RE: Conversations with an Atheist (Part II!)

Well, something I didn’t expect happened.  The author of the book in the first post I did on this (linked here) actually saw the post and got back with me.  As expected, there were the usual “I pray for atheists” and whatnot statements.  To her credit, she seems nice enough.  But she gave me a new list of questions to answer, saying that once I tackle them, I am going to (and I quote),

“You will arrange a big pile of wood, put evolution on the top of it, set fire and burn it, in other words you will kill and bury evolution by your own hands for ever and ever. There will be no evolution on this planet earth, there will be only creation.”

Since she asked politely, I figure that I might as well rise to her challenge.  I know full-well that this won’t change anything.  She writes with the same vim and vigor that those who are “born-again” do, so I know that my answers will change nothing, but here goes.

Who wants there to be life on this planet earth, nobody or somebody?

Nobody.  It’s a freak accident.  Life on this planet is a tiny film that is going through the cosmos and can be destroyed at any second!  A giant asteroid, a black hole zipping around the stars (which we know there is at least one) or any number of things could destroy us at any second.  We’re the end product of random chance.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Whose idea was it to establish the method of reproduction for mankind and all living beings, nobody’s or somebody’s?

Again, nobody.  We evolved this way because of natural selection.  The reproductive processes of humans was the most efficient way that nature gave us.  I mean, humans don’t reproduce with parthenogenesis.  If we did, there would be only females (because that kind of reproduction can only create female offspring).  Your need to prescribe this to a supreme being interests me, but I already covered this in my last post.  In fact, a lot of questions you submitted were in my last post, but whatever.

Who inserted in a woman’s body the organ and commanded it to produce eggs?

NOBODY!  Wow, broken record!  It is all evolution.  We evolved from mammalian ancestors who laid eggs this way, so that’s why we do.  And by the way – are you saying that women who are infertile are basically just not loved by God?  With the phrasing you used, infertile women must have just failed his mandate, huh?  That’s cold, even to me.

Who inserted in a man’s body the organ and commanded it to produce sperms in equal pairs constantly without mistakes?

Are you kidding me?!  Where did you get your sexual education?!  Mistakes happen ALL the time!  Tons and tons of fertilized eggs fail before they even have a chance to develop, then get rinsed out a woman’s body during her menstrual cycle.  This question is so dumb it hurts.  Oh, and it was nobody.  Again.

Who put life in each sperm, nobody or somebody?

There isn’t “life” in each sperm.  There is genetic material.  Life is something the egg has.  Your need to inflate the male involvement in sexual development is touching, but wrong.  Something interesting she adds is that there is some perfect balance of men and women in the world that she alludes is kept by God.  Uh…you don’t read much non-Christian news, do you?  China is having a big problem with one gender being too prevalent.  I’ll give you a hint- they were “given” the “male organ.”

Who did it all and who keeps this order, nobody or somebody?

I just talked about this, so yeah, next question.

Do you really think that nothing or nobody can do perfect things?

So, your argument is that God did all perfect things.  Here is a list of imperfect things that, if you believe he created everything, he is responsible for –

Birth defects
Wisdom teeth (something that we naturally evolved to no longer need in real life.  Much like the human appendix, but this is her logic)
The appendix
The fact that we eat and breathe with the same pipe
The fact that human bodies are so unbelievably frail on a world where we have countless things trying to kill us

So now, his “creation” isn’t perfect.  Far from it.  It’s actually kind of weak and pathetic.  Only our brains give us an advantage, and that doesn’t say much.

Do you really think that nothing or nobody possessed wisdom, consciousness, awareness, creativity, love and so on and passed it to human beings?

This started out kind of fun, but has become tiring and repetitive.  She’s asking the same question, over and over again.  Yes, I don’t think that anything existed and gave us lots of the all-positive emotional values that you prescribed there.  But here’s a thought – what about the dark stuff?  The Old Testament God was a monster.  No question.  He was a psychopath who killed, destroyed and commanded his armies to rape and murder.  If you are going to talk about some perfect and wise being, you have reconcile with that.  What happened to this evil guy?  Did he get some anger management classes?  He must have, with all the goodness you say he is.

Who prepared all necessities for existence of mankind? Did the earth by itself have the knowledge that someday humans would appear on it and decided to prepare a feast for them and started to produce vegetables, fruits, berries and seeds full of minerals, vitamins and aroma? or was it commanded by a higher Authority?

This series of questions has literally given me all the answer I need.  You’re not going to listen to five bits what I say here.  Not at all.  You already have this wonderful view of God in your head and it isn’t going to change.  Nothing I say will even sway it.  I’m answering your latest questions because you asked nice and you were polite, which is more than I can say for most Christians.  But, I’ll answer them anyway.  Do you have any idea just how much work people who CLEARLY you know nothing about work to make the things that you comment on something that you can consume.  Nature didn’t just “give” us this stuff.  We worked for it.  The world we live in now is a product of millions of people who grow things, pick things and make them safe for consumption.  You have all the arrogance of the person who says that it wasn’t the doctor and the people who helped them who got a loved one through surgery.  It was Gawd.  Egotism, born if ignorance.  You said that I would go after you personally, and I suppose I am, but you know what, this is kind of insulting to me.  You stand on the backs of geniuses who gave us this world and you don’t credit their work.  You stand on the backs of laborers who are working for slave wages to put food on your table, and the only person that gets your respect is God.  That’s kind of offensive, Ms. Balabat.

When you sit at the table and see an onion, garlic, black pepper, horse radish and blueberries ask yourself: “Who wants me to be here, who prepared all these goodies for my existence, who loves me, for what reason and purpose was I born?”

Again, not acknowledging the people who grew, picked and prepared your food.  Disgusting, offensive and morally bankrupt, but whatever.  There is no one who loves us and has a “purpose” for us.

Life on this planet is a tiny film.  7% of the entire planet is habitable.  We are the result of blind cosmic luck, and if you actually think about it, you are actually devaluing the beauty of our existence here by believing that it is something that some deity just made in seven days (but who made the rest of the cosmos as an afterthought).  You are taking something that is so precious and so beautiful and making it stupid and easy to digest.  What’s more, given the size of this cosmos and the amount of stars and planets there are, it is literally impossible that we are the only life forms in this universe.  It’s impossible!  So there are countless species out there who are like us.  Miracles of evolution.  You are not only devaluing the beauty of our existence, but theirs too, by pointing out that we have a God who made everything for us.  Just us.  And that’s all I have for you, Ms. Balabat.  I know that my words mean nothing to you.  It’s all just something you will log away as some dumb atheist who is going to burn in Hell.  So yeah, you didn’t make me wanna burn my belief in evolution.  You just made me feel sorry for you.  And don’t “pray” for me.  I don’t want it.  If there is a God, I mean to kick his ass when I meet him.  I think I’m owed that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Now, there is a big difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament and that is, the New Testament God is really kind of a great guy.  He is.  Especially when you compare him to the Old Testament God, who is a prick!  I don’t know what happened to God, over time.  How he matured, if he went to an anger management class.  Or if the birth of a son calmed him down.  But before he had the kid, holy fuck!  He was out of control!”  -Lewis Black

Peace out,



9 thoughts on “RE: Conversations with an Atheist (Part II!)

  1. Dear Lucien,
    Our life on this planet earth is full of surprises; we do not know that tomorrow will bring for us. Thank you so much for your response; it was so quick. I have noticed that you are very talented man in writing. Also I have to admit that you are the best Atheist of mine. You did not attack me personally, nor criticize my writing, instead you mentioned something very nice about me; it happened first time in my carrier corresponding with the Atheist. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. To my surprise you answer my questions one by one, which I read with great pleasure and interest.
    Since I am interested in creation and evolution, and how did the life appear on our planet earth, I heard many different kind of theory. When I was studying Darwinism in former Soviet Union, we were thought that millions of years ago there was only one cell. After some period of time this cell started to split and different kind of living being started to appear on our planet earth. At first monkey appeared and from monkey gradually started to evolve people. We, students, ask: Where this cell came from? The answer was: The cell was eternal. Of course, today scientists have different theory. One man, he claims to be scientist, wrote to me: “All you need is to understand what makes up life, and you wouldn’t have to ask these religious fanatical questions. All you need is water, carbon, nitrogen, electricity (lightning, etc), and sunlight (energy), and you have all the necessary components to create life. No god is needed. Base elements sunlight, and a lightning strike.” My questions to this man were: “Does lightning have life in it and pass to man’s sperm? Does water possess the wisdom and pass it to human beings? Does carbon possess conscience, awareness, love, creativity and pass to people, and so on? Of course, there was no correct answer. Some evolutionists believe that 13-14 billion years ago, a big bang-giant explosion caused the universe to begin from nothing. Galaxies, stars and planets formed as matter-scattered across the universe – cooled and coalesced. About 5 billion years ago, the earth itself began to form. The earth cooled for a billion years or so, water formed on the surface, and in this primordial ocean, molecules somehow arranged themselves together to form the simplest one-cell life form, eventually produce ape-like creatures who evolved into man. Thus humans are the ultimate product of millions of years.
    We all know and we all agree that our planet earth is very, very small in comparison to the whole universe. When astronomers visited moon they looked at our earth and it appeared like period at the end of sentence or poppy seed in comparison to the whole universe; and on this poppy seed man lives. When we looked at man and compare him with the universe, there is no comparison. There are not enough words, at least in my vocabulary, to describe comparison. Man is too tiny and lives only 70-80 years on this earth. Now a question arises: Can this tiny man know what was 13-14 billion years ago? Does his brain have the ability to know the past while not able to know what tomorrow or even in 5 minutes from now, can happen to our earth, earthquake or tsunami and so on? Can this tiny being-man say there is nobody who controls this universe, that there is nobody who controls the development of mankind and keeps the balance between male and female? Can man assert that planet earth and man on it exist for no purpose/reason? Can this tiny man assert that there is no God? Would you please explain this matter for me in detail.
    I strongly believe that there is the only One, who knows the past, only the One who was there, but it was not a human, it was not a tiny creature-man, who lives only 70-80 years on this planet earth.
    Searching the Internet and reading about evolution I did not find one single statement: It is reality, it is fact, and it is truth. All I found is: This is just a theory. Darwinism is only a theory, big bang is only a theory, and “human beings derived from monkey” is only a theory. “We evolved from mammalian ancestors who laid eggs this way.” This is only a theory, hypothesis, assumption, people’s surmise, and people’s imagination, in the other words – people’s fantasy or fiction. But where is the reality, where is the fact, where is the truth!? Scientists still do not know, how did life appear on this planet earth, they are still working on it. If scientists acknowledge that the above mentioned events are only the theories, why some people assert that they are the reality? Would you please explain it for me from your point of view!
    One question more. We all know and we all agree at this point that sperms are alive; each sperm contains life in it: a baby boy or baby girl with legs, hands, a heart, a liver, kidney, eyes and a brain, with wisdom and ideas. My question is: who had put the breath of life in man’s sperm? How did life come into man’s sperm? From what source? Do you really think that the breath of life came in man’s sperm from nowhere, from nothing, from nobody, from a dead “what”? Do you really think that nothing can do something? Can nothing or nobody put something in action? Can an inanimate, lifeless matter put life in man’s sperms? Do you really think that the dead can produce life? Do you really think that “what” wants there to be life, wants to see living humans, handsome man and beautiful women, you and me, and precious children on this planet earth?
    When a sperm meets an egg, a new life begins. Life for a beautiful baby boy or baby girl starts. After nine month a new citizen arrives on this planet earth. What a joy! My question is: who knew that a newborn baby needs to eat immediately and so prepared fresh, warm and nourishing milk in the mother’s breast? Do you really think that “what”, the dead object, possessed the knowledge that a newborn baby needs to eat and prepared a delicious meal for him or for her in the mother’s breast or Somebody else did it? Can you answer this simple question of life?
    I mentioned in previous posting that I do not contradict my dear readers, but in this case I have to. You ask me not to pray for you, but I cannot do this. Because the Holy Bible says: Pray one for another. I strongly believe that you are God’s creation and very beautiful one. God Almighty created you not in vain, but for some reason and purpose.
    This book did not find you by chance – it is no accident that this book is in your hands. This is God’s great love for you. You were created by God in His likeness; you are God’s creation, you are loved and your Creator remembers you. He wants to have fellowship with you. He awaits your return until He can assign you your work here on earth. He longs to hear your voice.
    Turn your attention mow to yourself and see how lovely you are. Another person like you will never exist. Your smile cannot be found on anyone, nor will it ever be duplicated. Eyes like yours cannot be found anywhere else. Your Creator did not forget to give you your unique fingerprints. You are unrepeatable, original person. You are the work of God’s hands. He has even counted the hair on your head. You are important, precious and treasured in the eyes of the almighty God.
    God the Father wants to have fellowship with you. He wants to bless you here on this earth. He would like you to be saved and have eternal life in His kingdom with Him. All that you must do is turn to Him in a simple way, with simple words, as a child turns to their parents. Maybe in your life you have never spoken with God. Today, in this moment, you have the opportunity to take this step. Do not put this off until tomorrow, because tomorrow is not yours. Tomorrow could be too late. Take this step today. Simply turn to Him with the following words:
    Dear Jesus,
    I believe that You are the Son of the living God. I believe that You left heaven, Your throne and glory, to come to earth to save all sinners. I believe that You are the one and only Savior, the only way. I came to You and admit that I am a sinner. I admit to You all my sins and lawlessness, and I ask Your forgiveness. Wash me with Your holy, clean blood, which cleanses from all sin. I want to be clean and belong to You forever. Now I confess, that I accepted You as my personal Savior and Redeemer.
    Dear Lucien, would you please read my “Preface” and you will know that caused me to write this book. Also please read chapter 33, “My personal testimony.” I think it will not hurt you, but it would be good to know my life on different continent under communist authority.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • I’m not answering your questions anymore, Janina. I answered these because you asked nicely, and I gave it an honest shake. But I know that nothing, absolutely nothing I say will convince you that you believe in something that has ZERO evidence of existing, outside of the Bible and testimonial that existed before video cameras. This LONG comment (which needs spaces between paragraphs. Just saying) you gave me shows me how thick your confirmation bias is. I read your book, and I wasn’t impressed. I don’t care where you grew up. The reality is that we are not the product of where we came from. We are the product of what we do with what we have. The fact that you grew up in the old Soviet Union is meaningless beyond it being interesting that you got to see one of the most instrumental and fascinating parts of Russian and Eastern European history.

      I don’t need your prayer. I don’t believe in God. I never will. If your God exists, I owe him an ass-whoopin’ because of what he has done or failed to do in my life. Your book did find me by chance. Or rather, I found it when I had to shelve other things at work. Your questions were ridiculous, so I decided to make sport of them. It was easy work. I went into this post knowing that you wouldn’t listen to a word I say. You have your mind made up and your confirmation bias is extraordinary. If you choose to pray for me, do what you think you must, but keep this in mind – in my head, my image of God is with me giving it the finger. Meaning that I am giving the creator who you think is so awesome the finger.

      By the way, you said that I said something nice about you. As I recall, I pointed out that you are morally bankrupt if you think that all the things in this world are from God, but do not acknowledge all the people and the hard work they do to get them to you. Food for thought.

      • Plus, you are another of these people who says, “it’s just a theory.” Yes, because theories have no evidence, right? WRONG! Fucking wrong! A theory, by scientific standards, is something that has a lot of evidence, but cannot be completely proven beyond any doubt. It is open to being wrong. Which is what science is. How’s that faith thing work for accepting mistakes? Let me know.

  2. Dear Lucien,
    Would you please control you vocabulary, because your words describe you, your personality and your character. You are a student, probably young kid, and you would like to be political commentator, so your environment is going to be highly educated people, of course, you have to be highly intellectual and cultured also. Would you please remember that I am the Lady and probably I can be your grandmother. Yes, it is true that we have different points of view in our lives. You are very strong Atheist, I am very strong believer in God’s existence, newborn Christian, new creation in Jesus Christ. But we have to discuss our views with great respect, understanding and learn from each other. Thank you!
    If you are not able to answer these simple questions of life, it is a signal for you to think it over and ask yourself; “Why cannot I answer them?” Not able to answer these simple questions of life, questions that we meet on a daily basis, questions which live by you arranged big pile of wood, put evolution on the top of it and burned it; in the other words you killed and buried evolution by your own hands for ever and ever. There is no evolution on this planet earth, there is only creation.
    The more I search the Internet about how did life appear on this planet earth, the more new things I found. Please read the latest discovery.
    Are we all Martians?
    Now there is growing evidence that all life on Earth, came on a rock from Mars. This new evidence supports theory that life may have started on Mars. A controversial hypothesis contends, that life on our planet had to get its start somewhere else-most likely on Mars-because chemistry on early Earth couldn’t have provided the required molecular machinery. Professor xxx, who was presented a thesis, that life in our solar system may have developed not on our blue planet, but on Mars. The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians. Life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock, said Professor xxx in a news release announcing the finding of his latest research. He also presented evidence from a new study he just completed to support his hypothesis.
    A provocative new theory is making the rounds of the scientific community. This new theory causes big confusion among scientists, and, of course, abolishes all the previous theories. Scientists still not know how life appeared on this planet earth. Of course they will know, when they kneel and bow before God Almighty and accept His teaching, because there is only one way of creation: In the beginning God created heaven and earth, prepared all conditions-food and created living beings including mankind, man and woman, you and me, keeps this balance until today, because He wants to see life on our earth. This is reality, this is fact and this is the truth.
    When I was studying Darwinism, Russian scientists asserted that Darwinism was fact, reality and truth. If somebody contradicts it he/she may find themselves behind the bars. Now Russian scientists laugh at it and say this is old-fashioned thinking. They make fun of Darwin theory saying if monkey got converted to people, why today so many kinds of monkey live on earth? Monkeys live in the forest jump from one tree to another completely naked and police do not arrest them. If someone of us would go to the shopping mall or to the work naked, of course he/she would be arrested.
    If you assert that you evolved (not me) from mammalian ancestors who laid eggs this way, so what you inherited from them? Did you inherit from them wisdom, conscience, awareness, ability for a creativity, desire to discover something new, to be political commentator, knowledge what is right and what is wrong and so on? What about physical appearance? Did you inherit from them your legs, hands, nose, eyes, ears and so on? Or you are unique, unrepeatable, and original?
    Would you please answer these simple questions for yourself only and think them over and over.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • I say fuck. If you don’t like it, go away. This isn’t the 50’s, sweetheart. I mean, if you are going to judge my intelligence solely by the use of those kinds of 4-letter words, then more power to ya. Oh, by the way, a “Lady” is now just another person. It’s called equality. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to Mother Russia. And I didn’t say I couldn’t answer the questions you gave me, I said I wasn’t going to bother, because you won’t listen to the answers. You have your mind all made up. This latest round of ignoring what I said and saying that I just don’t know, because I haven’t found Gawd is proof of this. I don’t like wasting my time. You ask the same damn questions, over and over and over. You’re like a broken record!

      And of course, now you are using the “if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” approach. Oh yeah, you got me! Oh, wait, you don’t! We share a common ancestor with modern monkeys, and we took a different path of evolution than they did. You ask where my self-awareness comes from. It comes from having evolved a higher brain capacity over time. Early cavemen found that they could think better than other creatures, which was a necessity to survive in their world. Caveman invents spear, and it grows from there.

      Also a professor called “Professor XXXX” does not sound like someone who I would see as a good source on the origin of life on Earth. But the probability that life was on Mars is palpable. We have a lot of evidence that there was. We didn’t come from there, but the mystery of life on Mars is still scientifically fascinating. There was evidence that Mars was once a lot like Earth, millions or perhaps billions of years ago.

      • By-the-by – as if to drive my point home, here’s a thought – gravity is “just a theory.” I would LOVE to see you try and explain why something being “just a theory” is an argument for your position, when you are being held on Earth by a Theory right now.

  3. Dear Lucien,
    Oh no, no gravity or gravitation is not a theory, it is fact, it is reality, and it is the truth. Our planet earth has great power to hold everything that was created on it. But the question is who established this universal law of gravitation, who wants that planet earth kept on it what is belongs to it. Who doesn’t want that people, all living beings, buildings and plants soar in the whole universe? It is a very interesting question. Thank you for pointing out this subject-gravity. Of course, as a Christian and strong believer in the creation and in the Holy Bible, I found the answer in it. Let’s read together:
    In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Gen 1:1. Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, according to Our likeness. Gen. 1:26.
    I am the Lord, and there is no other; there is no God besides Me. I will gird you, though you have not known Me, that they may know from the rising of sun to its setting that there is no none besides Me. I am the Lord, and there is no other; I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I the Lord, do all these things. Isaiah 45:5-7.
    Thus says God the Lord, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread forth the earth and what which comes from it, Who gives breath to the people on it, and spirit to those who walk on it. Isaiah 42:5.
    For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens, Who is God, who formed the earth and made it, Who has established it, Who did not create it in vain, who formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord, and there is no other. Isaiah 45:18.
    I have made the earth, and created man on it. I-My hands-stretched out the heavens and all their host I have commanded. Isaiah 45:12.
    The heaven , even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men Ps. 115:16.
    Since earth belongs to the children of men, it means the children of men belong only to the earth, not to any other planet or soar over the whole universe. Since God almighty formed the earth to be inhabited, He had to establish the universal unchangeable law to keep life and everything on it. So God Almighty gave earth the great power to hold everything what was created on it.
    Some people as Sir Isaac Newton and others, much earlier, discovered this universal law, but never mentioned who established it and for what reason.
    What do you think about gravity or gravitation?
    Happy New Year!!!

    • Scientifically (because we aren’t dealing in desert fairytales, or rather, you are but I’m not), since gravity cannot be proven beyond a doubt, it is not a Law, it’s a Theory. But science hasn’t gotten in the way of your ability to rationalize your faith, so I expected nothing less. And no, I will not read your buy-bull(shit) verses with you. The Lord your Gawd is nothing but a figment of your confirmation-bias imagination that you need to believe in because of your upbringing. Nothing more.

      By-the-by, evolution doesn’t need you to believe in it for it to be a fact. That’s the neat thing about science – fact is unbiased. Evidence doesn’t have an agenda. But your religion and the people who run it, along with the people who wrote that 2,000 year old book you base your life on, did and do have agendas. So you keep believing whatever ridiculous thing you want. It’s your life, not mine.

      • If you want to prove evolution wrong, thoroughly and definitively, I have a simple challenge for you – go out and find a fossil that is on the wrong geological strata. For real, a fossil that is in the wrong place that we know is from a different era is all you’d need. Go out, find that fossil then write your paper and win a couple of different scientific awards for changing the way we view life on Earth. Go do it, honey. But don’t sit here and quote the fucking buy-bull to me like that means something! Bring me some evidence, then we can talk.

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