War in Syria (A Letter to the President of the United States)

Mr. President,

It is overwhelmingly clear that a war in Syria isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when and how much devotion.  With this in mind, I would like to put something to you.  It is something that I have thought long and hard about, and it is something that I know you will probably never read, but I want you to see.

Here is my thought – you CANNOT do this outside of the democratic process.  For your entire presidency, you have increased the drone strikes, increased the fighting in the Middle East and have gotten us now into five proxy wars in that part of the world.  And before you say that Iraq and Afghanistan are done, no they’re not.  You are continuing the fighting, but doing it with less people and calling it victory.  We haven’t left there yet, and until we do, I say that we are not done.  Five proxy wars, all done without ONE bit of oversight.  You just declared it and we did it.  At least When Bush II did his invasions, he talked with Congress about it.  At least that psychopath who wanted to make his daddy and Super-daddy (God) proud talked with the people who run this country.  Congress was given the most power in this country, because our Founding Fathers saw that if you give too much power to the Executive branch, they will abuse it.

And you HAVE abused it.  Expanding Bush’s foreign policies, leaving GITMO open, getting us into more wars, expanding Bush’s domestic surveillance policies.  These are things that you have done.  You have to take responsibility for your actions, because the American people don’t trust you anymore.  They don’t trust ANYONE in government.  Do you know what happens to a democracy when the leaders are no longer trusted by the people?  History has shown us, time and time again, it falls apart.  We have had a bit of this in our own history.  Before the Civil War, the people of the southern states were becoming less and less respecting of the Union and the increasingly-difficult laws that it was passing in order to try and keep the peace.  Racial and social tensions were heating up fast and they made the choice to leave.  They left the Union, and there was a long and bloody war that was fought to get them back.  Which, by the way, shouldn’t have happened.  They should have been allowed to leave.  Slavery was dying leading up to the Civil War, with better ships and new innovations in production and distribution.  It was becoming more cost than it was worth.  The Confederates would have come back to the Union leading up to World War I.  But what’s done is done.  Now, you have choices to face.

Congress isn’t trusted.  You aren’t trusted.  This government isn’t trusted.  Austerity has made its way to America.  The police have become your own private army that is being used AGAINST the American people.  You are trying, again and again to take control of the Internet, because you fear dissent.  The Internet is making people becoming informed.  It is making knowledge easier and easier to come by.  You can’t lie to us anymore.  The domestic policies that are in place right now are leading us nowhere and if you don’t actually fight for what’s right, then our already-fragile economy is going to crash and burn, because you didn’t change ANYTHING after the collapse in 2008.

The conflict right now in Syria is complicated.  The regime in power there is violent, destructive and not above blasting the shit out of their own people.  However, the people fighting against them are no saints either.  So, who are we backing?  How are we going to do this?  Are you going to do like Clinton did, during our military strikes in the Balkans?  Are you going to invade?  Are we going to make ANOTHER Middle Eastern nation hate us?  The fact is that the conflict is about more than just Syria.  This conflict is about religious and political ideologies of the entire region, and all of the players have a stake in it.  Have you considered this?  Have you considered that our reputation in the Middle East is shaky enough already?  Have you considered that we don’t want to get involved in another conflict that is going to deepen aggressions there, and since Iran is a player in all of this, going to send messages to other people?

The fact is that there is too much at stake right now to just charge in like we are the world’s police.  We haven’t even waited for a report from the weapon inspectors about the chemical weapons that you are so proud to raise up as proof of our need to get involved.  We don’t know anything about what could happen if we get involved.  You need to think this through.

But more than anything, you need to go through proper channels for this.  You can’t just be judge and jury on this issue.  There needs to be discussion.  There needs to be public input.  This has to be something that the American people can weigh in on.  If you just decide to make the decision for us, ignoring the Constitution, then what is that going to do?  People already don’t trust you.  We don’t trust Congress, either.

My words will probably never reach you, but I hope that some part of you recognizes that the way that you are going about this is wrong.  I hope that some part of you will actually try, for once in your entire presidency, to actually do what is right by the American people.  Novel concept, I know.  I hope that this doesn’t become another thing that drains this nation’s money and pumps it into the military-industrial complex.

What we need is to keep our noses out of this, or if we do go into it, go into it the right way.  You aren’t the King of the United States.  You are the President.


Lucien Noctis Maverick


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