The Calm

The WASP came down in the yard of the Fox country home.  The door opened as Oracle helped Eve out of the craft.  Thomas was eager to see this place.  His breath was hanging in the air in front of him.  It was a very chilly morning.  A cold breeze went out, which made Juliet shiver.
Oracle put a blanket around her.  “Come on, it’s warmer in the house.”  She kept close to him, prompting him to put his arm around her.  The former Empress found it very touching.  It was clear by now that Juliet had something of a crush on Oracle, and he was being kind back to her.  Both of them were very frail and sheltered people.  They got to the door, opening it and going in.
The door made a loud creak as it opened.  While the outside was an overgrown mess, the inside was almost like it had been before, except with everything being covered by blankets.  There was a large table setup nearby.  It was covered in various tech, one of Oracle’s many computers and some processors that stored data.
Juliet giggled.  “Place is a little spooky.  I can feel ghosts in here.”
He smacked her arm.  “Now-now, none of that.  I already am weirded out by this place.  Don’t need that following me around.”  The rest got a good laugh at that.  “There is food in the fridge, and also lots of canned stuff in the cellar.  It would be enough for you all to survive for years, with just the preserved and canned foods alone.  Don’t worry, it’s all good.  Wolf made sure to check it all, on the off-chance that we had to bunker down here for an extended period of time.”
While Thomas went to go check things for himself, Eve and Juliet sat down.
There was something that had been grinding on Eve for a while now.  “You know who the Empress really is, don’t you?”
He nodded.  “Yeah.  She told me.  When she burned down the family estate, she rescued me.  Got me out.  I was too young to understand back then.  But when I was old enough, she came clean about everything.  She told me who she was, what she did and made a promise to look after me.  She swore to me that she would wear the face of my sister and penance for her crime.  I accepted it.  Hearing about what she’s been through, I couldn’t imagine how hard that would be.  I told her I would help her, in whatever way I could, to get revenge on the people who did this to her.  I didn’t like crowds and being among people all that much anyway, so it worked.  She’s not my sister, but then, I don’t want her to be.  The person I have come to respect and admire so much is more than my sister or anyone in my family could ever have been.  I don’t even see her as my sister anymore.  She is Quinn to me.  That’s how it always will be.”
The two nodded.  It was a peaceful moment as they stared at the outside.  The sun was coming up soon.

Gabby woke up feeling a warm body fidgeting next to her.  She looked over to see Ariel, who had kind of gotten tangled up with both her and the covers, now very trapped.  Her unconscious body was not happy.  It was adorable.  Though it had also trapped her as well.  However, this was a problem for later.  Their first date had been a great night, and neither wanted it to end.  They hadn’t slept together, in the more culturally accepted way.  They just snuggled up and enjoyed one-another’s company.  She was certain that there were more good nights to come.

Deadshot was cleaning his weapon.  The room was quiet.  A mass of airships were coming in.  Their entire fleet.  It was amazing.  The AU ships were massed beside the Empire’s.  It was beautiful to see both sides trusting.  The observation deck wasn’t the place one would expect a person to clean their weapons, but he liked the view.  The peace and quiet didn’t hurt, either.  As the sun was coming up, he saw a different army than the one he started with.  He remembered the early days of Winter’s Shadow, when they were just a few vehicles, doing little hits here and there.  The memory of the battle in Seward still held a warm place in his mind.  That was the biggest battle they had ever waged against the Empire.  It seemed like an eternity since then.  He no longer had a squad of his own.  He took no issue with that.  He always preferred to work alone.  The idea of having an airship of their own, when he first joined up, it was incomprehensible to him.  Back then, he genuinely believed that the Wolf would do a few good battles, then the Empire would crush them.  He could live with that.  He had nothing to go home to anymore, so having that be his fate was fine.  Now, he was with the Empire’s fleet, working for the newest Empress.  It was impressive, how far they had come in just a few years.
The door opened, with Delta walking in.  She caught sight of him, sitting down at the table.
“What brings you here?” she asked.
He pointed to his gun.  “She needed some work.”
She looked down at it, her expressionless face almost seeming confused.  “Why do you call your weapon ‘she?'”
He finished up, putting the mechanisms back together again.  “Because it has been the most loyal companion I have ever had.  More loyal than…some.”
She caught the dark tone.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to pry.”
“No worries.  It’s all ancient history now.”
The machine warrior looked over at him.  “You know, your reputation doesn’t do you credit.  People think you’re an arrogant womanizer.  The truth is, you hate yourself as much as you hate the woman who has hurt you.”  She reached her mechanical hand and took his.  “You’re not a bad man, Michael.  You’re just tired of being hurt.”
The man looked up at her.  “You know, it’s a pity that we never met back when I was younger.  You’re an amazing woman.”
She giggled at that.  “I’m still a machine.  When you met me was immaterial.”
He ran his hand along her smooth face.  Smooth, curved, with only small glowing eyes being a noticeable change.  “I don’t have to stick my dick in you to enjoy your company.  I’m not that big of a pig.”  The two got a good laugh out of that.
“Oh, that reminds me.”  He reached down below the table, taking out a case.  “I had a spare rifle that I made, in case my baby ever broke.  You are quite a good shot, so I am entrusting it to you.”
She took hold of the weapon.  “Thank you so much.  I will treasure it always.  It will be a good aid to me.”  A bond was growing between these two.  Neither one knew what it was, but it felt good all the same.

Deathstroke saw Wolf come in.  She had donned her mask again.  It made everyone feel good to see that back.  She was the Empress, to the Empire.  But to them, she was still the Wolf.  The mask was now a symbol of the power she had.  Everyone was happy.  He walked over, saluting.
“Glad to see you back in uniform, ma’am!”
Wolf nodded to him.  “It feels good.  I’ve been out of it for far too long.”  The two headed toward the debriefing room.  She couldn’t help but notice a look he had.  “Something on your mind, Deathstroke?”
The man nodded, sullenly.  “Ma’am, I’ve followed you from the very beginning.  I’m not going anywhere!  But there is one thing that has been dogging for a while – what is your endgame?  You must have one.  I know you better than to believe you’re just winging it.”
Beneath her mask, Wolf smiled.  I have always liked how perceptive he is.  “I do have one.  Have faith, Francois.  I mean to carry out my mission.  I have destroyed the Aristocracy, and once I am done with Adam, then I can finally complete my objective – to destroy the Empire.  Once and for all.  This change will happen to the entire world.”
He nodded, opening the door.  “I have faith in you, ma’am.  That will never change.”

Oracle finished loading up some of his stuff from the house, preparing the WASP for take-off.  Juliet came rushing out.
“You’re leaving already?!”
He came out, putting his hand on her shoulder.  “I have to go back to my commander.  She is going to need me and the WASP for the battle ahead.  I am a loyal soldier.  I never abandon my duty.”
She took his hand, holding it close.  “Make sure you come back to me, okay?  Promise me!”
He smiled down at her.  “I promise, Juliet.  I will come back to you, when this is over.”  The two looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments, then he retreated inside and powered the craft up.  It would be a short trip back.

Bane was leaning against the railing running his fingers over the mask on his face that hid an injury.  He would never get to live like normal people, ever again.  This thought was one that kept him awake at night, when he was alone.  The thought of never again being able to walk in the daylight with someone he cared about, it was painful.  It was then that the Special that had healing abilities approached.
He eyeballed her.  “I thought you were back at the Inlet, looking after the kids.”
She smiled at him.  “They’re safe.  If anything, they are the safest they have ever been.  Now that Canada has regained its sovereignty, we are officially under the protection of the state.  It’s a very good day.  So, I came to where I knew I would be needed.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to need healing before the coming battle is done.”
“Honorable, for sure.”
She walked a little closer.  “Ever since I met you, I have been wanting to help you.  I can see the injury that you hide, beneath the mask.  I think I can heal it.  Will you let me try?”
Bane was utterly blown away by the request.  “They told me that this could never be fixed.  Ever.”
She ran her hands over his face.  “Let me try.  Please.  I think I can help you.  What do you have to lose by letting me try?”
There was a knot in his stomach when he undid the clasps on the back of the mask.  He turned in shame as it came off, not wanting this woman to face him.  She saw the flesh, mangled and mutilated around his mouth.  While it was scar tissue now, it was still delicate.
“Oh my.  I know what to do.”  Her hands started to glow green as she reached up.  Bane nearly sobbed when she touched the injured tissue.  “Trust me, commander.”  There was an odd sound as her fingers ran over the scarred skin.  It was like something was being stretched.
Suddenly, Bane cried out in pain.
“Trust me!” the healer whispered.  “It will only hurt for a minute.”  The sound continued and the man’s fists clenched.  Finally, the noise stopped.
Bane reached his hands up, touching his face.  While it wasn’t perfect, and still looked scarred, the damaged skin was healed.  It was almost completely perfect.  Tears came to his eyes as he looked down at the young Special.
“Thank you!  Thank you so much.”
She said nothing in response, just putting her arms around him.  The sun had come up.  The time was coming for them to gather.

Wolf sat in the debriefing room.  Deathstroke had left to go attend to some things.  She enjoyed having solitude once more.  It so very rare a thing these days.  The door opened, with Emily coming in.
“I was hoping to catch you here,” she whispered.
Taking off her mask, Wolf got up.  “Looking for me?  How sweet.”  She walked over, taking Emily in her arms.  They kissed softly, giggling a bit.  “So, what brings you down here, love?”
She pulled back, a serious look coming to her face.  “There was something I was hoping to ask you.  You got a minute?”
After sitting down, she motioned for Emily to climb on top of her.  “Sure.  But no reason that we can’t be all cozy, right?”
Her girlfriend couldn’t help but smile, climbing in to her arms.  She nestled her face against Wolf’s neck, burrowing into it.  “Quinn, there’s something I need to know.”
“What is it, love?”
“Will you marry me?”
She pulled back, looking down at her.  It was a look of shock, but not judgmental.
“I know I kind of sprung this on you out of nowhere, but when this is over, and the two of us don’t have to be constantly fighting anymore, I want to be your wife.  I love you, Quinn.  With every part of my being, I love you.  When I was in that cell, and thought that you were going to be in a coma forever, I felt like my life was dead and buried.  But then you came back, and I have you again.  You are the only thing that matters to me anymore.  I want a chance for the two of us to see where this will go.”  She giggled, “it’s kind of ironic – given how old you actually are, I guess this could be considered cradle-robbing.”
Wolf smacked her arm and tickled her.  “I’ll make you pay for that!”  The two tickled until they were on the floor and Emily was pushing on her.
“Stop!  I’m gonna pee if you keep this up.”  They held each other tight.  “Quinn, I want to be with you.  Always!  Will you marry me?!”  The look in her eyes was so filled with emotion that it made Wolf want to cry.
She took her hand, smiling.  “Emily, there is nothing on this planet that I would like more than to be with you.  Ever since I escape from that Station, nothing in this world mattered to me.  You are the first person I have legitimately given a shit about.  You mean everything to me, and I’m will never let you go.  So, with that said, I will marry you, Emily.”
The unrestrained affection was back as Emily was crying while kissing her.  Neither one wanted to speak.  They just sat there, on the floor, reveling in the happiness of that moment.

Until next time, a quote,

“Just cause a city flies doesn’t mean it don’t have its fair share of fools.”  -Booker DeWitt, Bioshock Infinite

Peace out,



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