Top 10 Video Games That Need an HD Remake

There are some games that stand the test of time.  There are games that are totally awesome, and don’t need to be changed.  There are some games that were almost great but had a shortcoming that needed work.  And there are some games that you love as they are, and wouldn’t change a thing, but can’t help but think that seeing an HD version would be fucking awesome!  For clarity’s sake, I’m not just talking about a format change.  I’m talking about a complete overhaul.  Modern graphics, HD presentation and an update in voice-work, for some.  This list is for those games.  The ones we love, but think that an upgrade in graphics would be awesome in every day.

Starfox 6410. Star Fox 64
One of the greatest flight-combat simulator games of all time, this game has aged incredibly well.  With that said, we would be very much in support if modern technical expertise could be applied to this game.  We think back to how awesome Star Fox Assault looked, along with the music which was so catchy and fun, and we think – yeah, this would work beautifully in this game too!  For real, that kind of aesthetic with this game, with all the potential for detail that HD games have, it would be awesome.  Admit it, you would love to see the battle of Corneria with huge amounts of detail in the background of a huge ground war, wouldn’t you?

Final Fantasy VIII9. Final Fantasy VIII
This game, like one closer to the top, desperately needs to have an HD update!  For real, who wouldn’t want this?!  The size of this game was impressive for its time, and to see the massive spaces of that game in HD would make my mouth water.  Plus, getting some good voice-work for the characters in that game seems like a smart idea.  With the romantic elements as good as they were, it only seems natural.  Plus, I would like to open it up more with an HD remake.  As with most games on this list.  Getting to see more of a world, getting to know more about it is definitely something that I am in favor of.

Halo 28. Halo 2
When they remade the first game for the 10 year anniversary of the series, I kept hoping that they would do a remake for this game as well.  Definitely the best out of the original trilogy, the battle on Earth would have been made that much better by getting sharp visuals to show how intense it was.  It would have made the epic set-pieces like the destruction of the Scarab that much better.  Plus, getting to see the Gravemind in all of its twisted glory would have been made that much better with the sharp visuals that were seen in Halo 4.  It also would have made the Flood’s overtaking of the Covenant citadel that much more impressive.  For real, admit it – seeing the flood mutating around that ship in HD makes you more than a little curious.  This was an awesome game, but sharp visuals would have made it better.  I would like it, though, if they had an option like in the Halo remake, where you could see it in the original format too, so you could see where it came from.  But that’s just me.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park7. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
This is a game that few people know about, and it was SO much fun!  Getting to see the world of Jurassic Park through a compsognathus, velociraptor and T-Rex’s eyes was so cool.  This game needs an update, so that we can experience what it would be like to rip people apart as a velociraptor in HD.  For real, I want to rip the flesh off the bones of people as that awesome dinosaur.  The original game had awesome controls, an awesome aesthetic and an amazing soundtrack.  Plus, you get to play as a fucking T-Rex!  What could be cooler than playing as a fucking T-Rex!  You get to rip people and other dinosaurs apart as a fucking T-Rex.  But, I think that the part as a compy was fun too.  Seeing the dinosaur world from the smallest perspective was fun.  An underrated game that needs more respect.  But that’s just my perspective.

Pokemon Snap6. Pokemon Snap
As far as cutesy games for kids go, this is one that I don’t think got the respect it deserved.  Updating this game and adding a few levels, making it more difficult and giving more chances for awesome photos seems like something that is needed.  Also, it would be kind of cool if you could get some shots of battles between Pokemon.  If they had more Easter eggs, like some other legendary Pokemon, along with adding newer ones and some great incentives for getting tricky shots, then a remake of this game is just what the doctor ordered.  The original game was an odd, odd concept, but it played pretty well, and was surprisingly fun.  The N64 was an odd monster for how many great games that got little respect it produced, and this is one of them.

Silent Hill 25. Silent Hill 2
Don’t you go talking about the HD version that came out on the PS3.  That game sucked!  I’m talking about a genuine HD remake, with updated effects.  Getting to see inside of James Sunderland’s mind would have been much more profound if the creatures that were creations of his subconscious were made clearer.  It would have made the quiet moments better as well, if you could clearly see the forces at work inside of the protagonist.  I’m not saying that the original game wasn’t awesome.  It was.  It is, without a doubt, the greatest survival horror game ever made, but part of me wishes that I could have gotten a better look at the creatures of James’ mind.  When I thought of the nurses that he was facing, I had this image of ones that were in that god-awful Silent Hill film.  It would have been much more powerful if the monsters you were facing were that realistic, so you could get a feeling of just how tormented this man was.  But that’s just me.  The HD treatment they gave this game was worthless.  I hope they can do better next time.  Though maybe that is an unreal expectation.  They have pretty much ass-raped the franchise already with the games that followed SH3.

Advent Rising4. Advent Rising
Man, here is a game that had so much potential, and it wasn’t realized in the worst way.  This game had an AMAZING premise.  I refuse to believe that Mass Effect wasn’t partially inspired by this game.  Not only was the premise of this game amazing, but the music was among the best that I have ever heard in a game.  But this game had some bugs that made how good the rest of it was really suffer.  The combat was awkward, the camera was annoying, and it will never get a sequel because the company who made it went under.  But if there was a game that was aching for the HD treatment, it is this one.  Crisp visuals, refined combat and this game would be among the legendary status among its peers.

Galerians3. Galerians
This game is one of the most underrated games of all time.  Hell, most people don’t even know it exists.  It stands tall among the greatest survival horror games, despite the god-awful sequel they gave to it.  Its opening was unique, staring with the main character, Rion, awakening to a girl calling his name.  He loses control of his powers and everyone he gets near’s head explodes.  In HD, this would be awesome!  The darkness that pervades this game would look so much better with modern graphics.  Plus, it would make the boss fights unbelievable!  This game had some pretty damn inventive powers and bosses, and the story of it was one of those that left me thinking long after it was over.  The problem with this game was that the controls suffered from the same awkwardness that all of the early survival horror games had.  If that problem could be fixed, but keeping the atmosphere and tone, then this game would go down in history as one of the greatest survival horror remakes of all time, if not the best.

Final Fantasy VII2. Final Fantasy VII
One of the greatest games of all time, this is a game that every single fan has been clamoring for since the latest console cycle came out.  In one of the greatest bouts of stupidity ever made, Square Enix said that that isn’t going to happen, because they said that it wasn’t financially feasible.  WHAT?!  What dumbass became head of that company?!  Getting to play out the final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth in HD alone would make everyone come running to the store to pre-order.  Not to mention, getting to see the locales of Gaia in HD just makes my heart soar, like Red XIII’s home, or the battle against the titan in that ocean-side city with the giant gun.  So many great set-piece moments that would be made even more awesome in high-def.  Then there is the flying of Cid’s airship.  If there is any game that has been screaming to be made, it is this one.  \

But, there is another that, from where I’m sitting, has been screaming even louder.  Some of you might know which one I mean…

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Regarded by many as the greatest game of all time, this game has withstood the test of time better than any other.  When I saw that they were making an HD remake of Majora’s Mask, part of me asked – why this game and not Ocarina of Time?  talk about a game that is practically begging for one!  For real, just imagine how awesome the Spirit Temple would be with high-def graphics!  How grotesque the monsters of the Shadow Temple would have been, or how much they could have made the Forest Temple and Lost Woods mystical.  Also, they could have expanded things more.  Made the Zora’s home into a large space, where we could get a look into some of their culture, as they did in Majora’s Mask.  They could make Kakariko Village bigger, with more people, to make it seem like a more lively place.  But more than all of that, the single-best reason to make an HD update for this game is the final battle with Ganondorf and Ganon.  That would be so fucking awesome!  Have some new twists and turns with other bosses too.  Or maybe even some sub-levels that act as side-quests.  An HD version of this game has boundless potential.  We should be exploring that in the utmost.

So, what games would you like to see get the HD treatment?  Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“Now, go home, Link. Regain your lost time!”  -Princess Zelda, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Games That Need an HD Remake

  1. While I don’t think any games “need” HD remakes (I’d rather new games or even spinoffs), I agree with FF7 and FF8. Pretty much any PS1 era RPG could use a little upscaling in the visuals department.

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