The Diplomat (Part Two)

Wolf shook Li’s hand, sitting down.  “You know the situation that is facing me.  I have no time and no idea what to do.  I’m hoping that you have a plan.”
The man had a stone-cold serious face.  “I do.  My people represent a faction of the Chinese people who are looking to reclaim our country back from the people who are now leading it.  Our Empress is good woman.  She is loyal to the people, but she no longer has any power left.  We mean to take it back.  If this wedding goes through, the we will be the Empire’s puppets.  I won’t let that happen!  But the fact is, I am no commander.  I am a soldier.  We need your help.”

Five days later…

The board was made of marble, with pieces of white and black polished stone.  The Prince took the white pieces,  Wolf took the black.  That didn’t bother her one bit.  It was a color she always favored.  The Prince moved first and the game was on.
Thomas and the others were on the edge of their seats.  Each move was like a hit.
The Empress looked over at Thomas.  “This is like a fight, isn’t it?”
He nodded.  “Yeah, looks that way.  And thus far, it looks like they’re evenly matched!”  The Prince couldn’t believe it.  Nobody had ever stood tall to his brother.  Ever.  Who is this woman?!
The battle went on for almost an hour.  To all those watching, it was nail-biting tension.  Both of them had only a few pieces left on the board.  Adam moved his rook and looked over at Wolf.
She chuckled darkly.  “Well.  I never expected you to turn the tables on me so quickly.  Admirable.  In that case, I have but one choice.”  She took her king and moved it forward.  The room was in shock.
Prince Adam looked at her.  “But that’s your king!  You’re sending your king into battle?!”
Beneath her mask, she smiled.  “If the King is unwilling to lead, how does he expect his subordinates to follow?!”
The Prince smiled back her.  Genuine admiration was flowing through him.  “Well-put!  In that case, I think I shall move mine as well.  The White King never backs down from a fight.”
The two kings approached each other.  Soon only a space apart.  No other pieces could move without putting the person who moved them into check.
Prince Adam let out a small sigh, “Well, this is turning into quite the mess, isn’t it?”
Wolf chuckled.  “While it wasn’t my intention, shall we call it a draw?”
He looked back up at her, his eyes laser-focused.  “You underestimate the White King, Wolf.”  He moved his king forward.  “And with that, I call Checkmate.”
Thomas sat forward.  “Unbelievable!  If Wolf moves forward, she will take his king!”
Beneath her mask, Wolf was snarling.  He DARES hand me a victory!  This scum has deigned to let me have this match!  “What is this?!  I will not accept it!”  She took her king and moved it back.  The room was buzzing again.
“Why would she move back?!” The Empress whispered.
Adam was even more impressed.  “My father would have moved in and taken the king without a second thought.  I am learning just what kind of woman you really are, Wolf.  You have my respect.  But, as this situation will lead us into stalemate, I’m afraid that I must call it a draw.”  He stood up, holding out his hand.
Wolf stood up as well, shaking it.  “Indeed.  Well-played, Adam.”
Everyone was shocked again.  For her not to acknowledge his royalty, it was unthinkable.
Right as he was going to move back, his Knight teleported in and grabbed her.
“Stop right there, Wolf!  You’re not going anywhere!  I’m getting revenge for Gerard right here and now!”
The eye-pieces to her mask opened, with a glowing blue eye looking at her.  “Let me go, now!”
The Knight knew what was happening and she tried to fight it.  But she eventually drew back.  “Of course.  I’m sorry.”
The eye-piece closed.  “I think I will take my leave, Prince Adam.  Enjoy the wedding.”  She stormed out, silently berating the entire situation.  If my plan tomorrow fails, then it’s all over.
The Knight got her senses back and saw that Wolf was gone.  Prince Adam was giving her a dark look.
“We will talk about this later!”  He was angry.  His Knight had not only disrespected the civil game he had played but had disrespected him as well.  He didn’t plan to take her to the wedding the next day.  The Knight was standing there in shock.  The Wolf is one of us!  Why would one of us do this?!

The day of the wedding and the entire city was buzzing.  Or at least, the rich and powerful were.  There was an oddly-dark mood purveying around the rest of the crowd.  Thomas was aware of this as they drove through the streets with their assembly toward the Citadel where the ceremony was taking place.  The place was a marvel to look at.  But the mood of the crowd was something that Thomas couldn’t escape.  Why am I doing this?  The people hate me, the Empire is going to be another ruler to them and the Wolf is here.  What am I doing here?

Underneath the cities, the sewers were full of people.  They were unloading weapons and dispersing them amongst themselves.  It was The Four Dragons.  Li was among them, suiting up for battle.  Wolf was there as well.  Underneath her mask, she had a dangerous look in her eye.  This battle was a gamble that hinged, 100% on the effectiveness of her new allies, but she had her own plan.  These people were expendable.  The moment she had what she was looking for, they were of no use to her.

The wedding had all the bells and whistles that one would expect an Imperial wedding to have.  Since this was a crossing of two cultures, the Advisers had it planned out to follow the Empire’s customs.  After all, they wanted to be among them soon.  Their plan for rising above the people was reaching epic proportions.  Soon, they would have a piece of the pie that the Empire was carving out.  It was the best day of their lives.
Prince Thomas was in a fine military-looking garb, embroidered with gold and a sword hanging down from his side.  Empress Chai Mi-Na was in a beautiful blue and gold dress of Chinese look.  She looked sad.  Prince Adam sat above in the audience.  The Advisers were on the other side of the room.  It was almost like an ancient church.

The members of the Four Dragons were moving through secret passages inside of the Citadel.  They silently killed guards as they found them.  Wolf had given them their orders, and now she had her own agenda.  She moved quietly downward, using her talent to control the minds of any guards she found, so no one would get suspicious.  She turned a corner and was face-to-face with one of the Knights of the Crown.  It was the one from yesterday.  She had an angry look in her eye.
“Why are you fighting against us?!” she demanded.  “You’re one of us!  Why would a Special fight against the people who gave us our power?!”
Wolf let out a dark laugh.  “For reasons that you could not possibly hope to understand, you Imperial slave!”
The Knight teleported behind her, grabbing her by the arm.  It was skin-to-skin contact.  “You’re done, traitor!  You can’t escape from me!”
Wolf laughed even louder.  “You poor servant.  You have no idea that you played right into my hands.”  She focused on the Knight.  “You all were created from me!  You all are a part of me!  The Empire gave you a piece of me, and now, I think I want it back.”  The Knight suddenly felt the life being sucked out of her.  She felt to her knees, unable to break the connection.  Wolf felt her power flowing into her.  Once it was done, she turned to face the fallen Knight.  “Thank you for your contribution.  I think that will be all.”  She had a sword hanging from her side.  It was a regal-looking rapier, with a silver hilt.  In a flash, it whipped out, taking the head of the Knight clean off.  Wolf let out a maniacal laugh.  She felt alive in a way she never had before.  Normally, she liked to experiment with her new talents, but she had no time.

“We are gathered here today to join Prince Thomas Edward Beckett, of the Imperial Nation of America, and Empress Chai Mi-Na, of the Imperial Republic of China.  It is a joyous occasion for these nations, promising a bright future for the people of both and a chance for peace between the powers.”

The Four Dragons set up above the procession.  All of them were eager to put a bullet between the eyes of the Advisers.  One of the Knights of the Crown was with Prince Adam.  He had a dangerous look in his eyes, like he was expecting trouble.  He had a large amount of knives with him.  His sense were picking up something, but he couldn’t tell what.

“I understand that each of the parties involved has written their own vows.  You may speak them now.”
Thomas turned to the Empress.  “We both know that we are from nations that are in opposition to one-another.  My people have always believed that peace was never possible between us.  But here we are.  I know that your people do not trust mine.  Mine do not trust yours.  But together, we can change that!  Working together, I know that the two of us can make things better!”  He got on one knee.  “Empress, I ask you to give me a chance.  This may be a political marriage, but together, perhaps we can make it into something more!  To make a better world for all our people!  Please, I ask you to give us that chance.”
The Empress smiled down at him.
Suddenly, “Over my dead body!”  In a blink, Wolf was there.  Everyone stood up shock.  Prince Adam was on his feet.  How did she do that?!
Wolf whipped out her blade, stabbing right into the stomach of Thomas, who was back on his feet.  “Die, Imperial dog!”  The man stumbled as she pulled the sword out.  Blood was already pouring from him.  She grabbed the Empress and then held up her hands.  “The revolution begins now!”  The Four Dragons opened fire on the Advisers.  It was a massacre.  They fell like dominoes.  Prince Adam was already being taken away when he looked to his Knight.
“Get Thomas out of there!”
Wolf grabbed the Empress and in a flash, she vanished.  Outside, the WASP came down.
“Your people have risen up to take your kingdom back, Empress.  But we must leave, for now.  If the Empire takes you, then your people will be destroyed!  I’m asking you to trust me.”
She seemed repulsed.  “You attack a man who is asking me to trust him, then say that I should trust you?!  Are you insane?!”
I don’t have time for this!  The eye-piece opened, with her eye glowing blue.  “Empress, you should trust and aid Winter’s Shadow as much as you can!”
While confused for a second, she then nodded.  “Of course, let’s get moving!”
Inside the Wasp, Firefly looked up.  “We got here as fast as we could, ma’am!”
After securing the Empress inside of the back, she took her seat in the control chair and took off her mask.  “No matter, the task is done.  Let’s get moving!”  She went to work on the controls, calibrating the shield of the vessel as Imperial airships opened fire.  The shield was nigh-perfect, in the right hands.  Wolf was the right hands.  They made their way toward Japan as the city descended into riots.  The remaining Advisers didn’t live long.

Onboard the Hyperion, Prince Thomas was moved to the medical wing.  Adam ran to the bridge.
“Where the fuck is Wolf?!” he shouted.
“Sir, the WASP appeared inside the city when the attack began!  It has taken the Empress and Wolf and is already outside of the city’s airspace!”
Adam slammed his fist onto the wall.  She’s already got distance on us, and the WASP is the perfect weapon!  How did she do this?!  How did I not see this coming?!  Why is she continually beating me?!  She’s not like any enemy I have ever faced before.  I won’t be caught off-guard again.

The WASP landed in Tokyo.  Luthor and his people were waiting to greet them.  Nagisa ran to give the Empress a warm hug.
“I’m so glad you’re okay!  I was so worried.”
Chai hugged her back.  “Thank you, Nagisa.  Were it not for Wolf and the Four Dragons, then we would have been destroyed!  I mean to give Winter’s Shadow all the help I can!  The Empire looked to rule my country.  Now, we are going to show them how strong we really are.”  She turned to face the business interests there.  “Everyone, prepare for war!  The time has come!”
Wolf smiled, motioning for Firefly that they should go.  “Then we will take our leave, Empress.”  She looked to Luthor.  “I will set up a link when we get back in Area 7.  Be ready.”
He nodded.  “Of course, Wolf.  The matter we discussed earlier has been resolved.  All the heads of Matsumoto Industries are behind you.  You will be receiving the aid we promised in a week.
“Very good.  Until then!”  They boarded the WASP and it took off.  Wolf started to laugh again.
Firefly looked over at her.  “What’s got you so happy?”
She looked over at her girlfriend.  “We have new allies, the Empire is limping away and I didn’t lose a single one of our people!  Plus, I scored a hit against ANOTHER member of the royal family!  I swear, Christmas never felt this good.”  She kept laughing as they made their way back toward the Inlet.  They had a lot of work to do.

Deathstroke was sitting at a bar when he saw a man sit next to him.  It was Inferno.
“I think we have a deal to make with Wolf.  One that you can’t afford to ignore.  Can we have your help?”

Until next time, a quote,

“What a perfect night!  The kind of night that makes me want to have a bite to drink!”  -Alucard, Hellsing

Peace out,



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