These People are NOT “Pro-Life!”

There was a bombing recently in Grand Chute, Wisconsin.  The bombing was against a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Thankfully, nobody was inside, and the clinic will be reopening soon.  The damage was rather minor.  Let’s be grateful that the people who made the bomb didn’t seem to know what they are doing.  But, that said, this is something that needs to be talked about in the most serious of ways.  The reason why is obvious – because the people (and I say that in the loosest sense of the word) who did this probably think that they are “pro-life.”

Now, this may seem a bit like a recycled argument, but honestly, what don’t these dumb-fucks get?!  I bet you a good chunk of money that the people who did this act believe that they are “pro-life.”  I bet that they wouldn’t have particularly cared if they had killed all of the people who would be there.

But Lucien, there was nobody in there!  They were trying to send a message!

What?!  What message was it going to send?  Get out of town or we’ll kill you?  When you are using explosive to tell your message, that’s what is heard.  And to be honest, it can’t be anything else.  You don’t blow up a building to not hurt people.  You could hurt the people in the building, the people in the street, anybody just passing by.  The number of people who could be killed by such an attack is almost too awful for words.  Or worse, maimed and mutilated for the rest of their lives.  That is what these people are basically saying.

This just pisses me off when I see shit like this, and the people who do this think that they are “pro-life.”  It’s the same kind of bullshit that is heard when these people kill doctors.  Of course, since most of these people have the brains of a brick, and didn’t listen past Bill O’Reilly, you’d think that George Tiller actually was killing babies.  But he wasn’t.  No, the killer didn’t listen beyond that, and a man was murdered because of a “pro-life” activist who thought that murder was the way to send a message that killing is wrong.

That brings me to another point – why aren’t the bulk of these people against the death penalty?  You are for life, but when it is a person who has committed a crime, we should kill them?!  How does that make sense in your head.  I had a guy I know say that these people killed somebody else.  So, it’s an eye for an eye.  Yeah, because that has worked out SO well throughout history, right?

I have two simple requirements of an actual “pro-life”r (they aren’t pro-life.  They are anti-choice) for me to take their position seriously.  1. They have to be against the death penalty, and anti-war, because those two things directly lead to the killing of people for no good reason.  2. They have to be for contraception, because that stops abortion from having to take place at all.  But most anti-choicers aren’t.  Because the fact is that people like them are not in this for the life (most of the time).  They are in it for power.  The Catholic church and other religious groups don’t like that women have control of their own bodies, and so they are naturally against anything that gives women the ability to have control of what they do.

Case and point – Rick Santorum, our little Catholic buddy.  After this clinic was fire-bombed, he decided to make a speech in Wisconsin talking about how this is Mitt Romney’s bad for actually endorsing Planned Parenthood.  Don’t believe me, check out the link above.  Here is a transcript –

There are a lot of other issues in this campaign, where the governor and I have been different.  The life issue.  The governor’s actually running ads out there suggesting that I’m not pro-life!  Where governor Romney and his family have actually contributed money to Planned Parenthood!

What a piece of shit.  What an absolute piece of shit.  This guy comes onto the national airwaves, after a clinic that is used to help people is bombed, and he decides to make this about how his opponent has been a funder of Planned Parenthood.  Is there no low that this guy won’t sink to?  I’m beginning to think – no, there isn’t.  He will say whatever he has to to get his equally bigoted base out there to the polls.

There is some comfort that for the most part, women aren’t buying into this bullshit.  In swing states, women under 50 in this country support Obama over Romney.  The reason why is obvious – they are younger, smarter, and probably not white, unlike their middle-aged counterparts who sit with their husbands at home and watch Fox News, thinking that they learned something today.

But coming back to this, anybody who thinks that domestic terrorism is something that a person who is in support of life does is an idiot.  And outright fucking idiot.  They are stupid in ways that I find difficult to comprehend.  There is no limit to these people’s stupidity, and that wouldn’t bother me, except that they are domestic terrorists.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it now that I have more respect for a mob hitman and a common serial killer than I do for these kinds of people.  The mob hitman has a reason for his work – to make money.  He is trying to pay his bills, and he does the job he’s good at.  It makes at least some sense to me.  The serial killer has a mental defect, because he enjoys killing.  Again, it’s twisted and horrible, but I understand it.  Meanwhile, these people think that by potentially killing other people, and blowing up a building, they are setting some kind of example.

Well, you are, pro-lifers like the bomber.  You are setting the example that domestic terrorism is okay so long as it is for your ideals.  Tell me – what exactly sets you apart from the Muslim terrorists who drove two planes into the Twin Towers?  I went there!  What makes you better than them?!  You could have killed countless people.  It was entirely possible for you to have done horrible damage.  Don’t you dare make the argument that you didn’t kill anybody, when you could damn well have done so!  So, again, what makes you better than them?!

Until next time, a quote,

“It amazes me how stupid and gullible these people are!  The disconnect boggles the mind!”  -Old Fart,”You’re On Your Own” by Old Fart Rants

Peace out,



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