SIONL/R: Legend of Korra – Season 1

So, having finally gotten the chance to sit down and really go through the first season of the follow-up series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, I can officially say a couple things.

First, this is an awesome show!  It measures up to the original, but it has the potential to surpass it as well.  This series has good writing, awesome characters and a nice conflict.  The new location is cool too.  Republic City is awesome!  The design, the tempo and the feel is great.  I love how it actually looks like culture has progressed.  It is like a mix of fantasy world and the 1920’s.  It makes me all warm inside when I hear old-school music playing on old-school radios, while I see Korra doing bending training.  With that said, I wouldn’t mind if they occasionally had forays to other places in the world, to see how the rest of the world has advanced.  But that can be done later.

Oh, and while we are on that – the art design is incredible!  The pastel look of the backgrounds goes perfectly with the gentle edges of the more mystic places.  The jazzy music inside the city, and the clever mystical touches from the original series soundtrack go off perfectly!  The city looks incredible!  The use of color in the fight sequences, especially at night, is glorious!  I could gush about this for hours, but let’s look at a couple of aspects that bugged me.  Don’t worry, I am going to be nice about this.

The first major problem with this series is that it is rushed.  I think I know why – they didn’t think they’d get a second season.  I remember reading that this was supposed to be a mini-series that would be done with only one season.  But, it got popular, fast.  I wonder why. 😉 But when the series grew to a point where it had enough backing for more, the next season was announced.  But, with that said, the first season had WAY too much happening in each episode.  My favorite ones were the ones devoted to the pro-bending arena and the tournament.  There, they took their time and spaced it out.  I’m not ragging on the series for this.  I get why.  But I am hoping that the next season, Spirits, can take its time and work on this.  I know that nobody from nickelodeon will probably ever read this, but it is my advice all the same.

My other major problem is that the ending to this season was WAY too short!  There was enough plot in that episode for at LEAST three episodes.  Maybe four or five.  It needed to be spaced out.  A problem that more episodes than I’d like had.  You may think that I’m ragging on it, but the truth is – this show has a fuck-ton of potential!  Once the Spirit World comes into the picture, the possibilities are endless!  And it was GREAT to heard Donnie Basco in this show, with the name Iroh!  Clearly the son of Zuko.

The last problem is – where does the series go from here?  It looks like all the major problems were resolved.  So what happens next?  I am curious to see how they are going to answer that question.

This first season serves as a template, if you ask me.  Seeing where it all went right, to then look on where it can go in the future.  The first season of the original series was rough too.  I see a lot of potential here, and I look forward to catching the next season.

Until next time, a quote,

“I hate this being patient thing.”  -Avatar Korra, The Legend of Korra

Peace out,



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