England’s Lack of Desire to Understand Sex (A Response to Prime Minister David Cameron)

So, Prime Minister David Cameron decided that he was going to institute a new law that would make anyone who looked up or had “rape” or “abuse” porn on their computer a felon, with up to three years in prison.  And we’re not even talking about footage from actual rapes or actual abuse.  That would make some kind of sense.  No, we’re talking about the kind of stuff that is made from consenting adults.  Fantasies that they are often being paid, or made themselves, to act out.  Fantasies that exist in real life.  Fantasies.

To put this in perspective, an estimated 4 in 10 women have had fantasies about coerced sex.  There are a lot of women and men who are interested in submission and domination.  I myself consider myself something of a submissive.  I love a woman or man who can take charge.  These kinds of relationships are normal, often healthy and are something that all sides consent to.  But according to the fascist David Cameron, those people are wrong.  What’s more, if they choose to put this on film and put it on the Internet, as many couples now do, they are criminals who could spend up to three years in jail.

The mindset behind this is that Prime Minister Cameron is going to be like fucking Galahad and save all the people from their natural urges.  For real, that’s what it is.  This man is making the case that anyone who sees this kind of thing online is naturally going to be inclined to rape.  That is so stupid it hurts!

This statement, that S&M porn, or any porn for that matter, leads to rape is about as ridiculous as the claims that video game violence leads to school shootings.  What’s more – there is equally-little evidence for both claims!  According to the New York Times, India, who has outlawed all forms of pornography, is dealing with a large rash of horrific rapes that are well-documented by the media.  Meanwhile, the US has seen a precipitous decline in rapes, while access to pornography has become easier.  While we’re at it, let’s say that the access to spoons makes people fat or the access to guns makes people psychotic.  No!  Wrong!  Bad judgment made on faulty analogies that Dipshit Cameron wants to believe, so that he can assign an easy A+B=C equation to this.

That is really what it all boils down to.  Rather than choose to critically analyze the social and personal factors that lead to rape, Cameron and the people who support this have decided to just simply rationalize it away.  I’ve been looking at an angle which I can attack this from, and now I have it.

There is nothing, NOTHING, in life that has an A+B=C reasoning to it.  The reality is that A doesn’t just cause B.  There is D, and E, and F and G and a dozen other things.  So A and D and E and F and G+B and a dozen other things lead to C.  That’s the nature of the human animal.  This new legislation is a whitewash over human nature with the express purpose of making this easy for Dumbshit Cameron and his equally dumbshit flunkies to pat themselves on the back and say they did a good job.  These are the people leading your country, Britain!  These are the people who you are putting in charge of your nation.  Aren’t you proud?

Perhaps I am being too hard on Britain.  America has just as many people who believe the same way.  Rick Dumbfuck Santorum believes more or less the same thing.  There are a ton of Christards here at the college who are of the same mind (and think that Britain is just awesome for doing this).  This is very much a religious thing.  I find it so ironic that people who are very into God are very against rape.  After all, God commanded his armies to pillage and rape during the conquest of Jericho and several other campaigns of the good Christian armies.  But that’s neither here nor there.

I’ll end with this – I would bet that this legislation won’t stop rape, it will cause it.  Because when you have young people, who have the urge to be a dominant or a submissive, but your entire society vilifies them, where do they go?  They will have nowhere to turn.  I mean, it’s not like the British can up and say, “We will give them a very good understanding of human sexuality so that they can rationally explore their desires.”  Britain has a HUGE history of a lack of sexual understanding!

David Cameron, you’re a dumbass.  You are making your country dumber.  You are perpetuating a view that is so narrow, so ridiculous and so without merit that you are becoming a detriment to the growth of society.  And I know that you will never get that.  You will take the “haters gonna hate” approach and write off the criticism of people like me.  But what you are doing is making social pariahs of a group of people that you don’t understand, so you naturally don’t like.  The same way that people go after the gay community.

Fuck you, you uneducated ass.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”  -Woody Allen

Peace out,



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