – this First World sense of entitlement that people in this country and others like it have.  I just watched a video that someone put on YouTube of a girl in India who was selling her body on the street.  It was sad, depressing and rather unpleasant to watch, and at the end it says that over 40 girls under 15 are forced into prostitution every day.  A sobering reality, that.  But here’s my question – what on Earth will making a video do about it?

Do the people who make these think that if they get enough Likes, then something will happen?  Does each Like mean that a girl in India is suddenly off the street?  If that were true, then all the likes on videos such as this should have gotten every girl off the street, right?  Or perhaps they take the more cynical view, and instead believe that this video will call attention to the problem and get people to act.

Let me be clear to all parties involved – it won’t do ANY of those things.  In the same way as people in America signing a petition to stop that African nation from killing gay people.  This kind of arrogance dumbfounds me.  It is born from our unbelievable sense of entitlement.  Or does anyone remember Kony 2012?  Yeah, that didn’t make us look pathetic at all.  This idea that our social media can actually change things is so ridiculous that it kills me.  Remember, kids, for each Like on Facebook, another kitten doesn’t cry!  Ugh…

The fact is that people in the First World was now so detached from everything that they literally don’t care in the abstract.  They will give a video a Like, maybe comment about how sad that is.  But at the end of the day, they will just carry on and nothing will change.  That’s who we are.  The social media cycle will get people’s hands wringing for a day or two, but then things go right back to where they were before.  People just don’t give a shit anymore.

I was at the campus yesterday, returning some books, when I heard a girl on her phone.  She was bitching (a common occurrence here) about her classes.  The reason – she had to learn things.  I’m not shitting you, she was legitimately complaining that she had to actually learn things.  Her argument being – if she can just Google things, why learn them?  That kind of apathy just scares the hell out of me.  These are the people charged with our future, people!  These are the kinds of people who will be leading the next generations.  If that doesn’t scare you, something is wrong.  We have a generation who is so unconcerned with the world that actually gaining knowledge is seen as too much work.  And when the world gives them a cruel reminder of how time isn’t going to stand still, what then?  I can think.

This First-World belief in the power of our awesomeness is something that needs to go.  We need to get some fucking humility, because the truth is – our world is crumbling.  Nobody cares anymore.  About anything.  My generation has become like zombies, glued to their phones and not giving anything resembling a shit about the world around them.  It is almost tragic how pathetic we are.  Marriage is a joke, human interaction is nearly dead and soon, no one will even look at each other anymore.

So yeah, that video was depressing.  But at the end of the day, making it was wasted effort.  That fact alone makes me even sadder.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s all about self-satisfaction.  Doesn’t matter how hard you try.  You can’t do it.  There’s no way you can change the world.”  -Lelouch vi Brittania, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Peace out,



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