The Beginning

The images were all more than a little blurred in her mind.  She remembered being thrown to the ground.  A knife cut off her clothes.  Her wrists and ankles were put into some kind of contraption, which had her face in the dirt, with her lower regions up in the air.  Then, there was pain.  They had their way with her, without anything to make it easier.  She felt blood running down her thighs as they violated her.  Again and again and again.  For some time, this went on.  Whenever she started to get her world together, someone who kick her in the face.  The blurs got worse and worse as they kept at it.  Then, there was another feeling.  It was warm, sticky and covering her face.  It wasn’t just one.  It was all of them.  Once they finished, it was there.  A terrible smell, a sick feeling inside.  Everywhere but her mouth was violated, as they laughed when they left her there.  Left her there to die.  Emily, please, help me!

The forces of Winter’s Shadow had dispersed.  They went to their assigned points.  Wolf had made this plan with the intent of it being carried out with Black Mask leading the operation.  She had said that she had some things that needed to be taken care of.  It was the first operation that he was in charge of, so he knew what had to be done.
Azrael and his forces, called the Winter Templar, were at a base in British Columbia, preparing to take out their naval outpost.  Azrael’s Armor was made for close and mid-range combat.  It had an advanced blade on the right arm that didn’t exist until energy was applied to it.  It was the first of its kind – an energy blade.  He felt excited to use it.  There were multiple blades that were attached to lines in the suit, each with the capability of penetrating another Armor.  He also had an assault rifle on the back, with specialized ammo to send electricity through the target.  If the bullet didn’t kill them, the shock would immobilize them.  Worked on Armors too.  The leg and back had jets for limited boosting, but its effectiveness was limited to the skills of the pilot.  He was ready.
Two-Face and his forces, the Winter Police, were at a base to the south, which the Empire was using to move supplies into Area 7 securely.  If they could take this facility, then the amount of supplies coming in from the Empire would be seriously hampered.  They could also turn the naval forces that were stationed there in dry-dock against the Empire.  They were given very specific orders to not destroy the ships there, as they were battle-ready.  They had specialized units under Catwoman’s command who was going to be moving in to take them.  Two-Face’s Armor was made for combat at most any range.  He had an energy shield for close-range, to block attacks, which could then be turned into a blade, like Azrael’s, but with less power.  For mid-range combat, his Armor had two shoulder-mounted cannons, which functioned much like a shotgun.  For long-range, he had an assault rifle as well, but this armor was made for one purpose – shredding organic tissue.  Since none of their weapons used traditional bullets, like Imperial Armor, they had weapons that used specialized magnets to fling weapons at the enemy at nearly the speed of sound.  With Two-Face, his weapon fired masses of needle-like projectiles, which would rip through organic tissue, taking as much of the tissue with it.  He also had a pistol with exploding rounds on his side.
Catwoman’s Armor was very much made for her style – sneaking and striking fast.  With similar projectile blades, like Azrael, she could rip through a line fast.  Her blades could also double as knives, in close-range.  There was a limited cloaking device, that she could use.  In addition, there were several boosters all over the armor that made it more maneuverable than anything that had been seen before.
The last front was Bane’s.  His forces were the Winter Hammer.  He was going to be attacking a base that was used as a storing ground for munitions and weapons.  There were also large numbers of vehicles of every kind.  There were even rumors of a couple airships.  The goal of his attack was to gain control of the facility, and to keep as much of the cargo intact as possible.  The Armor Bane was using definitely reflected his personality.  It was a tank, in every sense of the word.  Thick armor that could take several rounds from a tank, only the gliding function with his boosters and dual-shields on his arms, it was made for a standing fight.  The main weapon was a particle accelerator on his back.  It could rip through anything, and since the Mugen Drive was able to recharge, this weapon could be modified for its usage, and not have to worry too much about running out of power.  It was connected directly to the engine.  There were also special charges in each limb, for close-range combat.  They were similar to Firefly’s sonic burst weapons.  He could literally rip a tank in half, and there wasn’t a single barrier that could stop his entry into a place.
With a link to all the fronts from Oracle, Black Mask was now ready to get started.
“Alright, we all have our orders.  Azrael, make sure that you take the approach from the north.  The enemy here has little defenses, except at the harbor itself.  Since the goal is not to take the vessels from here, do as you see fit.  Don’t get me wrong, we won’t be made if you do, but the Winter Police front has that under wraps.”
“Roger that!” Azrael replied, closing the faceplate of his armor.
“Two-Face, the heaviest resistance that you’re likely to encounter is in the central base itself.  I’m throwing you into the meat grinder a bit, but you have to keep the fighting there.  If you don’t, we risk the ships getting involved.  Don’t show any signs that that is where you want to go.  It will tip the enemy off.”
“Understood, sir.  We’ll have this wrapped up in two hours!”  He locked the faceplate of his as well
“Bane, you are likely to get the worst of it.  The enemy has fortified this position, knowing that this is going to be a hard target.  If you must, take out the munitions to do damage to the enemy.  Those we can replace.  The vehicles are our top priority.”
“Understood.  I’m not worried.  We are going to bomb the hell out of the command center, keeping the fighting there.  Riddler gave us some toys to play with, so we should have this wrapped up pretty fast.”  As he spoke, Ghost had placed these devices in the drainage system, underneath the base.  It was a strategy they had used before.  Bane locked the faceplate of his armor as well.
“Alright then, commence your attack!”

Azrael’s attack was swift.  He liked Catwoman’s style, and this was better because kept his casualties at a minimum.  After leading a prayer, the group opened fire.  They fired some missiles at the command center, then moved in quick.  They were creating havoc all over the base.  Soon, soldiers didn’t know who to shoot, or where.  When his forces moved in, the naval base was already on alert.  However, since the enemy was inside their base, they couldn’t open fire without ripping their own people to pieces.  While was Wolf’s strategy, Azrael had no qualms implementing it.  They moved toward the port defense controls.  If they could turn the Empire’s own weapons against them, then the battle was won.
Two-Face let Catwoman and Copperhead’s forces make the first move.  They quietly got in, setting bombs on all the munitions storage containers in the base.  He set them off, and it was glorious. Half the base was ripped to pieces.  His people moved in on the ocean’s side.  They would never have expected an attack from the sea.  The dry-docked ships were practically forgotten by the enemy when they moved in from the ocean.  It was a slaughterhouse.  The stealth forces were taking the enemy apart, piece by piece, while Two-Face and his forces brought down the rest.  The battle was practically over before it began.
With Bane, his attack was nothing short of a display of force.  Several missile turrets were brought in, all of them aimed directly at the command center.  The goal here was to take what they needed and go.  They had  no intention of holding this base.  So, they let loose with everything they had.  The enemy was barely able to comprehend what was happening before the explosions started.  Once it started, he made sure to keep the turrets firing in a way so that it never stopped.  He was going to move in once the enemy was so beaten down that they couldn’t fight back.  He also made sure to take out the barracks, so that they couldn’t get additional forces into the battle.  The death count was astronomical, with the enemy terrified and not knowing what to do.  That was when his people moved in.  In a slow, methodical march, they cut the enemy down.

A security guard was walking the grounds of the Academy, when something caught his eye.  It was a glint in the distance.  He walked over, seeing a woman, naked and locked into some sort of device.  There was blood everywhere.  The man felt sick.
“Oh god!”  He grabbed his radio.  “Someone call an ambulance!  We’ve got a student on campus, and she’s…”

Emily got to the door, pack in hand.  She was told to rendezvous with the Colonel as they went to a front that had opened up to the east.  Already, the fighting was brutal.  Following Amelia’s declaration, the factions that were at war were split.  It wasn’t good.  The enemy was also picking up their attacks as well.  All sides were confused, lost and unsure of what to do.  Indecision was working against the Empire, as the occupational military was falling apart.  There was a car waiting for her.  She got in, sadness still tugging at her.  She desperately wanted to go see Quinn again.  To say that she was sorry and that she loved her.  But she knew that she couldn’t.  If she did, she would never, ever want to leave.  Her love for Quinn was that strong.  Doing this now, it was literally taking all the control she had.
As they started to leave, she saw something – ambulances!  Why are they here?!  She shook her head, putting it out of her mind.  The authorities will take care of this.  I need to focus.  She looked back that the Academy, one last time.  Quinn, please, forgive me.  I will come back to you.  I promise!  I will come back to you and no matter what it takes, I will seek your forgiveness.  Even if you never do, I won’t abandon you.  I love you.

Azrael was in his element.  He went from foe to foe, cutting them down.  Close-range combat is so much more honorable than long-range!  He sent two of his blades at foes in Armor.  They were using lesser-grade Armor suits.  They took their heads clean off.  His forces got to the central defense control console, killing those inside.  They set up a link.  Oracle hacked in, giving them full-access.  The guns in the harbor turned.  Rail-cannons that were made to take out both naval vessels and airships, on the off-chance that their enemy had them.
“Sir, we’ve got their defenses online.  Orders?”
The young man smiled.  “Wipe them out!”
In a split-second, the naval forces realized what was about to happen.  There was nothing they could do.  The cannons opened fire, rending ships in half and ripping them to pieces.  Everything, from the smallest cruiser to the largest battleship.  They were all torn apart by the power of their defenses.
“And with that, this battle is ours!  Alright, let’s move to secure this facility by wiping out the remainder of their forces.  If any surrender, we will give them quarter.  Unlike the Imperials, we are not monsters who kill without mercy!”

Two-Face felt like a cop again, as he was taking the fight to the enemy.  He charged in with his men and women, blasting through the enemy at close range.  His blades made short work of the Imperials, and their Zero Suits were no match for him.  Catwoman and Copperhead got to the secondary command center, killing the commanders.  It was almost anti-climactic, when their forces surrendered.  But, like Azrael, he wasn’t going to let the Imperials have the moral high-ground.
“All forces, secure the dry-docks!  If anyone resists, take them out.  If they surrender, cuff them and move them to the holding location specified on the map.  We don’t have long before reinforcements arrive.  Bring in the crews that we are going to have running the ships!”

Bane felt like a beast in this suit.  It felt like it weighed nothing at all, as he glided over the ground.  His cannon was set to maximum capacity as a specialized tank appeared in front of him.  It had a shield as well.  But it was worthless.  The beam was blood-red as it came out, ripping through the shield and nearly-vaporizing the tank.  There were a series of rudimentary rockets as well, which had tiny projectiles that would rain down over a given area.  The enemy had a strong defensive position near one of the munitions warehouses.  He was determined not to lose a single one of the warehouses, to show Wolf just how good he really was.  And thus far, it was going well.  A hiccup or two, but it was going well.  With the enemy having so few forces to send into battle, they were steadily retreating toward a secondary command center.  A man in a Zero Suit came out of the rubble of a building, trying a sneak-attack against him.  The massive hands of Bane’s armor grabbed hold of it.  He used the hand-to-hand weapon, pressing it into the chest of his enemy.  The man literally exploded inside of his Suit.  Bane started laughing.  Nothing can stop me!  Absolutely nothing!
In half an hour, they had control of the warehouses, and the enemy decided to go down fighting.  Part of him wanted to admire it.  Another part just felt sad for them.

The EMTs got Quinn out of the device, wrapping her body up in blankets.  They knew to heat her core first to prevent a heart-attack.  The girl had semen caked all over her face, which was several shades of black and blue.
“Tell the ER that they better have a room ready for her, pronto!  She’s barely got a heart-beat, and there’s internal bleeding!”

From the hanger, Black Mask oversaw the conclusion of the operation.  It had all gone according to plan.  Better than expected, actually.  Wolf and his choices for command of the various forces was good.  He looked forward to telling her.  It was odd that she hadn’t called in.  Did Oracle update her on the progress?  Still, he was pleased with the result.  He had wanted to see what Firefly’s unit was able to do as well, but it was still being modified.  Oh well, they had time.  The Empire was in chaos.  The declaration of war by the new Viceroy was an issue, but he was sure that Wolf had a plan.  She always did.  For now, they had to move their new naval vessels to the base that Azrael had taken over, and their munitions to an underground facility that they had been setting up a while back.  We are beginning our war to take back our home!  The Empire has nothing on us now!

After ten transfusions of synthetic blood and five hours of surgery, they narrowly saved Quinn’s life.  The damage was unbelievable.  The ER doctor looked over the report.  Whoever had done this to her had beaten her senseless after hitting her in the head.  She was anally and vaginally penetrated, which had lots of tearing.  No condoms were used, but it didn’t matter.  They had usable DNA samples from the semen on her face.  However, there were no matches to anyone in the database.  Which, to him, suggested one thing – it was Imperials.  Since this girl was an Honorary American, it was probably a rape that was done out of spite.  It wasn’t the first time he had seen this.  A tragedy that happened all too-often here in Area 7.  He looked in to the room they put her in at the ICU.  Such a tragic sight.  There was a note in the report that there was only one instance where they had recorded the victim speaking.  It was one word.


Until next time, a quote,

“If someone puts their hands on you, make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again.” – Malcolm X

Peace out,



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